News: 2007 Season Quick Cap Update (Post #82)- $394,960 - 01/05/08

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    In past years, you provided a list of each player's respective cap number (Active, Injured Reserve, Practice Squad, & Dead Money). Do you plan on providing a 2007 Cap Charge Player List? Thanks in advance.
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    WOW! That is a lot of players that contribute a lot to this team. We really could lose some players next year.

    All the UFA's is scary and 3 really key RFA's-

    Flozell Adams (UFA)
    Tony Romo (UFA)
    Ken Hamlin (UFA)
    Keith Davis (UFA)
    Patrick Crayton (UFA)
    Jacques Reeves (UFA)
    Nate Jones (UFA)
    Julius Jones (UFA)
    Marion Barber (RFA)
    Chris Canty (RFA)
    Jay Ratliff (RFA)

    Obviously Romo is a must, I think Hamlin will be too, how about Crayton? Reeves is showing his worth right now, which is a little more than I thought it was.
    Julius is probably gone.
    I think Barber, Canty, and Ratliff are must signs.

    The key thing here is going to be Flozell. A lot of people will disagree with me, but I am not ready to let him go. He is under appreciated IMO, and a really good LT. Hall of famer, no, but he is good. We can not afford to throw someone in at LT still developing IMO.

    There is going to be a lot of work in the off-season for Jerry and Stephen.
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    Here you go --

    Terrell Owens $9,666,666
    Flozell Adams $7,006,240
    Anthony Henry $5,604,800
    Leonard Davis $3,672,906
    Roy Williams $3,546,579
    Terry Glenn $3,494,000
    Akin Ayodele $3,405,640
    Greg Ellis $3,106,240
    Bradie James $3,105,760
    Marc Colombo $3,006,240
    Jason Witten $2,801,240
    Kyle Kosier $2,716,240
    Tony Romo $2,506,000
    Andre Gurode $2,272,906
    DeMarcus Ware $2,167,040
    Terence Newman $2,150,931
    Ken Hamlin $2,004,680
    Brad Johnson $1,838,013
    Marcus Spears $1,619,080
    Bobby Carpenter $1,529,800
    Keith Davis $1,500,000
    Patrick Crayton $1,306,120
    Mat McBriar $1,091,863
    Anthony Spencer $1,040,000
    Jacques Reeves $856,240
    Julius Jones $817,507
    Kevin Burnett $811,385
    Anthony Fasano $653,740
    Jason Hatcher $518,405
    Marion Barber $513,280
    Chris Canty $501,800
    Jay Ratliff $453,910
    Nate Jones $450,000
    James Marten $447,500
    Tyson Thompson $442,294
    Joe Berger $441,240
    L.P. Ladouceur $441,240
    Cory Procter $441,240
    Evan Oglesby $435,000
    Pat Watkins $411,890
    Isaiah Stanback $405,625
    Doug Free $391,250
    Pat McQuistan $380,990
    Miles Austin $371,226
    Oliver Hoyte $369,093
    Sam Hurd $369,093
    Stephen Bowen $365,520
    Tony Curtis $360,960
    Nick Folk $312,000
    Deon Anderson $308,062
    Courtney Brown $300,525
    Justin Rogers $285,000
    Remi Ayodele $268,235.29
    Total $85,283,234.29

    Tank Johnson $240,000 (assumes reinstated for Week 10)

    Jason Ferguson $3,629,440
    Martin Gramatica $906,240
    Total $4,535,680

    Alan Ball $79,900
    Richard Bartel $79,900
    Quincy Butler $79,900
    Alonzo Coleman $79,900
    Rodney Hannah $79,900
    Mike Jefferson $79,900
    Khari Long $79,900
    Marcus Smith $79,900
    Total $639,200

    Nathan Jones $105,160
    Alan Ball $11,162
    Quincy Butler $6,240
    Stephen Bowen $6,000
    Marcus Smith $3,333
    Alonzo Coleman $3,000
    Rodney Hannah $3,000
    Remi Ayodele $1,920
    Mike Jefferson $1,666
    Total $141,481

