2nd round targets (opinion)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ABQcowboyJR, Apr 26, 2013.

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    I have been thinking for a little while that Alex Okafor and Justin Hunter have been the targets for us in the second round. I would be thrilled with either pick. Who is everyone else thinking we will target?
  2. RS12

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    Armstead, Short, Winters, Wheaton, Allen
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    In a perfect world we walk away with a safety, DT, and o-lineman in the next 3 rounds.

    S- Cyprien, Phillip Thomas, DJ Swearinger
    DT- Jessie Williams, Hankins, Short, Brandon Williams, Bennie Logan
    OL- Brian Winters, Dallas Thomas, Larry Warford, Menelik Watson, Terron Armstead

    If we could get 3 out of that group I'd be very happy and start to get on with the grieving process of passing on Shariff Floyd.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    DT Kawann Short, Purdue (FRX: #39 overall prospect, $979)

    While Alabama’s Jesse Williams could also be an option due to his experience playing under Nick Saban, Kawann Short is more deserving of a first-round pick. At 6’3” and 299 pounds, he possesses an ideal frame for a three-technique defensive tackle, but could also add additional weight and play nose tackle if needed. A two-time team captain, Short is a disruptive pass rusher who can control blockers and split double teams. Purdue also used Short as a defensive end, and even as a rusher out of a two-point stance.
  6. CATCH17

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    It would be nice if we could land Cyprien, Logan, and Winters but all 3 could go in the 2nd.

    I say we just keep trying to bolster this line and go with Winters.
  7. TheCount

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    Can you guys give me some info on Logan? Heard a lot about him, and we brought him in so obviously interested, but from the little I've seen, I wasn't exactly overwhelmed.
  8. dart

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    S- Cyprien, Thomas

    DT- Jessie Williams, Short, Bennie Logan

    no O line until the third or fourth
  9. TheCount

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    Broddus said today or yesterday that Williams has a knee issue, which I hadn't heard of previously.
  10. tm1119

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    He's not the sexy or flashy pick, but he would make a good 1 tech. Strong, long armed guy who will eat up blocks and play well against the run. Definitely a 3rd round guy though. Wouldn't touch him in the 2nd.
  11. morasp

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    He sounds like the RKOG type.


    STRENGTHS: Possesses a stout frame, thick lower-half and long, strong arms. Flashes a quick burst off the snap to slip through gaps. Possesses good upper-body strength, demonstrating the functional strength to bull-rush guards and centers deep into the pocket before ripping himself free to pursue the quarterback. Flashes the explosive upper-body strength to shed blocks quickly and latch onto backs as they attempt to run past. Occasionally will use an arm-over swim move with some effectiveness. Good lateral agility to "play the keys" and pursue down the line of scrimmage. Good hustle laterally and even for up to 10 yards downfield, earning the right to wear No. 18.

    WEAKNESSES: Didn't take the step in his development in 2012 that scouts had hoped to see from him. Doesn't use his swim move often enough, simply resorting to his bull-rush, which decreases in effectiveness as he tires and loses his pad level. Gets caught up in the hand to hand combat at the line of scrimmage and loses track of the ball.

    Plays with a high-motor but too often relies on his effort to make plays when his initial burst or push doesn't work, showing few complementary moves for a player with his experience. Frequently is substituted as part of LSU's rotation, which raises concerns about his readiness to play consistent snaps against even better competition in the NFL.

    Compares to: Brodrick Bunkley, DT, New Orleans Saints -- Just as it was for Bunkley when leaving Florida State seven years ago, the talent is in Logan to develop into a legitimate NFL starter and perhaps even turn into a standout. To do so, however, he'll need to develop a greater array of pass rush moves. Otherwise, his strength and effort should be enough to help him carve out a niche as a solid run-stuffing presence in the middle.


  12. CATCH17

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    Just a defensive tackle that looks like he has enough athletic ability to have some upside and be a little more than just a run stuffer.

    If someone develops his technique he could be an all around D Tackle.
  13. Rogerthat12

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    Cyprien will probably go to the Bengals way before we draft!:eek:
  14. Tezz

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    I'll throw Travis Kelce in the equation as well
  15. MonsterD

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    BENNIE LOGAN | LSU 6020|309 lbs|4JR Coushatta, LA (Red River HS) 12/28/1989 (age 23) #18

    PROJECTION: 3rd Round

    MEASUREABLES: 6020 | 309 | 34” | 10 1-4" | 81 1-2”
    COMBINE: 30 REPS | 25” V | 8-8 BJ | 7.53 3C | 4.67 SS

    STRENGTHS: Fluid athlete for his size and carries his weight well with natural lateral motion…fast off the snap and attacks gaps as blockers struggle to slow his momentum…will anchor at the POA and show consistent leverage…aggressive hands to fight his way into the backfield…good arm length to extend, meet blockers with a jolt and wrap ballcarriers…has worked hard in the weight room, playing with the functional strength needed…motivated hard worker…25 career SEC starts.

    WEAKNESSES: Has worked hard to add bulk, but has room to get stronger…awareness and anticipation need developed to better sniff out plays and consistently find the ball…needs to improve his hand placement and technique to shed quicker and control blockers…needs to play with better balance and not overextend…was part of a heavy DL rotation, allowing him to stay fresh…plays a little tight and not an elite start/stop COD type of player…limited pass rush moves (5.0 career sacks).

    SUMMARY: Wasn’t a top recruit and had to earn his playing time, starting
    25 games the past two seasons…not overly explosive, but shows quick feet and looks natural moving in any direction…high football aptitude and a motivated attitude, working to improve on the practice field and in the film room…quick, active hands, but needs to improve his placement and develop his technique…doesn’t have a high NFL ceiling, but a good fit as a starting 3- or 1- tech in a four-man front.
  16. ghst187

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    I'm actually generally opposed to UT players in the pros because most of them don't do that well in the pros but I like Okafor a lot. I saw a lot of him this past season and seems he's very disruptive, always in the backfield, and think he had 12.5 sacks....no small number for college.
    See mock below, but I'd love to get Stedman Bailey, Okafor, Bennie Logan, and Phillip Thomas but I'm guessing the way things are going all four will be long gone by start of round 3. If we do get Okafor, we still need Logan and Thomas pretty badly so I'm guessing we'll be targeting Thomas and Logan in round 2 although I'm sure Okafor will not be available rd3.
  17. Tezz

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    arghhh I got the wrong TE!!

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