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#241 - 7th Round - Atlanta Darrell Shropshire DT South Carolina

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Falcons select...Darrell Shropshire DT South Carolina
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    Strengths: Has adequate-to-good overall size and has impressive speed and athletic ability for his size. Shows lots of upside because of his size/strength/speed/agility combination. Has good initial quickness. Can be difficult to move when he establishes position and plays with leverage. Has a thick build and a solid base. Has versatility as a prospect with the physical tools and potential to hold his ground as a two-gap DT or penetrate in a one-gap scheme. Is durable and has very good stamina for a big guy.

    Weaknesses: Is still too unpolished. Needs to improve his hands and ability to disengage. Has great upside but isn't close to reaching it yet. Doesn't make enough plays in pursuit. Needs to do a better job of getting off of blocks and finding the football. Needs to improve his array of pass rush moves. Doesn't get enough penetration as a pass rusher.

    Overall: Shropshire was a junior college transfer that transferred to South Carolina in 2003 and wound up starting all 12 games that season. He finished with 35 total tackles and four tackles for loss but zero sacks. He maintained his fulltime starting role as a senior in 2004 and finished with 28 tackles, 4.5 TFL and two sacks. Shropshire improved as a senior and showed even more upside than anticipated with an impressive combine workout. He is still an unpolished prospect that will need time and coaching in order to reach his full potential in the NFL. He gets tied up too much at the POA and needs to improve his ability to disengage in order to become a bigger playmaker. However, because he has such an impressive combination of size, speed, agility and upper body power, there are bound to be some teams willing to gamble on his upside late on Day 1.

    * Player biographies are provided by Scouts Inc.

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