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    I was browsing the internet and came across a mock draft from www.condraft.com and they have the cowboys drafting 25th and taken
    a qb, Drew Stanton from Michigan St. Does anyone know anything about him? I have seen him play only once and he looked fine to me. I know that it is early with 2007 mock drafts but I thought it was interesting that they have us drafting a quarterback with all the Romo rumors as our future if he does well in pre-season.
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    According to most, Stanton would have to have a terrible year to fall to #25. He's top 10 on a bunch of prelim mock drafts I've seen.

    He's a good QB though. If we could get away with taking him at #25 next year, I wouldn't mind.
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    Hmmm they don't have us drafting at 32??? Haa
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    Don't we have enough Drew's already? :confused:
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    Terrible pick.
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    Why? I know nothing about him...curious as to why you say that...
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    So am I. He was #1 in the entire NCAA in pass efficiency through week 6 before he injured his hand and his line collapsed.

    And don't forget that the guy is a straight up athlete. He's rushed for over 1,000 yards in the past 2 seasons.

    If his O-Line stabilizes this year, which it very well might, he could pass Brohm, Leak and whoever else is in the run for the #2 pocket passer in the '07 draft. The guy has heaps of talent.
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    That's what I've read about him, so I'm curious as to why he thinks it's a bad pick. Especially if he's watched him play...
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    MSU fan from west Michigan here ...

    Drew's definitely got the frame and athleticism you look for, and he puts up good numbers. He's a Heisman candidate and probably the #2 QB in the 2007 draft class at this point. He's mobile enough to evade the rush and take off running (had almost 700 yards rushing in 2004), he's got a good-but-not-incredible arm, his completion percentage is excellent (66.7% in 2005), he'll have been a 3-year starter by this time next year, and he hasn't turned the ball over very often (just 18 INTs over 2 seasons as a starter)

    Now, the downsides ...

    He runs the spread, so his passing stats may be inflated and he'll have a bit of a learning curve compared to a kid like Brady Quinn. He doesn't throw deep very often, he's inconsistent at times, he can be indecisive and hang onto the ball too long, and he has had some knee and shoulder injuries (nothing season-ending, but still a risk). Plus, the team hasn't won squat. But that didn't hurt Jay Cutler.
  10. Portland Fanatic

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    Thanks NinePointOh
    This is the kind of feedback that I love to hear. Pros and Cons to look for...

    I'm keeping this kid on the radar to watch this year.
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    It might. His 11-34 record in college could undercut what could otherwise be a fantastic career. Winning in college doesn't really mean much in the pros, but losing certainly does.

    And apparently, he's not looked so hot out in Denver.
  12. NinePointOh

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    I was only referring to his draft position, but you're right.
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    MSU runs the spread offense, and we all know how gimmick college offense QBs fair in the NFL. See Andre Ware, Danny Wuerful, Eric Crouch, any of Texas Tech's QBs in the last 7 years, etc.
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    Mock Draft - Round 1
    PICK #1 The Bills Pick:
    Brady Quinn (QB, Notre Dame)
    After a successful junior season under Charlie Weis, Brady Quinn is the early front-runner for the first overall pick in the 2007 draft. The expectations for Quinn and Notre Dame are high, and many expect him to be in New York for the Heisman ceremony next year. Blessed with ideal size, Quinn has improved throughout his career at Notre Dame and could have came out after a 32 TD, 7 INT performance last year as a junior. With Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Jay Cutler all ending up as top-11 picks, it is tough to predict where Quinn would have gone had he come out early. If he can continue to improve with experience, the Tom Brady comparisons will begin to arise and Quinn will be considered by all teams who will need a QB come the 2007 NFL Draft.

    PICK #2 The 49ers Pick:
    Calvin Johnson (WR, Georgia Tech)
    Even with an inconsistent QB in Reggie Ball, Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson has wowed college football fans as much as any player in the NCAA during his first two years. With Terrell Owens-like athleticism and even better speed, Johnson has everything you look for in a franchise WR. During his first two seasons, Johnson has been one of the most electrifying playmakers in college football not named Reggie Bush, making a few insane highlight catches, showing off his incredible hands. His rare speed-size combination makes him a threat in the red-zone as well as on deep routes. If he chooses to come out early, Johnson could see himself as a legitimate candidate for the top overall pick.

