4-2 now, day after thoughts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dbair1967, Oct 17, 2005.

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    I'm glad we came away with the win...it was a huge game...would have liked to see a better outcome because afterall, you force 4 turnovers, get 4 sacks and hold the other team to under a 100 yds offense (and all this at home) you kinda expect more than a shakey OT victory

    1) defense...great for basically 55 minutes, pretty awful after that save the two forced fumbles...giving up a TD in two plays with the game potentially on the line is pathetic...Mike Zimmer got WAY too conservative again, not just because he wouldnt call blitzes, but the coverages were WAY too passive after we stoned them playing aggressively for most of the game...we had guys playing 10-15-20 yds off the LOS...we have real potential on defense, but Zimmer has to figure out this end of the game mess...he's the worst defensive coordinator I have ever seen with a lead and game on the line

    2) more defense...Greg Ellis and LaRoi Glover were huge up front yesterday...Ellis ownded his guy (whoever that RT was) virtually all day...D Ware was doubled constantly, but when he wasnt he caused problems too...great game by our three CB's...RW is for whatever reason catching grief here, but he had a big game as well..forced a huge fumble on the goalline, also forced the int with pressure off the edge...I didnt see anyone get open on him when he was playing true man coverage...for some reason alot of the dolts on here blame him for every single completion the other team gets :rolleyes:

    3) OL, pathetic...they just get manhandled in run blocking...Al Johnson and Rivera were just terrible in run and pass blocking...Rivera's awful play caused an int (and probably lost a TD for us on that play)...Johnson got flagged for two or three penalties, although the one on the 2nd Witten TD I couldnt really see on the replay...looked like the Giants guy just literally ran over AJ...

    4) anyone else want to make ridiculous statements of how Tyson Thompson is better than Julius Jones? I cant believe people were arguing that Jones was the problem with the run game..well, what happened yesterday? Did Jones cause our other RB's to look bad with voodoo dolls or something?

    5) for those doing the chest pounding about this team today, be glad the Giants lost the OT toss...we'd be 3-3 otherwise...also look at the fact that while we struggled and nearly lost to the Giants, and did lose in pretty lame fashion to the Raiders...the Chargers blew out both those teams and ran all over both of them

    6) Drew Bledsoe...just awesome again...clearly the single biggest reason we're 4-2 IMO...having the best yr of hs career IMO as well....should have had one other TD (phantom holding call on Witten) and had Marco Rivera done anything to block his guy, might have had a 3rd on that ball that ended up being picked

    7) potential huge losses if Crayton and Adams are gone for the yr..if Adams misses time Tucker is gonna become a MAJOR liability up front, and our OL is already mediocre to average at best anyway...I know alot of people think Price is just gonna step right in and we wont miss a beat, but Crayton was a huge weapon in the nickel offense and has hands of freaking glue...alot of the plays he made the catch and got creamed on other WR's (like Price for instance) probably would have dropped or fumbled...

    8) pretty lousy officiating yesterday...still looking for this "holding" call on Witten's 2nd TD, wasnt it called on Al Johnson? I saw him being literally trampled by the opposing DL, but didnt see any holding...also amazing that the Giants werent flagged for a single holding call...I dont know how many times I saw Glover or Ware being pulled by their jerseys...dont know how it happens, but it sure seems like an inordinate amount of significant to big plays are wiped out by questionable penalties...still looking for the holding call on Adams at the end of the Redskins game on th 1st down play that would have allowed us to run out the clock...still wonder how the obvious holding call on Jansen on their first TD was ignored...we had a TD wiped out in the Raiders game too, and Julius Jones had a couple of good runs wiped out by phantom holding calls...

    9) adding insult to injury for Crayton...he made an awesome catch, paid the price by having his ankle broke and didnt even draw the flag he deserved...they just ignored the contact before the ball got there

    10) you'd think Parcells would have learned something about playing so conservatively from the Redskins and Raiders games, but NOOOOO...that was just HORRENDOUS play calling on that last regulation FG we kicked, and he was definitely playing for the FG all the way IMO...the Giants had like 9 guys on the LOS on that 1st down play, but instead of changing the call Bledsoe stayed with the run right up the middle...no gain or loss..3rd down screen pass was a terrible call as well, even if it werent tipped, the RB wasnt going to score anyway

    11) have to mention the hose job in San Antonio yesterday...what awful officiating in that game...not only the b/s defensive holding call on the game ending FG, but what most people didnt see was the even worse offensive PI at the end of the first half that took away a TD to Az Hakim...D Hall was all over the guy but Hakim caught it anyway for a TD, then the flag comes out WAY after the TD...not only did the Saints lose that TD, but the Falcons GAINED a TD because the blocked fg happened two plays later (and it should have never happened)...I'm sure there's some on here who will tell us how M Vick was the reason they won (since he started) but the guy played a HORRIBLE game...barely threw for 100 yds, didnt complete half his passes and watched with a stupid grin on the sideline as the officials bailed his team out with the bad calls

    12) I guess we should be glad we're 4-2, but there's no way this team wins in Seattle playing the way they did yesterday...and Seattle's on a major roll, even without BOTH starting WR's for each of the last two games they've scored 79 pts and totaled 900-1000 yds of offense

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    I'm still having nightmares over the play where we threw from the endzone on 3rd down and did not force the Giants to use their last TO. So many things could have gone wrong on that play.

    I think Roy had a good game, but i think if it were two years ago, he catches Skockey before he reaches the endzone. Diet time.lol

    Clearly; BP took over the play calling towards the end. Bad for us.
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    Good comments and points dbair1967. I always enjoy and agree with your post game analysis.

    One thing I would like to add is good play from Marion Barber. He ran hard. He got the ball alot on one drive, maybe Parcells was testing him, and he did well. He caught the ball well too I thought. His pass protection seemed ok and he should improve on that in time.
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    I can't feel too bad about this win. We should have crushed the Giants, but these things happen. How many times have we been on the beating end of a 3 point loss? Too many over these past few years.

    I'll take the win. Gives BP and the team focus against Seattle.

    The injuries are going to be serious. I'm worried about Adams. Crayton is going to hurt, but it gives us a chance to see Price in action. Something about a former 90+ reception WR at #3 pumps me up. Something to look forward to and something for Seattle to think about.

    Our D started to sputter when the Giants went into their No-Huddle. Didn't allow our D to set and make adjustments.

    I really do think we would have lost if we didn't win the coin toss as well. The Giants moved the ball pretty well they're last two drives.

    But it's over ... we have to face them again in Giants Stadium.

    I'm happy over the win, but I would have liked to have seen us play better on O. Should have been a blow out.

    No more threads on how "Without Julius, We'll Run Better". Reality is a harsh mistress.

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