3 of Seattle's top 4 CBs all likely OUT...

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    TAMPA, Fla. — Winning, and gaining that highly sought-after momentum for the playoffs, came at a steep price for the Seahawks on Sunday as they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23-7.

    Seattle, which will open the playoffs with a wild-card game against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday at 5 p.m. at Qwest Field, will likely be without three of their top four cornerbacks after Kelly Herndon and reserve cornerback Jimmy Williams joined Marcus Trufant on the sideline with leg injuries.

    The injuries took some luster off a game the Seahawks won convincingly and expectedly, casting aside the listless Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck put it all together for his best game in his past three starts, completing 17 of 29 passes for 216 yards and a touchdown.

    Hasselbeck wasn't alone.

    Shaun Alexander rushed for 92 yards and a score. D.J. Hackett came up big once again with four catches — one for a touchdown — and tight end Jerramy Stevens shone with four catches for 54 yards. The difference in the game, Hasselbeck said afterward, was the Seahawks' final drive of the third quarter that extended into the fourth: A 14-play, 65-yard drive for a field goal that saw the Seahawks run the ball 10 times and run 8 minutes, 12 seconds off the game clock.

    Defensively, Lofa Tatupu led a unit that gave up a few big plays but made more than it allowed in shutting out the Bucs in the second half. The group gave up just 15 rushing yards in the second half.

    But there was a major downside to it all. The Seahawks (9-7) are facing the possibility of not having either of their starting cornerbacks because of injury when they play the Cowboys in the NFC wild-card round.

    In fact, Seattle will almost certainly be without three of their top four cornerbacks on the depth chart. Marcus Trufant, a starter, won't play Saturday unless his high right ankle sprain miraculously heals. He missed Sunday's game.

    During the game, the Seahawks lost starting left cornerback Kelly Herndon to a broken left ankle near the end of the first quarter.

    The injury looked ugly on replay, as Bucs receiver Joey Galloway and Herndon went up for what was a 44-yard catch for Galloway. Herndon landed awkwardly on his ankle and it bent inward as he tumbled to the grass.

    Herndon had to be helped off the field and was later carted to the locker room for X-rays. He left the stadium on crutches and needed another cart to get to the team bus after the game.

    That left the Seahawks with rookie Kelly Jennings and seldom-used reserve Jimmy Williams at cornerback. Both had been situational and special-teams players this season.

    The exuberant Williams recovered a fumble in the third quarter that set up a Seahawks field goal and 20-7 lead, and spiked the ball as he ran off the field. But he needed help to leave the field early in the fourth quarter. After a pass play, on which Williams wasn't in on the tackle, Williams remained on the ground and had to be helped off.

    He, too, was taken to the locker room. Williams is scheduled to undergo an MRI to determine the exact nature of his injury.

    Jordan Babineaux, a nickel cornerback in 2005 who started eight games at safety this season, stepped in and played cornerback. It appears it will be Babineaux and Jennings against the Cowboys' arsenal of receivers Saturday.

    That's Terrell Owens, a Qwest Field arch-enemy for his Sharpie incident in 2002; speedy Terry Glenn and the dangerous Patrick Crayton.

    "If you ask for volunteers, there's not a lot of guys left in that section of the plane," Holmgren said when asked if he anticipates having to go with Jennings and Babineaux. "We have those guys, and we're working on maybe bringing a couple of guys in, but at this stage of the season it's difficult. You just do what you have to do."

    The Seahawks signed cornerback Rich Gardner last week for depth, though he didn't play Sunday. They also have Gerard Ross on the practice squad as an option. As of Sunday night, that was it as far as possible reserves on hand.

    "Knowing our situation, that we're short-handed, it's to the wall now," Babineaux said. "It's lights-out now. We don't have a choice. It's win or go home."

    Jennings made his first career start against Tampa Bay and held his own in coverage, never being burned for a big gain.

    "It's kind of what I was brought in for, and I just have to step up and play now," Jennings said. "[Starting] helped me prepare for what's at stake."

    The win over the Buccaneers meant nothing as far as playoff positioning. Holmgren chose not to rest his starters, preferring that the Seahawks' regulars play it out for the win even though he did rest Alexander in the final minutes.

    The Seahawks had hoped to get out of Florida injury-free with a positive, confidence-boosting win to end the regular season.

    One out of two happened.

    "There's something about 9-7 being a lot better than 8-8, even though it's just one game," Holmgren said. "Now we start our new season."


    Sorry to interrupt the doom and gloom here after a loss (ANY loss)... but I believe we still have a PLAYOFF game to worry about, so I thought some of you may be interested to know about the Seahawks' injuries.
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    And we would be wise to exploit this almost every down.

    In all honesty, I'm worried about our defense more than our offense.
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    WOW - we need to attack with a vengeance.
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    Unfortunately, our entire secondary will be playing.
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    As you should be. They are in regression.
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    I wonder if our OL can stop the rush long enough to exploit this. I have no confidence they can and we will need a ton of points to win.
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    To have a chance........We will need to score on every posession because, rest assured, they will.
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    And our entire linebacker corps.

    We don't stand a chance. :)
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    not having their CB's would normally be a great thing...but our OL cant block worth a crap now and Seattle CAN rush the passer

    further, the bad weather may negate some of the passing game anyway

    we cant run a lick, we also cant stop the run

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    well bledsoe made a all pro out of babineux last year so we ll see
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    yet we still have brilliant posters here who want to bench Romo and start Bledsoe again :lmao2:
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    We have been one of the most healthiest teams in the NFL. Throughout the course of the season, we have been playing teams that have been decimated by injury and we still either barely won or lost.

    So the Seahawks being injury riddled is just par for the course and I wouldnt be surprised if our often inept coaching staff did the complete opposite of what they obviously should do.