    PICK #3 The Jets Pick:
    Adrian Peterson (HB, Oklahoma)
    Adrian Peterson was slowed by injuries during his sophomore season at Oklahoma, and the team did not play as well without Jason White at QB. Peterson struggled a bit, but still showed why he finished second in Heisman voting as a freshman. His weaknesses include receiving out of the backfield and a tendency to run too up-right. Beyond that, however, Peterson is as gifted as any football player in the world right now, and is another candidate to be the first overall pick in 2007, assuming he comes out early.

    PICK #4 The Titans Pick:
    Joe Thomas (WR, Wisconsin)
    Joe Thomas will enter his senior season at Wisconsin as the consensus number one offensive lineman prospect in the nation. Thomas, who has enjoyed a nice career as a Badger, toyed with the idea of coming out early as a junior, but injuries made his decision to stay an easy one. A great athlete, Thomas was even asked to play a little defensive line last season. In the NFL, however, he could end up being a franchise left tackle, one of the most coveted positions in the draft.

    PICK #5 The Packers Pick:
    Marshawn Lynch (HB, California)
    After sharing time with J.J. Arrington, Marshawn Lynch continued to develop as the number one HB on a very good Cal run offense. Sharing carries with Justin Forsett, Lynch rushed for over 1’000 yards as a sophomore, and has the kind of talent that has some Cal fans thinking Heisman. What might not be so happy for those fans is the thought of Lynch leaving school early for the NFL. In terms of upside, Lynch has as much as any HB in the nation not named Adrian Peterson, with the explosiveness only some runners possess.

    PICK #6 The Texans Pick:
    LaRon Landry (S, Louisiana State)
    LSU Safety LaRon Landry thought about coming out early after last season, but opted to stay his senior season despite being projected by some as a possible top ten pick. A ball-hawking free safety, Landry has no weaknesses as a college stud, but could use to add some bulk to his 6’2”, 187-lb. frame. Landry has started the last 35 games of his college career, and has accumulated nine interceptions in his career so far for the Tigers.

    PICK #7 The Raiders Pick:
    Paul Posluszny (LB, Penn State)
    The leader of an extremely tough Penn State defense, Paul Posluszny had an amazing junior season, capturing both the Chuck Bednarik and Dick Butkus awards. After injuring himself in an Orange Bowl win against Florida State, Posluszny decided not to enter the 2006 NFL Draft. With LB A.J. Hawk going fifth overall to Green Bay, Posluszny, a comparable prospect, may have been in that range as well had he come out. Instead, Posluszny will lead the Nittany Lions as a senior and if he puts up another great year after the injury with similar production, it is hard to envision a scenario where he isn’t a top ten pick.

    PICK #8 The Lions Pick:
    Gaines Adams (DE, Clemson)
    As a junior, Gaines Adams made a splash as one of the top DE’s in college football, racking up 9.5 sacks and 15 tackles for loss for Clemson. Although he was a possible first rounder, Adams opted not to enter the 2006 NFL Draft, and might be able to propel himself into top ten or maybe even top five status with a solid senior year. Adams is an instinctive pass-rusher with a good burst, but at just 260-ish pounds, the question of size may come into play for some teams.

    PICK #9 The Browns Pick:
    Dwayne Jarrett (WR, USC)
    Easily one of the most exciting young WR’s in college football, Dwayne Jarrett wasted no time making a name for himself and seizing the opportunity of having Matt Leinart as his QB. Statistically, Jarrett has been one of the most impressive WR’s ever at this stage in his young career, and with two national championship appearances and one national title to go along with his 26 career touchdowns, it would not be a surprise to see Jarrett leave USC a year early. Still young, the athletic Jarrett could still add some more muscle and improve his route running, which makes his upside flat-out scary. Scouts will tolerate the occasional drop because of how dominant Jarrett can be most of the time.

