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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by unionjack8, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Ok, 1st shot at this for the year.
    I wont try to guess FA signings, but i would like to move Rat to DE next year, i think he can have a bigger impact going forward there.

    Round 1 - Alfonso Dennard. CB, Nebraska

    Agressive press cover guy, can play in zone, good closing speed, good tackler. Not ideal height against taller NFL guys but you cany have everything.

    Round 2 - Alameda Ta'amu, NT, Washington

    This selection improves the DE position as Rat moves there, allowing him to play in a little more space. Ta'amu seems to be dropping somewhat as players like Worthy and Poe sky rocket right now.He can be the plugger we need allowing Lee and Carter to get to the ball carrier.

    Round 3 - Brandon Washington, OG, Miami

    Nasty attitude, physical player with quick feet(played LT this year) prjects more as a OG at the next level. Size and quickness to help this line transition continue. Its not about getting smaller linemen as much as getting athletic ones who can play in space, this guy fits the bill.

    Round 4 - Ty Hilton, KR

    I select Hilton for his return ability only. This team needs a dynamic guy back there and he's the best there is. Joe Adams i like also but he's more a punt return guy.

    Round 5 - Trenton Robinson, FS

    Nice cover skills and ball skills. Can play the deep ball well. Not scared to tackle.
    A nice guy to develop, hopefully NOT under the tutilage of Campo or Maxie.

    Round 6 - Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri

    Athletic, tall good hands, not much of a blocker. Had a down 2011 after Gabbert left school but can be a redzone threat and one down the seams, if used correctly.

    Round 7 - Jacquies Smith, DE/OLB Missouri

    Played oppsoite Aldon Smith last year, good first step. Could easily project to the 3-4 SLB spot. Dislocated an elbow but has lots of potential.

    Now i understand some will want the OLB spot addressing early but Rome wasnt built in a day.
    Its importnat to build the interior of that OL, the lack of protection Tony gets there is just embarrassing.
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    No real complaints, only problem I see is lack of OLB and ILB. Seems it's a rule if your a 3-4 team your going to take at least 1 of them early and it just so happens Dallas has a dire need. Can be addressed via FA and if that's the case your draft works out well.
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    i would love to add a pass rusher via FA, imo he needs to be somebody who can add value right away. Rookies find it tough for the most part. Mario Williams is a dream i know but if they wanted to take a run at Nnamdi then why not Mario?
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    not bad
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    I like your picks rounds 3-7.

    I don't like picks in rounds 1 & 2.
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    Good mock . I'd like Ingram in the first if available .

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