    Mike Vanderjagt $1,666,667
    Marco Rivera $1,629,560
    Jason Fabini $1,166,667
    Ryan Hannam $937,500
    Drew Bledsoe $666,668
    Rocky Boiman $666,667
    Aaron Glenn $654,080
    Skyler Green $236,250
    Stephen Peterman $162,500
    Jim Molinaro $144,220
    Montavious Stanley $77,085
    Jackie Battle $47,039
    Jamaica Rector $40,976.82
    Pete Lougheed $22,353
    Justin Beriault $18,000
    Rob Petitti $18,000
    Matt Baker $14,740
    Keylon Kincade $12,534
    Dennis Roland $10,000
    Darrell Brooks $6,667
    Damarius Bilbo $6,240
    Trey Darilek $6,240
    Abram Elam $6,240
    Lousaka Polite $6,240
    Andy Thorn $6,240
    Jerheme Urban $6,240
    Joey Thomas $5,640
    Clarence Glymph $5,520
    Matt Moore $5,000
    Jerard Rabb $5,000
    Tom Crowder $4,415
    Ola Dagunduro $4,000
    Carlos Martinez $3,360
    Kai Parham $3,334
    John Saldi $3,254
    Alex Obomese $2,500
    Thomas Johnson $2,000
    Dedrick Harrington $1,833
    Jasper Johnson $1,833
    Blair Phillips $1,833
    Jamel Richardson $1,666
    Steve Rissler $1,666
    Adam Bergen $1,440
    Jeff Mroz $1,250
    Brock Berlin $960
    Matt Tarullo $480
    Total $8,292,597.82


    53-Man Roster = $85,283,234.29
    Suspended Player = $240,000
    Injured Reserve = $4,535,680
    Practice Squad = $639,200
    Dead Money (current players) = $141,481
    Dead Money (former players) = $8,292,597.82
    Total Cap Used = $99,132,193.11
    Adjusted Salary Cap = $111,851,626
    Cap Room = $12,719,432.89

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    Thank you very much for the information.
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    Update (9/25/07) -- Just more info for all 32 teams. The 2007 cap room hasn't changed much since what I posted Friday, but I've added each team's cap situations for 2008. Keep in mind that some teams' 2008 cap info includes some contracts that will void after this season.

    2007 CAP ROOM

    Jacksonville $17.249 million
    Tampa Bay $16.717 million
    Indianapolis $14.041 million
    Kansas City $13.096 million
    Dallas $12.719 million
    Green Bay $12.112 million
    Buffalo $11.873 million
    Seattle $10.787 million
    Tennessee $9.501 million
    New Orleans $9.330 million
    Oakland $9.226 million
    Carolina $9.087 million
    N.Y. Jets $8.525 million
    Philadelphia $8.374 million
    Miami $8.011 million
    Cleveland $7.108 million
    San Francisco $6.070 million
    New England $5.796 million
    Atlanta $5.775 million
    St. Louis $5.497 million
    Denver $5.206 million
    San Diego $4.305 million
    Baltimore $3.929 million
    Arizona $2.478 million
    Minnesota $2.140 million
    Pittsburgh $2.074 million
    Detroit $2.054 million
    Cincinnati $1.913 million
    Houston $1.828 million
    Washington $1.427 million
    N.Y. Giants $1.199 million
    Chicago $902,547

    2008 CAP COMMITMENT (with number of players under contract in parentheses)

    Tennessee (34) $71.842 million
    San Diego (44) $79.729 million
    Buffalo (44) $81.177 million
    Cincinnati (44) $81.268 million
    Jacksonville (42) $82.263 million
    San Francisco (46) $83.472 million
    New Orleans (37) $84.076 million
    Arizona (36) $86.531 million
    Dallas (40) $88.593 million
    Miami (40) $88.622 million
    N.Y. Giants (46) $89.156 million
    Oakland (40) $90.133 million
    Cleveland (41) $90.306 million
    Houston (38) $90.951 million
    Detroit (40) $91.488 million
    Tampa Bay (47) $92.869 million
    Kansas City (43) $94.132 million
    Green Bay (47) $94.506 million
    Chicago (49) $94.857 million
    Pittsburgh (39) $95.017 million
    Denver (41) $95.279 million
    Minnesota (45) $95.794 million
    Philadelphia (48) $96.051 million
    N.Y. Jets (43) $98.231 million
    Seattle (41) $102.206 million
    St. Louis (38) $103.059 million
    Indianapolis (42) $104.561 million
    New England (42) $105.131 million
    Atlanta (47) $108.861 million
    Carolina (34) $109.899 million
    Baltimore (42) $110.014 million
    Washington (45) $136.270 million
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    Estimated 2008 cap: $116M
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    Hey Adam, got a question. Those bonuses that are never reachable, what are they called? Do we know what they are at this point or is that something teams reveal after the season?
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    Why do fans always get all excited about this -- they'll EASILY get under the cap, still have room to sign players, and not lose any real contributors.
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    The skins have been masterful at the cap. However they have not built depth on their team or put together a particularly good team.