    PICK #10 The Ravens Pick:
    Quentin Moses (DE, Georgia)
    Senior DE Quentin Moses will look to lead the Georgia defense in the 2006-2007 college football season. A possible candidate for an OLB in a 3-4 defense, the 250-lb. Moses had 11.5 sacks as a junior and is one of the most feared pass-rushers in college football. Quickness and upside are two positives for Moses, who has improved throughout his career in Athens.

    PICK #11 The Cardinals Pick:
    Sam Baker (OT, USC)
    The starting left tackle for USC, Sam Baker has protected for Matt Leinart and led the way for Reggie Bush and LenDale White during his time as a Trojan. Strong and versatile, Baker could project as an offensive guard or tackle in the NFL. At 6’5, 305-lbs, Baker has ideal size for a bookend LT in the pro’s, but is not as athletically gifted as D’Brickashaw Ferguson was in terms of pass protection.

    PICK #12 The Buccaneers Pick:
    Levi Brown (OT, Penn State)
    After switching over from defensive tackle in 2003, Levi Brown has solidified himself as the starting left tackle for Penn State and one of the premier offensive lineman in the NCAA. Brown has good size and athleticism and made strides during an impressive junior season. With a solid senior year, Brown could be in the first round mix as a potential franchise left tackle in the NFL.

    PICK #13 The Vikings Pick:
    Michael Bush (HB, Louisville)
    Michael Bush is a 250-lb monster of a HB, who has an incredible size-speed ratio and the potential to be a touchdown machine in the NFL. Bush was recruited as an athlete and may have been able to play QB in college. The versatile Bush would fit in well as a smash-mouth runner, but can also catch out of the backfield and make the big play. During his junior year he scored a total of 24 touchdowns and was one of the top running-backs in all of college football. With a strong senior season at Louisville, Bush could possibly end up a top ten pick.

    PICK #14 The Saints Pick:
    Patrick Willis (LB, Mississippi)
    With everything you look for in a middle-linebacker, Patrick Willis will lead Ole Miss’ defense into the 2006 season as everyone’s number one prospect at his position. Willis, a leader both on and off the field, led the entire NCAA in solo tackles his junior year, averaging 9.0 per game in the tough SEC. An extremely hard hitter, Willis’ nose for the ball makes him arguably the best MLB prospect since Jonathan Vilma. The only question surrounding Willis is how he will bounce back after having foot surgery this offseason.

    PICK #15 The Rams Pick:
    Michael Griffin (S, Texas)
    Even though Michael Huff won defensive player of the game at the Rose Bowl, Michael Griffin put on an extremely impressive performance as well, coming up with a couple of nice hits and one interception. Griffin has a game similar to Huff’s; as both are ball-hawking safety’s who can also lay the lumber. Heading into his senior season, Griffin will be one of the stars on Texas’ defense, and will be examined closely by NFL scouts all year. Another plus for Griffin is his ability to block punts, having blocked six in his career as a Longhorn.

    PICK #16 The Chargers Pick:
    Jason Hill (WR, Washington State)
    After toying with the idea of coming out early, Washington State’s Jason Hill decided to stay for his senior season. Hill probably would have been a first day pick, but it’s difficult to predict where exactly he would have been selected. After putting up 13 touchdowns in his junior year, Hill solidified himself as one of the top WR’s in the Pac-10. Although not a burner, the crafty Hill has good hands and quickness and could make himself a first round pick with a good senior year.

    PICK #17 The Eagles Pick:
    Jeff Samardzija (WR, Notre Dame)
    Recently drafted by the Chicago Cubs, Jeff Samardzija will have a big decision to make about his future. Also a talented pitcher for Notre Dame, Samardzija scored 15 touchdowns and had a break-out year as a junior. Brady Quinn’s number one target, Samardzija has great hands and runs good routes, but lacks ideal timed speed. If he decides to focus all of his time on football, his stock could sky-rocket, as he has all the tools to be a play-maker in the NFL.

