2014 Cowboys Mock Draft.... I think we know our weaknesses

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by XDez88BeastX, Nov 10, 2013.

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    1) Ray Drew - DE
    At 6'5" 275lbs this dude is Taylor made as a strongside DE & would provide great competition between Drew ,Ty Crawford, & George Selvie for the Starter spot next year.

    2) David Yankey - OT/OG
    We need a solid young starting right Guard to solidify our Oline & there is always the possibility Free falls back off so we may need a tackle too, either way Yankey provides us with a long term starting guard between Freddy & Free & if bad Doig comes back David Yankey should be able to step right in as a starter at tackle as well.

    3) Kelcy Quarles - DT
    Quarles is the sack leader at the DT position in the SEC, that's quite an accomplishment not to mention at 6'3" & 295lbs with predicted 4.8 speed he is the ideal 3-tech for Rod Marinelli's rush men.

    4) Lamarcus Joyner - CB/S
    Joyner has drawn some comparisons with Tyrann Mathieu this year & considering I really wanted us to draft him last year I gotta roll the dice on this kid.

    5) JC Copeland - FB
    This may be a passing league but we still need some type of run game. Our 12 personnel package is a joke so we need a fullback & at 280lbs this dude is like an extra oline man (which is also a plus with our oline)

    5) Andre Williams - RB
    (I believe one way or another we end up with an extra pick this year, so this is the round I'm guessing it at)
    Dre Williams is a thumper, kind of like a Alfred Morris type, I think that is what they were hoping for with Phillip Tanner and since that failed I'd have to guess they will look for a replacement with the same style.

    7) Ben Malena - RB.
    Same deal as the Williams pick, they thought they had a quick shifty back with Dunbar, that's not working. So Malena will be Dunbar 2.0, let's hope we hit on this one.

    7) Denicos Allen - OLB
    Monte Kiffin likes smaller guys with speed in his Linebackers. Allen has a lot of the same characteristics of Brandon Magee who we lost off of our practice squad to Cleveland this year. Here is our chance to get that same type of player back with the team.

    7) La'damien Washington - WR
    Let's face it Miles Austin's career in Dallas is over. That leaves us needing another taller wideout with atleast some speed. So here's Washington, it's the 7th round just hope for the best.
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    Ray DrewGeorgiaDE20156-42764.7614

    Not sure about your first pick??? Draft scout has him listed as the 14th best DE in the class of 2015.
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    Ray Drew is the real deal. Type of guy that is way more athletic than a 275 pound man should be. Has a little Datone Jones in him. I'm guessing Draft Scout hasn't updated their rankings since before the season.
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    Not sure about your first pick??? Draft scout has him listed as the 14th best DE in the class of 2015.[/quote]
    ive seen him ranked between rounds 1&3 & watched a lot of Georgia games ( not just highlights) dude is a beast. He is a junior so it is no guarentee he wil declare himself for the draft but if he does, I'd love to have him. (I am also a huge fan of Trent Murphy but I don't think he makes it to us in round 1)
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    I'm a fan mock drafts anytime of the year. Thanks for the effort.

    When I do a mock, I think i'm going to put bout 4 defensive backs in there somewhere.

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