25 Years Ago Today

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Apr 20, 2014.

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    7-5 and a Pro Bowl would get him booed out of the building today. It's not even comical that you'd try and make it seem any other way. It's been proven many times over here in the last 4-5 years. Thank God NFL owners and coaches pay no attention to fans who think they know everything on message boards.

    It only 'doesn't fly' because everyone here has the benefit of seeing the entire picture. If you only saw the picture of his first 3 years then tons of fans today would roast him and have him run out of here in lightening fast speed.
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    Because Cowboy fans were so tolerant of losing back then? My God we gave Quincy Friggin' Carter three seasons, pretty sure they weren't gonna run Aikman out on a rail after one, these days or those days. And it didn't sound like a game of Duck Hunt every time Aikman threw...
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    Please...that's just silly and not anywhere near the truth. Everyone saw what he meant to the team when Babe came in and blew a chance at the playoffs a year earlier. What's comical is people trying to compare wasted draft picks with what we saw in the 90's with players like Aikman which is absurd. By year 3, the guy was the franchise.

    Just say you want to give player "X" another year but don't compare him to players whose circumstances were totally different on a team that was contending for the playoffs. And it's even more absurd that people have to dig back almost 25 years ago and point to something that happened back then as proof to what can happen today. The NFL today is watered down and geared towards draft picks (especially high picks) making an immediate impact. You don't pick a player #6 overall after a trade to move up and hope he gives you something 3 years later.
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    But he had a coach who had steadily better records every year until we won it all. We now have an annual 8-8 coach who can't manage a game / clock.
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    We will agree to disagree. I've seen it year after year with Romo during this era. He does all he can to win, he's had this team with winning records and records similiar to what we're talking about right now, and people hate him and piss all over him and he's NEVER thrown more INT's than TDs. Ever.

    So, yeah, I do believe Aikman would be booed right out of the building.

    Hell the fans turned on him and booed him out of the building AFTER he was the QB that led his team to 3 Superbowl titles and 4 NFC Championships.
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    He had a better coach i agree with that but I don't think theres a coach coaching that doesn't make decisions that look bad in games that are lost and sometimes won but it get's forgotten when you get to the playoffs. Same rule applies to players. Maybe the team has been suckin so long fans have become used to watching to the things that prove the Cowboys suck.
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    All our troubles seemed so far away.
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    I remember watching that game too knowing that he would be a Cowboy. Although, I was worried prior to that game and the preceding weeks because the Cowboys needed the Packers to beat the Arizona/Phoenix Cardinals to secure the top spot in the draft. And the Packers - who were equally awful did.

    My, how NFL history could have been rewritten if the Packers had the top pick. They would have picked Aikman and we likely would have picked Tony Mandarich, who Jimmy Johnson loved.

    Would we go on to win three Super Bowls or what that have been the Packers?

    Does Brett Favre remain in Atlanta, wasting his talent?

    I wish I had a crystal ball that peered into alternate realities to see what would have happened. Fortunately for us, it worked out fine.
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    All our troubles seemed so far away, yesterday !
  10. dallasdave

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    Yesterday, we had Jimmy Johnson rebuilding the worst team in the league, and hope was on the horizon.
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    Good post !
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    Now it looks as though they're here to stay :(
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    You guys owe Lennon/McCartney $5.50 for using their song in your post.

    Oh wait Michael Jackson purchased that catalog.

    Oh wait sadly he's gone.

    Oh just pay Katherine Jackson & get it over with.
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    Thank goodness the Cowboys ended up with the #1 pick in the draft after the Packers went out and won a meaningless game against the Cardinals in the last game of the 1988 season -- the Cowboys then moving up to the #1 spot.

    Had it gone the other way, the Cowboys would have ended up with Mandarich:



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