2013 College Football Strength of Schedule

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by dart, Jun 13, 2013.

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    our non conference schedule isnt very good, ole miss isnt as good as they were when that game was scheduled. it could at least give us the chance to get back to 10 wins and give recruits confidence in the program again
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    So this thread is just a shot at Texas or what?

    79. Alabama
    105. Ohio St.
    113. Oregon
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    Bama should be embarrassed. They play Chattanooga, Colo St and Georgia State after the kick off game with VaTech. That's simply terrible, terrible scheduling.

    Especially when you factor in missing both Georgia and Florida in the SEC.

    The SEC is quickly becoming one of the LEAST equitable leagues in football.

    LSU by comparison plays the same Bama(LSU), TAMU then gets Georgia, Florida. They have TCU and UAB in non-conf for real football games.
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    this thread is about bollocks.
    you dont rate SoS based on last year's win percentage. that's a terrible determinate. you use pre-season rankings or at the very least last years final rankings.

    a 9 win div 2 team is hardly as strong as a 6 win major conf team.

    Texas is about 30th in pre-season ranking SoS. The Big 12 is an insanely hard conference with 9 conf games. No Big 12 team will rank poorly at the end of the year for SoS.
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    In the coming years this will change.

    Already talk of getting the Div I teams to start scheduling other Div I teams (and not low end Div I teams) for a better strength of schedule for the playoff systems.

    Some of that is why they are starting to get it where Top Conferences will be playing other Top Conferences in a relationship of sorts. And in doing that it will strenghthen the schedules. So instead of scheduling smaller schools like Georgia State or Appalachian State...someone from the Big 12 might schedule games against teams in the ACC.
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    Memphis is #19 well it looks like yet another bad season for us :eek:: :(

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    Part of the problem here is that the SEC, in many cases, is over compensated in strength of Conference. Now, before everybody starts arming for a Holy War, I understand why this happens. I mean, over the last several years, the SEC has been the best Football Conference in America, by and large. However, they weren't last year and if you just look at this year, well, Alabama is going to be very good but they have also lost some very key OLs. They have lost 5 starters on O (three of which are on the OL) and 4 starts on D. TAMU has lost 5 starters on O (also three on the OL) and Mike Evans. They have lost all but 4 starters on D. Georgia has lost 8 starters on D from last season. Now, you can say that they weren't that good last season anyway and that might be true but, they also didn't win a championship last season so I'm not sure what difference that makes.

    Bottom line, if they weren't playing in the SEC, none of these teams would be in the top 10 Preseason Poll this year with those kinds of returning lineups. Since they are in the SEC, they are ranked in the top 10 Preseason and as a result, the SOS is higher then it would be otherwise.
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    Not on this list. This is based solely on winning percentage.

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    In the article, it specifically says that it's based off of last years records so that would indicate that these rankings are reflective of both the teams and the opponents records from last year. Again, I see no way that any of the SEC teams I mentioned above are going to be anywhere near as good as they were last year. I guess I don't follow?
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    It is based SOLELY on last year's record for the opponents you face THIS YEAR.

    Whether the SEC is strong or weak the teams face each other and either win or lose. If LSU/Bama is a match up of top 5 teams that's still 1 win and 1 loss. If they are bottom 20 teams same 1 win and 1 loss by this method.

    What you are saying is true for reality and actual strength of schedule but not really a factor for THIS list which is mightily flawed.

    Bama may be a far lesser team but still win 10 games. Just look at their actual SoS not this list.

    I am not sure how far the top teams in the SEC will actually fall with graduation losses but I do know that league has the largest disparity between good and bad teams of any league and has the largest discrepancy in strength of schedule.

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    Gotcha. Was a little slow on the uptake there. Thank you for explaining that. Your point makes much more sense now.
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    Well if you count the top 25, 7 SEC schools are on there for strength of schedule.

    Oregon 113/126
    Ohio State 105/126.

    Those two schools have a great chance of going undefeated and playing each other in a major bowl game. I think this is the year the SEC run ends. Not for good, but just time for a down year.
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    there is always basketball season.....but as far as football goes, although you guys are not very good year in and year out, there are always a couple of standout players that are fun to watch and keep track of.
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    Who's Memphis?

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    You gotta Yeags that one Sarge.
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    Will be really hard for Oregon under a new coach to go undefeated imho. The PAC 12 isn't that bad.
    OSU may well go undefeated but I don't think they'd beat a SEC or Big 12 team in a title game.
    The B1G has been pretty pathetic as the losing team in 6 out of the last 7 Rose Bowls.

    Meyer will build a monster if he lasts (and his players stay out of jail).

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