3 years, 3 Play Callers and 3 DCs

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Aven8

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    Then why can't he change that? Is he too scared to lose his job, or ruffle Jerry's feathers? I'm tired of the experiments and wimps as coaches.
  2. Risen Star

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    Yes. It's about time the employee puts his foot down and pulls rank on the employer.
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    I agree 100%, but atleast now Dallas has two people calling plays that have had success in the past couple yrs. I really belive Marinelli can build something and get more out of the DEF, demanding more. Its clear the DL got the msg from Marinelli, do your job or get cut. Linehan is just a better playcaller then JG plain and simple. Its a strange way of doing things, but looking at ut it looks like an improvement.
  4. trueblue1687

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    I see it just the opposite, but understand why you might say that as well.

    With several players in the twilight of their careers, this roster will probably look very different in a year or two. To me, I would choose to play out Garrett, as well as the roster of vets likely to move on, then hire a new coach and "rebuild". One could make the leap that rebuilding is already under way if Ware and Hatcher move on and Austin is finally shown the door (hopefully). One thing for certain: I wouldn't expect Jerry to ever say the Cowboys are rebuilding, whether they are or aren't. Cutting against your premise that Jerry is hanging on to Garrett by excuse is the fact that Garrett as of yet has not been extended. I think reality has slapped Jerry over Garrett. Not sure where you get the "talent just fine" point, but the roster turns over frequently except for the "marquee" players.

    My belief is that this team is going to be blown up within two seasons...maybe sooner. You'll see veterans be the likes of Dez, Lee and maybe Murray. I'd bet we see a new QB in groom within two years as well.

    I DO agree that Jerry is grasping for straws in one respect though: that's to remain relevant as a team and keep his brand at the top. It won't be with Garrett though.
  5. Denim Chicken

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    Third time's the charm?
  6. JackWagon

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    Everyone wants lombardi and lombardi would have never accepted the job from jones in the first place.
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  7. WV Cowboy

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    Not this fan.
  8. Eddie

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    Unfortunately, we're just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Nothing will change. Iceberg is straight ahead.

    More years of mediocrity.
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  9. WV Cowboy

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    They finally broke me, ... I have no confidence that we will improve next season.

    I will be shocked if we do.
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  10. 17yearsandcounting

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    Isnt it obvious that the all the "process" involves is throwing crap at the wall and hoping something sticks?

    Opie has no idea what he is doing.
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  11. Idgit

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    Well, I'm convinced now. It somehow hadn't sunk in the 10,000 other times this unsupported insult-cum-argument has been used, but suddenly it's become clear. Thanks, 17yearsandcounting.
  12. OhSnap

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    Only one coordinator was fired last year and none fired this year so it's not like heads are rolling every year. If they have the luxury of hiring a qualified OC and DC to coach the lines like they did with Marinelli and Callahan theres nothing wrong with trying to tap into that and now they have another qualified person. It's unorthodox and looks unsettling but if these guy ego's are in check and they can all work together more power to em. If Escobar and Williams and Crawford and a couple more of the recently added guys can get on the field this yea with one or more rookies from this year they could benefit from all that experience. It's not what I would do but I'm not gonna say it won't work till I see it don't and I suspect most aren't gonna say it will work till they see it did work. What if they started rotating who's calling the plays on offense and defense? It could be very hard to game plan for.
  13. Chris in Arizona

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    You are missing the big picture. Sure we've gone through 3 OC's and DC's in 3 years but we have had the same stadium deejay for all 3 of those years. Most of the cage dancers are the same as well.

    That's what NFL football is about.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Agreed but... It's akin to a running back trying to move forward but all of his moves are lateral. In this scenario the running back gains little to no yardage. Same is happening here... Same has been happening here.

    Then comes end of season and running back is tackled for a loss.
  15. dreghorn2

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    Try not to be so condescending towards posters whose views don't follow the company line.

    In my opinion the Cowboys through their own actions, over a considerable period of time, have opened the floodgates to any criticism fans see fit to voice.

    You are always complaining about the constant whining, inappropriate threads with silly anti Cowboy biases, Jerry critiques etc.. What do you expect fans to talk about? Start your own threads if you are so disgusted with others.

    My God man you wouldn't agree the sky was blue in the daytime if Dallas released a press statement saying it was pink.

    You take a very derisive attitude to many posters with opinions different than yours, unfair when you have had more than your share of WTH posts on here through the years.

    Which is OK, we are just anonymous people on a forum, you make some posts that I find completely laughable, as I'm sure others find mine, but you shouldn't be called out as you do others.

    You are a prolific internet poster which means your opinion holds no more sway than, well.. anyone.
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  16. Kaiser

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    Have you ever seen a Ouija Board move with only one hand on the wooden pointer? I didn't think so...

    Kidding, I agree with your point but IMO the actual playcalling isn't at the top of the coaching priority list. I think developing the game plan and motivating the players higher on the list. When Ryan was DC he was great at specific calls but the team suffered because he was so disorganized. Not saying it isn't a problem, just that other things this staff do are bigger issues and those have generally been handled better.
  17. Beast_from_East

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    You are not going to be very popular with the Garrett fanboys (all 4 of them left) with talk like this..................LOL

    One of them actually tried to tell me yesterday that hiring 12 assistant coaches in the last 2 years is not a sign of a continuity problem...........seriously.
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  18. Beast_from_East

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    Well Jerry sure cant point to the scoreboard to justify Garrett's continued employment, so I guess he has to come up with something.

    Don't think too many fans are buying it, most think Garrett is a joke at this point anyways.
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  19. Beast_from_East

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    You seemed stressed there Idgit, getting a little hot under the collar with fellow posters I see.

    Understandable. Trying to defend a head coach that has never even posted a winning record gets harder year after year after year.
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  20. 50cent

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    Wrong!!! Pass happy offensive scheme that purposely neglects the run game sucks too, not just the play-calling! I love Dez running all of those 10 yard and under routes the majority of the time. That's a scheme thing and its hard to support.

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