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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jterrell, Mar 17, 2012.

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    About a month ago I posted a full off-season plan.
    The Cowboys did target 1 big-ticket item but had I had Finnegan and they went Carr. No complaints here as I think Carr is probably a better pure cover guy. They also took the back up QB I chose in Orton.

    But they let pretty much all their own FAs walk and that surprised me.
    They also franchised Spencer which I wouldn't have done.

    Anyways end of the day the moves they made don't surprise me at all and outside Vickers upgrade over Fiametta didn't catch me unaware. I knew the OL market was deep but just didn't know they were so ready to move on from the vets that were here. I probably seriously underestimated the Callahan influence in this area.

    My draft suggestions from that day however hold.
    I think we need front 7 help and moving down to 18-20 makes sense. We would jump all over a falling pass rusher we liked but that happens about once every decade so would plan for the short trip down towards 20.


    14: Unless unexpected value falls to us trade down to 18-20 area. Swap our 3rd for the team's 2nd.

    Say we end up with picks 20, 52 but give up 82.

    20: Nick Perry OLB USC. Young guy who can play in both a 3-4 and 4-3. Much like Tyron will only get better with experience. Elite upside.

    **Like many here I see some of Spencer in Perry. That doesn't bother me one bit. Spencer isn't worth 9 mil a year to be sure but if you can get in a replacement at the same talent level who may well achieve more of what Spencer flashed at 1.5-2 mil a year cap hit I'll gladly take it.

    45: Ben Jones OC Georgia. Walk in starter.

    **OC to me is a huge hole. Nagy may be able to slide over and address that and Bernadeau may also add improvement here but end of the day to me the value in the 40-50 area of this draft is interior OL.

    52: Brandon Boykin CB Georgia. Other Bulldog adds much needed depth and provides great value.

    **Tough CB who is only knocked for being a bit small. Plays better than he tests apparently but value in getting guys that played well on tape in this area of the draft.

    r4: Jairius Wright WR ARK. Dallas adds fastest draftable WR left on the board. Ogletree replacement.

    **I'd be fine with Joe Adams here as well. Both ARK WRs are interesting in this range. They have legit NFL speed and have run tons of collegiate routes versus top notch CBs so know how to get open versus quality DBs.

    r5: Derek Wolfe DT Cincy. Added depth up front.

    **Dallas needs to add 1 guy each year to that defensive front 3. We can't overpay guys who are 1 dimensional forever.

    r6: Brad Smelley FB Bama. One of few programs who use a legit blocking back. Will also help on special teams as key blocker.

    **Only player I'd be tempted to change after free agency but I love the value so keep it as is. Would have to be a good special teamer or goes to the practice squad. We need a 2nd FB around in case Vickers gets injured.

    r6c: Kyle Martens Punter Rice. McBriar probably out due to injury.

    ** nothing new here. picking this late just grabbing a guy who can battle with Jones if McBriar can't get back 100%.

    r7: Najee Good ILB WVA. Depth ILB.

    ** Even with Connor in house not a bad use of a 7th rounder selection. We need some special teamers who will pop you and Good does that.
  2. CCBoy

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    I had no problems with the logics in your draft. I am on the trade down side, myself...as there is enough in the top two and a half rounds to warrant an extra pick for this team. I liked the targeted players up top, for both the defensive and offensive lines. Big ugglies are a favorite of this old linebacker.
  3. Smith22

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    I'm not quite sure if Perry fits our system. Word around the league is he looks a bit stiff to play Lb'er and he came out and said he would prefer playing in a 3-4.

    I like both your picks in rounds 2-5.
  4. Woods

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    I think the trade down idea makes sense, even with what we've done in FA.

    What's your opinion on what we do at TE? I think Garrett is going to have 3 on the roster.

    Ideally, we could get either the WR or TE in FA (unfortunately Davis fell through), because I think we need 1 more of each.

    It may be easier getting the WR in FA with guys like Doucet and J Simpson (and maybe S Moss is cut).

    On the other hand, in your trade down scenario, if we go from 14 to around 20, maybe we can possibly land a 2nd round outright with a bit of luck - or at worst a 3rd rounder outright. That would enable us to land both the WR and TE prospect.
  5. Oh_Canada

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    Perry did look a little stiff to play olb in the Cowboys system...but I too understand the logic. If Mercilus was there I would much rather go with him....but it seems his stock is on the rise.

    Jones would be a nice pick, as it seems as though Konz will not fall past the Packers....if he does I bet he is available in the second round.

    Boykin and Wolfe good picks. Would have liked to have seen another WR now that they lost Robinson.
  6. RS12

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    Too early on Jones.
  7. Sam I Am

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    Perry reminds me more of Greg Ellis than Anthony Spencer. I like Perry.

    btw, I don't think Perry looks stiff. I think it's the fact that he is 270lbs. He looks just like Greg Ellis did when he converted to OLB at 270lbs.
  8. CCBoy

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    I like his size...he's hard to handle.
  9. jterrell

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    I am guessing we add a TE as you mention but it may be a UDFA or late cut from another team. I think we checked the landscape and do not see an upgrade from Philips out there currently. We liked Kellen and we kicked the tires on a Bennett return but value was in just going thinner at TE.

    With Vickers we probably see less 2 TE sets now. I think we'll try to emulate that Houston offense of last year.

    If Jeff Fuller fell fairly far I'd consider him as a developmental TE. He is simply not a good enough athlete to play WR but could become that pass catching tweener type TE. And he really blocked well as a WR.
  10. jterrell

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    All the guys I took are valued a bit below where I selected.
    I wanted to avoid the normal mock selection of a guy rated 5-7 spots higher than where we draft.

    Ben Jones is generally regarded the 2nd best OC in this class. I have no idea if Dallas feels that way too but I do suspect Konz (who I would have preferred to choose) is gone by 45. I like Jones' size and his level of college competition. Reminds me a fair amount of Stephen Peterman who we probably should have kept and developed.
  11. CowboyFan74

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    Great insight. Only thing I would change is adding a guard and a nt in rounds 3-4...
  12. BigMac

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    Good job overall.
    In the case, for whatever reason, we'll pass on De Castro in the first I'd like Zeitler at 45.
  13. Smith22

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    I meant to say 4-3.
  14. Canadian BoyzFan

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    No its not.
  15. jterrell

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    various notes:
    We play enough 4-3 that 3-4 or 4-3 doesn't matter to me.
    Perry would be a nickel pass rusher next year and that's a 4-3 job. Ware has played both sides of the DL and can handle all the roles quite easily.

    I would have no issue at all with Whitney in this spot but wanted to be as realistic as possible. That's also why I didn't simply mock Ingram to us at 14.

    I don't think anyone can reliably get decent NT outside r1. And I'd hate to use a r3 pick on a guy who couldn't even make the team. NT is really hard to find.

    I would like Zeitler just fine at 45 instead of Jones. That to me a is a toss up choice. I tend to favor guys who make line calls if all else seems equal. But once I get an interior guy at 45 I don't want another. I am not trying to cut Arkin or Nagy next year and we can only carry so many bodies.

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