2013 Changes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by alsmith, Dec 5, 2012.

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    We probably do need 4 olineman but could survive with 3. Draft two in the first 2 days, and sign one. Do you extend spencer or draft one? that is the 8 million Dollar question. If you dont resign him than you almost have to go oslb 1st or second round. Postions like wr , qb of the future, and even safety are on the backburner until you fix out oline and pass rusher. a 3-4 can not function without two pass rushers. How many years have we been dumping draft picks in this 3-4 and we still need more pieces. Enough already. There are 3 times as many teams running a 3-4 as when we started so all the advantages of talent aquistion are gone. My most hated part of a 3-4 is you can sceme out 1 of the pass rushing oslbs 1/3 of the time. We can make the switch with minimal trouble. As far as garrett, he either relinquishes some control or you go get a new HC. He simply has proven that he can not handle both playcalling and HC duties on game day.
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    :bow: spot on...
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    How are we going to re-sign Spencer and then sign Long and Wallace? Is Romo restructuring his 2013 salary to $1? Are we cutting Austin? We are going to have some money next off-season but nowhere near what you seem to think. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    I agree that aint gonna happen.

    Here is what I think....

    1st the 3-4D has not been good to Dallas. Start the change back to a 4-3. Another stud LB to go with Lee and Carter and you have ahead start for the change. (is the 4-3 a better fit for current set of players?)

    Center is a must: Tired of playing musical chairs with no name inexperienced players (fix it and fix right), Costa as a back up.

    1st Round
    Safety: its been a glaring hole for along time....again FIX it or
    DE: basically go after the best Safety or DE you can with 1st pick.

    2nd/3rd Best OL(ie.RT) or NT

    4th RB, DB,

    Next year will be the TRUE test for GARRETT, I no everyone (AS I do) wants him gone but the fans are stuck with him for at least 1 more year.
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    as long as jerry is here it really dose not matter. not sure why that is not obvious to all by now.
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    RS... dont you know yet...if Jenkins leaves, CB will be our top priority baby...and i say that with a JJ wink of the eye lol
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    The steelers consistently add talent to their oline...
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    You have to keep the rebuilding within reason and you have to keep cap expenditures within reason. You also have to project a bit of the development in the existing roster.

    I would suggest letting Spencer go as we need to conserve cap space to rebuild the team. I'd also let Free go since he is not worth his salary anymore and we could use the money better elsewhere.

    We need to draft a premier pass rusher (1st round) as these are hard to come by in FA and Ware has shown he has started to decline. Ratliff has pretty much declared he is done as an every down player in the league. Spencer will never be that player. If we don't try to re-stock this hole in the roster we will be lost when the games start and QBs can relax. Ideally this guy will be very fast since we will need to contain RG3.

    In the rest of the draft I'd like to find a DE, interior OL, Safety, CB and a WR prospect.

    In FA I'd like to add a reliable RT. I wouldn't mind adding a reliable vet Safety and a solid 5-tech DE.

    Then we'd have:

    Smith Livings Costa/Killer draft/Bern FA/Parnell

    In the defensive front 7 we'd have:

    draft/FA/Crawford Brent/Rat Hatcher/Bass

    1st Rd/Wilber Carter/Albright Lee/Lemon Ware/Butler

    Now with some of the money saved we can try to sign extensions for Carter, Romo, Butler, Brent and Dez. I'm still undecided about Lee and a great deal would depend on the structure of the contract as I'd like a smaller bonus and more incentives for him given his age and injury history.
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    Ah! Good ole' Theodore Bagwell. One of my favorite shows.
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    Sad but true.
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    I also fear Ware will never be Ware again. But I think you have to go with the one more year philosophy and hope he can dig deep, stay healthy and deliver another true all-pro season.

    We can't afford to use resources on a replacement for him now, we need to focus on the OL and S positions.

    As usual, I'm all for trading out of round 1 to get 2 higher day 2 picks.
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    I view the idea of team-building as requiring a long-term perspective and not necessarily what do we need to get by this year. Our pass rush is only mediocre with Ware and we run the risk of becoming pathetic if we lose him and have to rely on Spencer and ? to do the passrushing. Spencer will never be an elite guy and doesn't consistently win battles against OTs. We have to get someone better in that slot and I'd be fine to trade up to find that player if need be.

    With the money saved by passing on Spencer, you can shore up the OL and probably even add a good Safety into the mix.

    I view this move as the best way to improve the defense, hedge against a declining Ware and properly manage available Cap space. Spencer is about to turn 29 and is probably putting up his career season right now and it'd be the wrong decision to extend him. If we couldn't come to terms after his mediocre 2011 I can't see how we're going to get it done after a better season. He is a $7M/yr type of player and we have to walk if the cost is higher.
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    I agree with the strategy of upgrading Spencer to eventually replace Ware. I missed that you weren't resigning Spencer.

    Not sure Spencer is going to get the type of money he's asking us for in FA. I could see him resigning for a reasonable deal. 5yrs 32mil 8mil SB.

    I do believe we'd be better off in 2014 and 15, not signing him. You need to pick your spots carefully when resigning players and he's not a good long term signing.

    But I'm thinking 2013 or bust. With the window on many of our key contributers closing quickly, I willing to mortgage the future a good bit.
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    Dude is a nut!


    Yeah show is one of my favs as well

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