    1.They have traded a lot of draft picks for veteran players under the theory that they are trading a shot at an unknown quantity (rookie) for a proven commodity (veteren). While there is some truth to this, the downside is players in their rookie contracts are generaly much cheaper than free agents. Not having these cheaper players as the core of the team gives you less money to spend in free agency or to resign your own free agents.

    2.Every year the Skins cut big name free agents that they signed only a year or two earlier, to clear money for another big splash free agent. While this is exciting for their fans and pint-sized owner, cutting one star for another does not add to the team. It's breaking even.

    3.Championship teams are built through the draft. They attempt to upgrade every position on the team and add depth. You cannot do this in free agency. Trading away draft picks prevents a team from preparing for the future and dealing with injuries.

    I give all do credit to the cap man for the skins, whoever that is. They have continued to make their philiosophy work under the cap. But that doesn't mean it will ever work on the field.

    As an aside, what will the 'skins do in a couple years when they have to give Campbell his first FA contract extention? Are they going to have to shut down the FA machine for a couple years to pay the tab? That may be interesting.
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    I know you are a god around these ends, and I trust your opinion on most matters, but could you please cite your sources on these numbers? Some of these numbers are startling to me. For example, how is Minnesota only $2 million under the cap? I thought they were a team of fiscal responsibility, and had around $30 million worth of room prior to the draft. With no large signing, besides A.P., I find it odd that they would lose so much room in one year.

    I am extremely worried about signing Romo and a top first round draft pick. Top draft picks are so detrimental to a team's cap, something needs to be done about this.
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    I have a source with the official numbers. Sorry I can't be more specific.

    The Vikings already ate up a bunch of their cap by using the LTBE loophole, giving Pat Williams a $13.2 million incentive he won't reach. It's counting against their cap right now, but they'll get it back in a credit next season.
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    Update (10/2/07) -- After renegotiating Greg Ellis' contract and releasing Martin Gramatica from injured reserve, we are now $12,668,256 under the cap. That also includes Tank Johnson at a full $450,000 cap charge, since the credit for his suspension hasm't been applied yet (he should cost us only $240,000 if he is reinstated for Week 10).

    For the record, Ellis got a $500,000 raise this season. His base salary is now listed as $3,107,143, but that's only because he got paid for three weeks at a $2.5 million salary and that had to make it so he gets $3 million total. So he got 3/17 of $2.5 million, and he'll get 14/17 of $3,107,143. Add it up, and he'll get $3 million total. He also gets partial guarantees of his salaries in 2008 and 2009 if he's injured.

    Gramatica was costing us $906,240 on injured reserve. Now he's costing us only $247,416 of dead money. He could still file a grievance, but he also is now free to sign with another team and play immediately instead of wasting the season on IR, so he might not want to file a grievance.
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    Hey Adam warm up the ole calculator :D
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    I know you are joking.

    But I would imagine he will get the calculator out once the contract is official...meaning after it is sent to the league office and approved.
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    I have no doubt he'll have the numbers ready in no time
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    BrAinPaiNt is correct -- I'll get Romo's official contract information after it has been approved by the commissioner's office. And fortunately, I don't need a calculator because I can get the official cap info for the team, as well.
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    It was meant as a joke
  18. AdamJT13

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    And trust me, it was hilarious.
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    This is the way I figured the New Numbers for this year.
    We are still $5,025,395.86 under the cap for 2007.
    Thanks to AdamJT13 Cap numbers.
    Sure hope this is right! I don't normally do this, and it could very well be totally wrong, but it is the way I see it, right now.

    For the spreadsheet look here
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