2013 Free Agency?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ThrowuptheXDez88, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Anyone that knows the cap situation, can you explain which players on this roster you can release & save money by doing so? Also will there be any top of the line interior lineman hitting free agency? I know a ton of people hate UT players, but Henry Melton would be awesome to have in the middle of this defense & would cause a ton of havoc up the middle, especially with Jay Ratliff getting up in age & always being hurt. My targets in free agency will definitely be Henry Melton & Cliff Avril if both are available. Both will be turning 27 in 2013.. Avril with his speed on the edge makes QB's step up in the pocket & with Ware on the other side that's very dangerous with Henry Melton coming up the middle with the push he creates it would be nasty watching those guys rush the passer.. Not sure what the o-line situation looks like in 2013 with free agency and what is guaranteed to Livings, Mackenzie B. & Doug Free
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    I would give Jeremy Parnell a chance at being the starting RT next season especially with all this experience he is getting, learning the speed of the game at a more difficult position LT which will only help him be better at RT. Andy Levitre is a name being thrown out there as a top guard... Amendola will be a FA as well... Really hope we have an opportunity to go after Avril-Melton
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    Top O-Line Free Agents
    1. Jake Long (Mia) - LT
    2. Ryan Clady (Den) - OT
    3. Branden Albert (KC) - OT
    4. Sebastian Vollmer (NE) - OT
    5. Andy Levitre (Buf) - OG

    Top D-Line Free Agents
    1. Henry Melton (Chi) - DT
    2. Cliff Avril (Det) - DE
    3. Terrance Knighton (Jac) - DT
    4. Glen Dorsey ( KC) - DT/DE

    Top Safety Free Agents
    1. William Moore - (Atl) - SS/FS
    2. Jairus Byrd (Buf) - SS
    3. Ed Reed (Bal) - FS

    These should be our targets on the FA market this offseason. I expect we'll go O-Line with our 1st pick in the draft. But, either way our O-line and D-line are priority #1 and safety #2.
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    I don't know our cap situation. I will give Stephen Jones credit though he knows how to work the salary cap.
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    Saw this on bleacherreport..

    The Dallas Cowboys will enter the 2013 offseason with an aggressive mindset towards free agency. And with a little flexibility and an open mind, Dallas could make a splash in free agency.

    The NFL salary cap is only expected to increase by $1 million next season, leaving each franchise $121 million to work with. However, the Cowboys will take a $5 million hit thanks to a penalty imposed by the NFL last offseason, leaving Dallas with $116 million to build their 53-man roster around.

    As of now, the Cowboys have $3.7 million available in cap space, but that number is likely to increase when 16 contracts come off the books this offseason. If Dallas decided to part ways with free agents to be Anthony Spencer, Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins it would free up $11 million in space. The Cowboys will also gain an additional $10 million after shedding multiple dead weight contracts—these come from player buyouts and are essentially dead money for the year.

    If Dallas decided to let their entire free agent class walk, it would have around $24 million to use in free agency and to sign their 2013 draft class.

    I like Spencer being able to drop in coverage and stop the run, but with Carter & Lee manning the middle coming up and filling in holes or being in pass coverage, I think the decision needs to be to let him walk & they BETTER make Romo play out the 2013 season to use all the money they can on helping him out proving to him they are trying to put the pieces around him to build a team that can sustain its self for years and years to come.. If he has a great year & it costs the Cowboys $$'s by waiting a year, so be it..
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    Its too bad we cant be like the Giants and hit on every DL, we need OLine help we DLine to help out Ware we need safty help we are F****D
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    Yeah it would be nice to have Sensabaugh's contract off the books, but I believe he is owed 4 mil of guaranteed money.. Could be looking at a real possibility of Miles Austin being a cap casualty in 2013 with all of his guaranteed contract being paid if you want to try and shore up the offensive & defensive lines.. Def should make it a priority in the offseason to get Sean Lee extended as well.. If we could come away with Avril & Melton I'd be pretty pumped
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    Yeah, let's sign Melton and Avril, two 4-3 players, to lucrative contracts.
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    Yeah, love your sarscasm sonny.. Who says we don't change to a 4-3 with a completely different coaching staff sir?? The 3-4 definitely didn't work with Wade & now the same with Rob Ryan. Yeah I sign them, & if you stay in the 3-4 all you have to do is stand Avril up, slide Melton to DE & keep Ratliff in the middle.. Hire Sean Payton & get his staff in here, move to the 4-3 & your front 4 DE Hatcher or Crawford, DT's in the middle Ratliff & Melton with Lissemore rotating, with Avril as the other DE.. These guys are very good football players and can give the Cowboys depth and more skill at getting to the QB
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    I think we should concentrate on signing injured players so that we can low-ball them. That always seems to work.
  11. TheSport78

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    We aren't moving to a 4-3.
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    henry melton is the perfect example of a player that will flourish in the right atmosphere. if he comes to this poisoned culture in dallas he will fail. trust me, the guy was soft as doodoo paper at UT but once he got around those dawgs in Chicago he stepped his game up. i don't see him continuing that once he gets paid and joins the Dallas country club.
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    Your plan is to change defenses and sign the top 2 defensive linemen to 12 mm and 9-10 mm contacts with the latter being a rotational player. That is a shiny thing gm plan.

    We need to take free's 8 mm and turn that plus a million or 2 and turn that into a credible professional right tackle and right guard. We need to resign spencer and draft an impact defensive end.

    Web also need to figure out if miles is worth the cash.
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    Some fans think they're still playing Madden.

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