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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Beerfish, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Beerfish's 2009 NFL Mock Draft Creator Spreadsheet is once again available this year. I've created one of these each of about the past three years near draft time. Some posters on this site will remember it from previous years.


    - List of over 350 draft eligible players ranked by an average of surveys from various draft lists and mocks on the web.

    - Searchable by position.

    - Team offensive and defensive statistical rankings from the previous year. (Helps you know in which area a team might be weak.)

    - Results of the NFL combine.

    - Full draft position listing. (Any trades from here on in of course and the sheet will have to be updated. Also compensatory picks have not been announced yet. When
    they do announce the compensatory picks the spreadsheet will be updated.)

    - Easy to use, just type a number beside the player name and it fills out the mock draft sheet for you. You can filter the mock draft sheet to show only your team and thus do a mock for just your team if you desire.

    I'm just an NFL fan (of the NY Jets....don't hold that against me.) who creates this thing each year so there is no charge or anything. Quite a few people from various fan forums have found this useful so each year I make a post offering it up to anyone who may want it. In the past I have emailed the spreadsheet to people but that became a bit too labor intensive due to the number of people requesting it so this year I’ve put it up on a free file sharing site where it is available for download. Here is the link:


    Hopefully the moderators won't disapprove of me posting this, if so they can feel free to pm me if this post is not appropriate.

    Good drafting!
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    thx for sharing this.

    blocked for me from work but i'll grab it tonight.
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    [FONT=&quot]Here is a link to the final version of the spreadsheet, I have updated it with the compensatory picks.


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    Post of the year!
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    lol I love that quote by Parcells. I've used it quite often in the past when fans of any of the teams I support are getting carried away with how good a player is.

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