2014 Senior Bowl: Defensive Preview, Rankings, and Predictions

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    Defensive Tackles

    Rankings (based on NFL potential)

    1) Ra’Shede Hageman, Minnesota
    2) Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh
    3) DaQuan Jones, Penn State
    4) Will Sutton, Arizona State
    5) Caruan Reid, Princeton
    6) Daniel McCullers, Tennessee
    7) DeAndre Coleman, California
    8) Shamar Stephen, UConn
    9) Justin Ellis, LA Tech

    Most to Gain:Daniel McCullers, Tennessee
    McCullers is one of the biggest defensive players ever to go through the draft process (6’7″/351 lbs). McCullers is massive, but doesn’t make many plays and isn’t very productive. Most see him as just a big body to plug in the middle of a defensive line to try and clog things up. McCullers has the chance to prove he’s more mobile than he’s shown in games and that he can consistently win one on one battles in tight spaces. McCullers draft stock is still very fluid, but it’s tough to see him going in the first 100-125 picks right now. With a dominant performance in Mobile that could change.

    Most to Lose: Will Sutton, Arizona State
    Sutton came into the year as a possible first round pick, however after a down season, one in which saw his overall disruptiveness drop off, he’s now looked at as more of a 3rd-4th round prospect. Sutton’s weigh in will be one of the most anticipated in Mobile with NFL Scouts anxious to see just how tall Sutton is and if he improved his body since the end of the season. If Sutton has a down performance next week, it will raise even more questions as to just how good this kid wants to be.

    OverratedRa’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota
    Hageman is being a tad overrated in my opinion. His frame, versatility, and athleticism for DL will attract NFL Scouts, but I wish he had more of an impact on the game. He can go long stretches without flashing and with so many underclassmen in this year’s draft I think he has trouble going in the first round. He’s one of the most gifted player in this year’s Senior Bowl and he needs to play like it this week. His consistency will be questioned. Hageman likely moves to 3-4 DE which only adds to his value. I just don’t see a high first round pick.

    Underrated: Caraun Reid, DT, Princeton
    Reid is one of the 2-3 best FBS prospects in this year’s draft. Reid has dominated at Princeton despite dealing with constant double and triple teams. Finishing his Princeton career with 20.5 sacks, 20 of them coming in the last three season. is able to create constant havoc and can track down the QB because he is a flexible for a big man and a much better athlete than the OL he’s matched up against. The fact that many people haven’t seen Reid play against top tier competition will change this week. He is one of my picks for breakout Senior Bowl stars.

    Best Performance in Mobile: Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh
    How could I pick anyone else? Donald was the most disruptive interior DL in the country this season and won just about every defensive award imaginable. Donald’s explosive burst off the ball and strong hands will; let him shine in 1 on 1s. The biggest questions regarding Donald are his size and overall strength. He can answer both of those this week. There’s no question about it; Aaron Donald is one of the primetime attractions left on the Senior Bowl rosters.

    Most likely to be a Patriot: DaQuan Jones, Penn State
    The Patriots will look to draft a defensive tackle at some point in the draft. DaQuan Jones is a player that fits with the current needs and defensive philosophy. Jones is a big, strong, physical lineman that can overwhelm blockers with his power. He’s big enough to play on the nose and moves good enough to play the 3. Jones was force at times this past year racking up big tackle for loss numbers. I can see Aaron Donald fitting in with the Patriots as well considering he is a similar type of player to Chris Jones. However, with Jones in place, the Patriots need more size and run stuffing power from the defensive tackles.

    Defensive Ends

    1) Trent Murphy, Stanford
    2) Dee Ford, Auburn (OLB)
    3) Marcus Smith, Lousiville
    4) Chris Smith, Arkansas
    5) Ed Stinson, Alabama
    6) Brent Urban, Virginia
    7) Kareem Martin, North Carolina
    8) James Gayle, Virginia Tech

    Most to Gain: Dee Ford, Auburn
    Dee Ford but together big time performance after big time performance in the SEC, on top of that he did it against top tier offensive tackles. Ford’s stock has risen steadily since the beginning of the season and a strong week in Mobile can make him a day two lock. Ford is listed as a DE on the Senior Bowl roster, but many teams like him as an OLB with explosive edge rush ability.

    Most to Lose: Trent Murphy, Stanford
    Many of the mock drafts around the web have Murphy going in the first round, however there are some obvious concerns with his game. Murphy isn’t real fast or sudden and doesn’t bend very well. He may struggle when he gets matched up with superior athletes that can handle his strength and motor. Murphy is a smart player with a relentless effort, but as the draft process goes on I think he gets passed by more athletic rushers. Murphy has to impress this week and prove his lack of athleticism won’t hinder him at the next level.

    Overrated: James Gayle, Virginia Tech
    I’ve watched a decent amount of Virginia Tech over the last three years and I always come away wanting more from James Gayle. When I watch him I see an effective college pass rusher, but I think his skills are average across the board and will have trouble transitioning his success to the NFL level.

    Underrated:Ed Stinson, Alabama
    Overshadowed by the bigger names and more productive players at Alabama, I believe Stinson will be a better pro player than college player. He’ll never be an explosive edge rusher, but he is a stronger, effective player at the point of attack and very strong against the run. Stinson projects as a 3-4 end, but has shown he can play 4-3 DE and he is big enough to kick inside at times.

    Best Performance in Mobile:Marcus Smith, Louisville
    This is a bit of an under the radar pick. Smith isn’t a household name heading into the Senior Bowl, but that will change this week. Smith is a fluid athlete and productive pass rusher. Strong enough to beat Offensive Tackles 1 on 1 when rushing from a 4-3 end position, but is also fluid and athletic enough to drop into coverage from a two point stance. Count on Smith generating a lot of buzz this week.

    Most Likely to be a Patriot:Chris Smith, Arkansas
    I don’t see any of these players as ideal fits for the Patriots current system.The Patriots need pass rush depth, but I’m not sure it will be one of these players generating it. Murphy is too linear and not flexible enough for their end positions, while most of the others are hybrids or undersized. Smith has been one of the best pass rushers in the SEC the last two seasons and the Patriots value productivity. On top of that Smith gets high marks from coaches and scouts about his character.

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    Man, I can't wait to see how Donald does. I think he steals the show and Mike Mayock asks for his hand in marriage.
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    Keeping my eye on JJ Wyatt Jr aka Trent Murphy just because of the love fest CowboysZone has with him because I feel the exact way this article states

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