3:10 to Yuma

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by joseephuss, Sep 28, 2007.

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    I saw this movie last weekend. I liked it. Bale and Crowe did good jobs. It helps that I like both actors. It isn't great or anything like that, but it was enjoyable. I vaguely remember seeing the original at some point in my life, but very little about it. Anyway there are very few westerns made anymore and I thought I would recommend this one. Even if you don't catch it at the theater, rent it when the DVD is released.
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    Agreed. Good but not great. It was entertaining. Waiting for The Assassination of Jesse James... to come to a local theater.

    Another one I strongly recommend seeing is Stardust. If you liked The Princess Bride (and who doesn't?) you'll like this.
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    I was just debating on whether or not to go see it this weekend. I love westerns but havent seen a good one made in quite some time. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I liked it but thought the ending was over the top and not that believable. Up until the ending though, I thought it was great.
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    It is kind of funny.

    I guess when I was growing up movies and TVs were saturated with western shows and movies.

    More shows at the time than movies.

    Just kind of overkill for me.

    For years there were only a handful of western movies I would care to watch (Wayne and Clint) almost never watched the western shows.

    Now that they are not as saturated like back in the day I find myself watching some Gunsmoke, loved watching Deadwood on HBO, and the last few western movies that have came out I have really enjoyed.

    The last few clint westerns and I also liked Open Range.

    I think western movies are getting primed for a comeback. I only hope they learn their lesson not to over saturate the market with sub par movies which in turn would ruin the chances of good movies getting green lit.

    I don't go to movies anymore, long story, but I do buy DVDs and catch the movies on the movie channels.

    This one I will probably wait and catch on HBO before I consider buying it.

    Hmm...this thread has made me think I may just have to watch Little Big man this weekend. Been awhile since I have watched it.:D

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