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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by AustnIsMySaviour, Jan 27, 2010.

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    I know its more then likely not going to happen but I'm going to say Dallas trades Barber and Crayton to KC for there 3rd and 4th round picks. KC is in need for a Power back and a Slot Receiver..

    1) Vladimir Ducasse - I know this can be seen as a bit as a reach,and im probably going to take some heat for it, but as much was I want Iupati, he's really impressed this week and I highly doubt he's there at 27. Ducasse has potential to replace Kosier day one and can be groomed to play LT in the future. He's also a mauler and Cowboys love big O linemen. LT isn't an immediate need especially after the emergence of Free.

    2) Patrick Robinson - Wouldn't be a starter day one, but fits the Nickel role perfectly and would eventually be groomed to take over for Newman. Robinson and Jenkins would be a nightmare for teams in the future. I was really contemplating safety here. I think Burnett, Allen aren't good value in the 1st and will be gone by the time we pick in the 2nd so I went with the best corner available instead.

    3a) Arthur Jones - Capable of starting in the 5 technique if Spears doesn't resign. Even if spears does resign I think you can never have enough D-Lineman and he could be a situational pass rusher. Eventually can be groomed to be the starter

    3b) Jacoby Ford - Was really torn between him and McCluster. In the end I think Ford has a better role in the Dallas O and is more then capable of replacing Crayton in the slot. A threat to score whenever he touches the ball, and could answer the ST questions.

    4a) Akwasi Owusu Ansah - I think I spelt his name wrong, played corner but I think Dallas will convert him to FS, which he is more then capable of doing. Would be a replacement over Hamlin. Good center fielder, great instincts, and is HUGE upgrade in ST. Him and Ford would be great in ST. I was thinking Robert Johnson here, but Owusu ST value wins jerry over.

    4b) Jared Veldheer - Might be gone by the time we pick, but has great size and if Free doesnt work out at LT heres the guy. Could also play RT.

    6) Lagerrete Blount - Would be a perfect replacement for Barber. He's also a FB tweener and could be our Goaline/short yardage back.

    7) Leigh Tiffin - Don't think this needs an explanation..

    What do you guys think ?

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    :laugh2: God, I love the offseason! :laugh2:
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    Can someone move this over to the draft zone ? I just realized I posted it in the Fan zone.

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