2014 NFL Draft Scouting Report – Will Sutton, DT Arizona State

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    Will Sutton is one of the most controversial NFL Draft prospects in the country right now because there is such a wide range of opinions on how good he can be. There are some who have suggested he is a first round pick and would take him as early as the top 10 while others have suggested he is simply too small to be a good player in the NFL and should go closer to the third round

    Vitals & Build
    Sutton is listed at 6’1” 305lbs which is up significantly from last year and it shows. Last season, Sutton was listed at around 270lbs depending on where a person looked and the extra weight has really worked to slow him down as a player. 35lbs or whatever the true number is was never realistic and was always going to be problematic. It is virtually impossible to make the proper adjustment to that much change in one’s body in that short of a time. He has never had a great looking body but was just an incredible athlete when he was lighter.
    In an attempt to get bigger and therefore look more attractive as a prospect, Sutton decided to load up on weight, but in doing so, took away from some of what made him special, which was his explosiveness and quickness. Sutton still has the motor that never quits and can still make plays but he is just not as effective. He needs to drop the weight, at least some of it, and find a happy medium where he can play like he did when he was at or near 270lbs but not quite that small. And if he had to play at 270lbs, it would not be ideal but it would not stop him from being a great player necessarily.
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    He would play the Sapp position in this D.
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    I've watched him play twice this year and really liked what I saw. He's a little undersized, but he's a disrupter. Constantly gets into the backfield and creates havoc. He should go in the mid-to-late 1st round too.
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    i want this guy

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