    PICK #18 The Bears Pick:
    Greg Olsen (TE, Miami (FL))
    Early in his career, Miami coaches said that Greg Olsen had the potential to be better than former Miami tight ends Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow Jr., who were both first round picks. While he hasn’t quite lived up to the hype statistically, grabbing only five touchdowns in his last two seasons, Olsen has shown special skills and his lack of elite production might be a product of the inconsistent play of his quarterbacks. Olsen has ideal size and incredible hands, with good blocking ability to go along with his pass-catching skills. Off the field, “G-Reg” made his rap debut for the “7th Floor Crew” in an explicit song featuring some other Miami football players about their mischievous behavior on the 7th floor. While a funny, harmless song, Olsen, who transferred to Miami after a very short stint at Notre Dame, might take some heat about his character by scouts because of it.

    PICK #19 The Falcons Pick:
    LaMarr Woodley (WR, Michigan)
    The 6’2, 268-lb LaMarr Woodley of Michigan is another one of the hybrid DE/OLB prospects who have been sought after by a bunch of teams the last few drafts. After Shawne Merriman and Demarcus Ware put up great rookie seasons, Kamerion Wimbley and Manny Lawson were drafted in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft in hope of having similar success in Cleveland and San Fransisco’s 3-4’s. Woodley, who had seven sacks and 14 tackles for loss last year as a junior, will look to propel himself into a similar scenario with a good senior season.

    PICK #20 The Dolphins Pick:
    Leon Hall (CB, Michigan)
    While there are no clear cut upper-echelon corner-back prospects at this time for the 2007 draft, Leon Hall from Michigan is one of the top cover guys, and could move himself up with a good showing as a senior for the Wolverines. Hall has typical size for a CB and put up a team-high four interceptions as a junior last season at Michigan.

    PICK #21 The Chiefs Pick:
    Daymeion Hughes (CB, California)
    One of the lesser-known prospects this early in the draft process is CB Daymeion Hughes from Cal. While not as big of a name as Landry or Griffin, Hughes has the potential to be right there in terms of defensive backs going early in the 2007 NFL Draft. The 6’2 Hughes showed off his crafty ball skills last year as a junior picking off five passes while defending 12. As one of the top CB’s in the Pac-10, Hughes will really get a chance to show off his cover skills versus guys like Dwayne Jarrett and Jason Hill on the schedule.

    PICK #22 The Redskins Pick:
    Baraka Atkins (DE, Miami (FL))
    A DT/DE ‘tweener, Barka Atkins has developed nicely over his time at Miami. While not ideally sized for DT at the next level, Atkins is solid against the run because of his great quickness, the same attribute that helps him as a pass-rusher. Atkins still has potential and hasn’t quite reached his peak. While he’s got first round potential, he will need a consistent senior year to find himself in the first round mix, and at best he could possibly end up around where Brodrick Bunkley was picked this year.

    PICK #23 The Giants Pick:
    Quinn Pitcock (DT, Ohio State)
    The 295-lb Quinn Pitcock is the premier run-stuffer for the 2007 NFL Draft. After coming on strong for his junior season, Pitcock established himself as one of the nation’s premier interior defensive lineman, taking on blockers to help out his linebacking crew- including two 2006 first rounders: A.J. Hawk and Bobby Carpenter. While he isn’t much of a threat against the pass and won’t wow you with statistical production, Pitcock is excellent at doing the dirty work, taking up blockers, clogging holes, and even coming through for the occasional play in the backfield.

    PICK #24 The Bengals Pick:
    Zach Miller (TE, Arizona State)
    Highly recruited coming out of high school, TE Zach Milller was supposed to be the next Todd Heap for Arizona State. After his first two seasons, Miller has been solid but not spectacular and will look to improve going into his junior year. Already with ten career touchdown receptions, Miller has the size and hands you look for in a stud pass-catching tight end, and if he can show some consistency with his blocking and route-running, Miller could jump into the first round mix, assuming he leaves school a year early.

    PICK #25 The Cowboys Pick:
    Drew Stanton (QB, Michigan State)
    After thinking about leaving early, Drew Stanton of Michigan State made a good decision to go back to school for his senior year. Stanton has shown good accuracy, toughness, and leadership throughout his career at Michigan State, and with more consistency could make himself a top ten pick. With a bunch of weapons on offense returning, Stanton might even be able to get to New York for the Heisman ceremony.

