3rd & Long: Rush 3, Drop 8, Soft Zone!??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by THEHEREAFTER, Nov 18, 2012.


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    First off.. gutty win. We needed it and the D buckled down for the most part in the second half.

    Look, I'm not claiming to know more than Rob Ryan but what's with this tendency on third and long? I understand mixing up coverages and looks based on down and distance but he really frustrates me by going to this look far too often imo. Am I the only one who sees this? We typically get picked apart far too often (see the first Ben Watson TD.. perhaps the second)

    Wasn't the idea behind bringing in a Carr, paying Scandrick and moving up for Clayborne.. to lock down in man allowing the front 7 to put pressure on the qb? Furthermore as good as we "can be" at times on D is it me or are we caught way to often not lined up properly/disorganized etc..

    Not necessarily griping here, I just expect so much more from our D. Thoughts?
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    I feel the same way. Third and long makes me nervous.

    We really play it safe against rookies. We hardly went after Russell Wilson. We seemed to play it soft against Foles. Today, we hardly blitzed against Weeden. I expect we'll see more of the same vs RGIII.

    I also noticed we were playing a lot of 43 in the second half.

    I really liked that look.
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    You know what's funny or sad is that when we are on 3rd down and blitz everyone it usually ends up in a incompletion. But when we drop everyone back in coverage it usually leads to a completion. The coaches have to see this.

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