2011 Giants... What Jimmy said back then

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by honyock, Feb 6, 2012.

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    I remember Jimmy Johnson saying, way back in his Cowboys heyday, that the two key building blocks for a winning team are quarterback and defensive line. You get both at once and you have a shot every year.

    It obviously isn't the only way to do it. It seems like if you've got an elite quarterback, you can have it all fall in place with an adequate-to-iffy defense (New Orleans, Green Bay, Indy). Or a great defense and a game-manager-QB (Tampa and Baltimore in their SB years).

    But the Giants have shown twice in five years now that pairing an elite QB (it's hard not to call Eli that, after this playoff run) with an elite d-line, gives you a shot, even if all else is adequate to iffy. The Giants had no running game most of the year, had really shaky secondary play much of the year, and had a coach on the hot seat for 3/4 of the year. But their d-line got healthy and the qb got (or stayed) hot. Another trophy.

    Boy do we need pass-rushing help.
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    And pass protection for our elite QB.
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    RIP to the running game. It's looking more and more that this is a passing league and you've gotta be able to sling the ball around if you want to win a Super Bowl.

    The days of dominant running games and bus driver QBs winning Super Bowls is over. The 49ers would've won it all if this was the early 2000s
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    Amen. Upgrade the trenches and we'll be in New Orleans next year. Yes I said it.
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    Cowboys need to get a bit of luck as well. The Giants get plenty..The fumbled three times, on the Pats three, on their own ten and on their own twenty.

    The first one, on the Pats three, the Pats recovered but had too many men on the field. The other two they recovered.

    They also had a drop by Wes Welker who the commentator said he catches a hundred time out of a hundred.

    I will take good and lucky.:bow: :bow:

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