    - Mike G.
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    Ware should not included in our LB 's ;)
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    This post has so much truth in it that it scares me.

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    Seahawks Dinged: Holmgren Sacrifices Team's Health for...Win Read this article...I didn't realize how banged up Seattle's secondary is... I said it before I knew this, but we can beat Seattle if our defense shows up even a little bit. Seattle is the team that you want to play in the weak NFC........

    TAMPA -- Seattle's game against Tampa Bay was nearly impossible to watch, and this has nothing to do with the NFL Network. It was difficult to watch, at least if you were a Seattle fan, because you had both hands over your face, peeking through your fingers as quarterback Matt Hasselbeck played all 60 minutes of a meaningless game and franchise tailback Shaun Alexander carried 28 times in a meaningless game and Mike Holmgren coached like he wanted to win this meaningless game more than he wants to win the next one.

    And the next one is in the playoffs.

    As it turns out, the Seahawks' 23-7 victory against the Buccaneers didn't mean nothing. It might have meant everything. And not in a good way.

    Seattle fans, put those hands back over your face and practice peeking through your fingers. That position will come in handy next week when the Seahawks' depleted secondary tries to handle Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn and the Cowboys in the playoff opener.

    The Seahawks, who entered Sunday down to one healthy starting cornerback, now are down to none after Kelly Herndon suffered a broken ankle against the Bucs. He won't play again until next season. Neither, most likely, will his replacement, Jimmy Williams, who suffered a potentially serious knee injury Sunday. Or Marcus Trufant, who on Sunday missed his first of likely several weeks with a high ankle sprain.

    How will Holmgren replace those players between today and Sunday?

    "I don't know," he said.


    On the positive side ... sorry, there is no positive side. Not unless you're a Seattle fan and you put much stock into momentum. If you believe that -- beating a 4-12 Tampa Bay team to end a three-game losing streak -- the Seahawks now have momentum entering the playoffs. Last season Seattle lost its final game of the regular season and went to the Super Bowl. There is no momentum in the NFL. There's only next week's game.

    For Seattle, next week's game against Dallas quarterback Tony Romo will be played without three of its top four cornerbacks. It could be worse, which is about the only positive spin you'll get from me concerning this mighty big win on Sunday. It could be worse.

    In the fourth quarter, with less than six minutes to play and his team leading by 16 points, Holmgren had Hasselbeck run a sneak into 3,000 pounds of angry humanity. Hasselbeck's backup is Seneca Wallace, coming soon to an Arena League team near you, but Holmgren still called Hasselbeck's number on that late fourth-down sneak.

    You could say Holmgren was wise not to run Alexander again, but you'd be incorrect. On the next play Holmgren had Hasselbeck hand the ball for the 28th time to Alexander, who missed six games earlier this season with a broken bone in his left foot. On one of his 28 carries, Alexander was speared in the back by 273-pound Bucs defensive end Dewayne White, dislodging the ball but fortunately not Alexander's shoulder. On another carry he was tackled high and low, going down awkwardly. On another he slipped to the ground, his legs nearly doing the splits. Oh, and on most of the other 25 carries? He was leveled by one or more professional football players who don't care if he's healthy for Dallas or not.

    Still, Hasselbeck and Alexander survived. But Herndon and Williams did not. Holmgren got his win, which got the Seahawks to 9-7, but he lost his last healthy starting cornerback and one of his two reserves at that same position. Good trade? Sure. Kind of like Ricky Williams for the Saints' entire 1999 draft board.

    Holmgren, to his credit, was as resolutely clueless after the game as he was during it.

    "If you're going into your final game ... and you're not resting your players, it's important that you win the game," he said. "There's something about 9-7 being a lot better than 8-8."

    On Holmgren's resume, sure. The Seahawks entered this season among the favorites to win the Super Bowl after going 13-3 a year ago and reaching the Super Bowl. Had Seattle taken those massive expectations and dipped all the way to .500, then lost its first playoff game to fall to 8-9, it could have been argued that Holmgren had failed and that new leadership might be in order. But like the man said, there's something about being 9-7. It sure is a lot better than 8-8.

    Still, someone had to ask Holmgren why he would play his quarterback and his tailback so deep into a game that (A) already had seen him lose two defensive regulars, (B) didn't matter in the first place and (C) was won anyway. That somebody was me.

    Holmgren, bless him, gave me a quote that is being used criminally low in this story. I should lead with this sucker, not end with it. Holmgren's bosses in Seattle -- does he have bosses in Seattle? -- should read his words and reassess their position on their head coach.

    OK, enough with the build-up. Here's what Holmgren said when I asked him about the risk of injury to Hasselbeck and Alexander:

    "To be honest without you, when I'm involved in the game, I'm not thinking about that," he said. "I don't worry about injuries."

    How cavalier. How bold.

    How season-endingly stupid.

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    sorry, repost, didnt see it
  17. Sarge

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    Ware should never again friggin drop back into coverage. This stupid friggin' coaching staff complains of no friggin' pass rush and they send friggin Charles Haley junior into coverage.

    Frig Parcells.

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    yeah, been saying it since we got him...we drafted him to go get QB's, and he spends way too much time split out on offensive players running pass patterns

    the same stupid, flawed "scheme" applies to our CB's...why did we spend a premium draft pick on Newman and all that money on Henry, only to see safeties and nickel CB's end up on the other teams best WR's PLAY AFTER PLAY AFTER PLAY, especially when the games are on the line or there are key plays at some point during a game.

    terrible coaching...just terrible

  19. Sarge

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    ....and there ya have it...........
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    Agreed. Detroit had 16 players on IR, but that didn't stop them. Why should Seattle be any different?

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