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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TEXANS84, Aug 9, 2004.



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    E Pluribis McUnum!!! :D
  2. InParcellsWetrust

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    I still like Mchoke
  3. Overalls

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    McCowgirls, Mcover rated, McLosers still worried about a PRESEASON Mc :rolleyes: loss.
  4. Tio

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    Mc So desperate for attention that they must talk smack over a preseason game...
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    I wasn't sure I wanted to reply to this topic, but when any debate about the Cowboys and Texans comes up the Cowboy fans immediately use the 5 Superbowl rings card. You only had 44 years to get them. We're going on 3. If you want to bring up the history and laugh at us for not winning two games in a row then lets talk history.
    The Cowboys lost their first ever regular season game and it wasn't until A YEAR later that they got their first regular season win. It took the Cowboys 6 years to have a winning season.
    We already have better stats than that. You can't compare what the Cowboys have done against other teams to justify your position against the Texans any more than we can do the same. The only history that matters is the one between the Cowboys and Texans. That's a history that I'm sure Cowboy fans would want to forget.

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