2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson

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    2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson
    AUTHOR: jdove | IN: 2011 NFL Draft | COMMENTS: 1 Comment
    DeAndre McDaniel-S- Clemson
    6-1 210lbs Senior


    2007- 33 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 INTs, 5 pass breakups

    2008- 68 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, 1 INT, 3 forced fumbles

    2009- 98 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 8 INT, 1 forced fumble


    DeAndre McDaniel had a very successful Junior season but decided to return to Clemson. McDaniel has good size and excellent speed. He utilizes those abilities to constantly be around the ball making plays. McDaniel spends countless hours studying game film which he uses on game day. All the film preparation and his physical abilities helped him lead the ACC with 8 interceptions last season. Another major strength of McDaniel’s is his ability to quickly diagnose plays and put himself in perfect position to make a play. McDaniel is a versatile safety; he has the speed to be a centerfielder but also possesses the toughness to play in the box. He displayed his ability to support the run by playing a full season at linebacker.


    It was a good idea for McDaniel to return to Clemson for his Senior season. While he had a really good Junior year he still needs more game experience at the safety position. The more time spent learning the position the easier the transition to the NFL will be. The biggest issue with McDaniel is his questionable character. He was arrested for assault and the circumstances were not very pretty. NFL teams will be closely watching McDaniel and another slip could cost him.


    McDaniel is our top rated safety and sits at #15 on our 2011 NFL Draft Big Board. His combination of size, athletic ability, and football IQ make him a very dangerous player. The safety position has become increasingly important in the NFL and McDaniel hopes to cash in.

    Projected Round:

    If McDaniel can stay out of trouble he could easily be a top 12 pick in next year’s draft.
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    It's going to be tough for him to match last year's numbers, but I think he'll come close.

    This kid has talent and could play either safety spot IMO.

    Hope he falls to us next year...or just trade up Jerry! ;)
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    why would we need him at safety, ansah is our future safety, and sensabaugh other safety, and ball backup safety/cb

    McCann will be our other cb veteran after this year.
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    dude shutup ur gay sensabough not doing **** man.. get ****ing sean taylor back from the dead and ed reed allan ball shutup ******
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    I don't have as much confidence as you do in our safeties and here's some reasons why...

    Watkins is a special teams player who's on the bubble this year to even make the team...nuff said.

    Sensabaugh can't cover deep IMO and got burned against the Chargers (Jackson) and Vikings (Rice)...both losses. He's a good short area safety in coverage, but he's a drag down tackler against the run. Also, he's not a safety that WR's fear going over the middle. Yes, he was an upgrade over Roy Williams in coverage, but I still look at him as a hired gun who can certainly be upgraded. And just because he signed his tender doesn't mean he won't hold out and pay some fines...I just don't think it's over yet.

    Ball is 190lbs soaking wet and has a smaller frame than Newman who's 188lbs, because Ball is taller at 6-1. He's never started 16 games before and I doubt he can he even "slow down" Jacobs, McCoy, Peterson or any TE for that matter, if they break loose from our front seven this year. I can't help but picture some Ole's coming from Ball in the running game.

    Hamlin ran a 4.62 forty at the combine (at 207lbs I believe) and has had nagging injuries throughout his career it seems. He's nothing but a big question mark at this point and he's up to 213lbs now btw.
    2006: Suffered a fifth metatarsal bone fracture in his left foot during fourth quarter action vs. Boston College (9/09), missing the next three games vs. Florida State (9/16), North Carolina (9/23) and Louisiana Tech (9/30).
    2007: Left the Chick-fil-A Bowl with an undisclosed injury.
    2009: Suffered a hamstring pull working out nine days prior to Pro Day (3/24).
    2009: broke his right wrist and will most likely be out six weeks (8/30).

    AOA is a D2 player coming off a shoulder injury and is a work progress. Let's wait and see, if he can get through preseason and ST's this year without hurting himself, before we make him a starting safety in 2011 shall we? :rolleyes:

    Church is an interesting SS prospect to me. He's a good tackler with good instincts and he can bring the wood. He ran a 4.69 at the combine and a 4.64/4.68 at his pro day. He's big at 222lbs, but if he shapes up and can get down to 215 he might surprise. I think he's a good candidate for the PS. Church was even nominated for the Thorpe and Nagurski awards last year...who knew?

    McCray is just a camp body to me right now. We'll see if he can make plays on the ball in preseason. If he stands out, he could possibly make the PS.

    Darn links...ok.

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