2014 Indianapolis 500 thread

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by BigDGarciaFan, Apr 2, 2014.

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    Great race. Montoya should have been in the fight at the end. Another late crash took out 2 more. At least there was a 3 way fight for the checkers. Andretti putting 4 cars in the top 6 is unbelievable domanance.

    Side note - major props to ABC for bringing in a race guy like Bestwick to take over the play-by-play. Cheever and Goodyear are great #2 and #3 guys also. Hopefully that trio with stay together for a long time.

    Side note II - Lindsay Czarniak is straight up HOTTTTTTTTT.
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    Exciting finish. Great 6th place run by Kurt Busch as well.
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    Alright, I can definitely confirm that the Indy 500 is complete mayhem but amazing. I have never seen anything like it before really. Saturday was just a giant boozefest with 100,000 people in a muddy field; you can pretty much assume what happens there. The race was incredible to see in person, and I will no doubt be back again next year. It was easily the best "sporting" event I have been to. Everybody was pulling for Carpenter since he is a Butler guy, and he sure was pissed when he got knocked out. The first caution happened at the wall right in front of where we were sitting, that was cool as well.
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    Oh, that's cool. And yes, I think at the very least, it'd make a good documentary on maybe the Velocity channel.

    The "ambulance story" from the races at Soldier Field, cracks me up every time I think about it.

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