    PICK #26 The Jaguars Pick:
    Tim Crowder (DE, Texas)
    While not as speedy or flashy as some other pass-rushing defensive ends, the steady Tim Crowder has established himself as one of the top players on a tough Texas defense throughout his career with the Longhorns. The 270-lb Crowder might not produce great sack statistics, but his consistency, specifically against the run, makes him a valuable DE prospect for a 4-3 defense.

    PICK #27 The Patriots Pick:
    H.B. Blades (LB, Pittsburgh)
    The son of former NFL wide receiver Bennie Blades, H.B. Blades is known as one of the top linebackers in all of college football. Blades, who put up 121 tackles last year, leading the Big East, has the versatility to play OLB or ILB in the NFL.

    PICK #28 The Panthers Pick:
    Brandon Meriweather (S, Miami (FL))
    After leading the Hurricanes with 115 tackles, Brandon Meriweather is arguably up there with Landry and Griffin in terms of top safety prospects for the 2007 NFL Draft. Having played both safety positions through his career at Miami, Meriweather will look to continue developing after a good junior season and could possibly end up being a high first round pick when the draft rolls around.

    PICK #29 The Broncos Pick:
    Marcus Thomas (DT, Florida)
    A solid DT prospect, Florida’s Marcus Thomas has the kind of upside scouts might drool over this college football season. Athletic and strong, the 6’3, 286-lb monster DT can penetrate, get to the quarterback, and stuff the run. Thomas can also get his hands up and deflect passes, and has blocked a couple of kicks during his career at Florida as well. With a good senior campaign, Thomas could be a riser and find himself picked somewhere high in round one.

    PICK #30 The Steelers Pick:
    Brian Leonard (FB, Rutgers)
    One of the most intriguing prospects for 2007 is Brian Leonard of Rutgers. Leonard is not your typical full-back, and at 6’2, 235-lbs, he’s a little bigger than a typical NFL franchise half-back. However, there’s no reason to believe that Brian Leonard’s game can’t translate to the pros, even though there is probably no adequate comparison for the tough, versatile back in today’s NFL. At Rutgers, Leonard has been an absolute monster, scoring 40 total touchdowns in his first three seasons. Leonard can do it all, including block, run outside, run inside, and catch out of the backfield, as he hasn’t failed to reach 50 catches in each of his three seasons for the Scarlet Knights. While some might not believe Leonard would really be considered in the first round, the guy has proven he is a football player, and while the NFL Draft has turned into a circus of media nitpicking, player stereotyping, and over-analysis of workout numbers, it has been proven that what happens on the field is what matters most, and Brian Leonard has been nothing short of spectacular with or without the ball in his hands at Rutgers.

    PICK #31 The Seahawks Pick:
    Adam Carriker (DE, Nebraska)
    Adam Carriker has the ideal size for an NFL defensive end at 6’6, 295-lbs. After putting up nine sacks in his junior season, Carriker has emerged as one of the most talented players on the Nebraska defense. With a good senior season, Carriker could be in the first round mix, and a good comparison might be a young Grant Wistrom. Durability might be a question, as he’s missed some time due to ankle injuries early in his career, but last season he played every game for the Cornhuskers.

    PICK #32 The Colts Pick:
    Justin Blalock (OT, Texas)
    Justin Blalock considered entering the 2006 NFL Draft after winning the national title with Texas last year. Ultimately, he decided to stay for his senior year, and has a chance to improve his stock immensely this upcoming year. Strong and versatile, Blalock might play some guard this season, and could project as either a guard or right tackle at the next level. With ideal size and great run-blocking skills, Jamal Brown might be an adequate comparison for Blalock, who helped lead the way for a strong Texas running-game the past three years.
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    The top 2 guys I like right there along with Adrian Peterosn and Brady Quinn.
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    ummm i could have SWORN Minnesota drafted Griffin in the 3rd round this year.
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    As a Buckeye fan, I will say that I have grown anxious when they play the Spartans over the years. Stanton has always found .a way to get it to his guys and usually make it an interesting contest. Though OSU's style also contributes to that. They are similar to our beloved Cowboys in the sense that they keep things close to the vest and play close games

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