2009 NFL Draft: Dan Pompei's defensive tackle rankings

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    I bolded who we looked at best i remember

    2009 NFL Draft: Dan Pompei's defensive tackle rankings
    By Dan Pompei | Tribune staff reporter
    11:35 PM CDT, April 17, 2009
    1 2 3 next 1. B.J. Raji, Boston College

    He is a thick presence in the middle of the field who creates havoc and causes piles. He is quick, strong, athletic and can play in any defensive front, but would be best as a nose tackle. He can get push in pass rush.

    2. Peria Jerry, Mississippi

    He never stops. Jerry has excellent ability to read and react, and he has the athleticism to get around blockers. He is an explosive player with burst to the ball who would be a perfect fit as a three technique in an up-the-field scheme. He has had repeated injury problems and durability is a major concern.

    3. Ziggy Hood, Missouri

    This hustler never stays blocked. He has quickness and the ability to contort his body to free himself. Hood is a disruptive penetrator who also gives chase. He can stop the run and rush the passer. Hood stock has been on the rise.

    4. Sen-Derrick Marks, Auburn

    This junior has size and strength to hold the point. He reads, reacts well and has a burst to get to the runner. He was an inconsistent performer who could play harder.

    5. Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State

    His most remarkable accomplishment is jumping out of a pool filled with three feet of water (You Tube). He has been impressive in workouts, too. Gilbert has great size, power and explosion, but he doesn't make enough plays. Scouts question his instincts and competitiveness. The best spot for him might be as an end in a three-man front.

    6. Ron Brace, Boston College

    Brace is a powerful run-stuffer who can win a battle in a phone booth. He doesn't offer much in pass rush, and he isn't very fast or quick. He could be a two-down player in the NFL. His greatest value could be as a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.

    7. Fili Moala, Southern California

    He offers a nice combination of size, strength and quickness and he makes a lot of plays. He would fit well in a one-gap scheme. Teams that use a 3-4 could play him at end. He had a good workout at the combine.

    8. Alex Magee, Purdue

    He is a hybrid end-tackle who would be a good fit as a three technique in a one-gap scheme. Magee moves well laterally and can rush the passer from the inside. He sometimes gets hung up on blocks. Magee can get blown out on the double team. He worked out well at the combine.

    9. Dorell Scott, Clemson

    He worked out well and his stock has risen late. A tough kid with excellent size, he has a good body for nose tackle.

    10. Ricky Jean-Francois, Louisiana State

    This underclassman can penetrate and he knows how to use his long arms. He has not been overly productive and many think he could have used another year in school. Jean-Francois needs to show he can stay healthy.

    11. Sammie Hill, Stillman

    He played end in college, but is better suited at tackle. Hill is big, powerful and explosive. He can hold the point. He was not a consistent player and did not face top competition. He is raw and will need a lot of development.

    12. Terrance Taylor, Michigan

    Taylor is short and very thick, and has a good body to play nose tackle in a 3-4. He did not play up to expectations last season and he struggled to disengage from blocks. He is strong and explosive, which he showed in his workouts. Taylor can hold up against a double team.

    13. Myron Pryor, Kentucky

    He is a short space eater who can power rush but lacks top quickness. He moves well laterally and plays with a low center of gravity. Pryor reads and reacts well. He is stout against the run. He has durability issues.

    14. Adrian Grady, Louisville

    Tough kid who plays hard and has the potential to be disruptive. He can get into a gap and penetrate. Grady has a nice combination of quickness and strength. He changes directions well. He worked out well to help his stock. He has a history of getting hurt.

    15. Everette Pedescleaux, Northern Iowa

    This late riser is a transfer from Minnesota. A former basketball player with excellent size, Pedescleaux did not play much until last season. He is a strong player with decent movement skills. He has some durability issues. He could be an end in a 3-4.

    16. Mitch King, Iowa

    If you look at his squatty, undersized body, short arms and modest athleticism, you would say he never would make the NFL. If you look at his tape, you would want him on your team. King has a great motor and is as tough as nails. He is instinctive and scrappy and finds ways to make plays.

    17. Marlon Favorite, Louisiana State

    He has size and strength and gets off the ball very well. Favorite plays hard and is tough against the double team. He can penetrate some. He has not been durable player.

    18. Terrance Knighton, Temple

    He will get drafted because of his size and long arms. He moves well and shows some quickness and agility. Knighton does not have a great feel for the game and needs technique work.

    19. Demonte Bolden, Tennessee

    He has good measurables, but he didn't play like it. He is quick for his size. Bolden tends to play high and gets bounced around. He does show good effort and toughness. He is not very physical and is regarded as an underachiever.

    20. Jamaal Westerman, Rutgers

    A college end, Westerman probably is destined to be a three technique in a one-gap scheme. He is a tough player who fought through injury all season. He has a good first step and a great motor. He is undersized and lacks speed.

    21. Vance Walker, Georgia Tech

    He gets some penetration with effort, intensity and lateral movement. He is slow footed. Walker does not play the run very well and he gets stuck on blocks.

    22. Corvey Irvin, Georgia

    He has some initial quickness and could fit in a penetrating scheme. His measurables are pretty good, but he plays tall and does not change directions well. Powerful blockers can manhandle him.

    23. Terrill Byrd, Cincinnati

    An undersized tackle with some lateral agility and quickness, Byrd needs to be in a one-gap scheme. He tries hard and makes plays in pursuit. He gets killed at the point of attack.

    25. Darryl Richard, Georgia Tech

    He has good size and some pass-rush ability because of his effort and instinct. Richard gets hung up on blocks too often and lacks top athleticism.

    26. Roy Miller, Texas

    He won't impress with his athleticism, quickness, power or size, but he is a try-hard player who finds a way to get it done. He worked out better than he plays. Miller is not much of a pass rusher and does not anchor very well despite impressive weight room strength.

    27. Rashaad Duncan, Pittsburgh

    He is undersized but quick. Duncan gets stuck on blocks and is not very strong at the point. He would need to be a "move" tackle in the pros.

    28. Will Johnson, Michigan

    His height, toughness and effort could get him drafted late, but he is limited athletically. Johnson has some strength.


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    Looks to me like the draft is loaded with rotation types who could be had at any point second day of draft. He certainly does not seem to be a Roy Miller fan. Alot of sites have him rated higher.
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    yeah what you have to do, at least to me, is get about 3-4 scout reports that you like, then gauge a player, thats why in the draft, i always get sporting news, sportng news war room, draft blitz,, lindys draft, then i gauge a player
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    i liked what he said about sammie hill
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    I like Louisville's Adrian Grady late in the draft
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    I think D Scott from Clemson would have been ranked higher except he had an injury plagued season last year.
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    jerry, i dont like the part that says has a history of getting hurt

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