5 Players we could draft played in the Auburn vs. Georgia game

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Champsheart, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Champsheart

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    Lets start with who we stay away from.
    1st Pollack. I have been saying since last year this is one of the most over-rated players in College Football in regards to draft status. He is a great hustler, and is a very good College player, but his skills will not transfer to the NFL level. Please Dallas, stay away from this guy in the first round.

    2nd Tommy Davis. We very well could be drafting a Saftey in the 2nd round. While many think he is the best Safety in the nation, and he is good, but not what we need. He seems to play to undisciplined, and lacks great coverage ability. Very good run support guy though. I would rather get a Saftey who is better in pass coverage.

    OK now the Prizes.
    1st Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams. Of course much depends on how Julius does when he comes back, but I have no doubt either one would help our Offense a great deal. I would not be disappointed if we drafted either one regardless how Julius does, but if JJ struggles one of these guys has to be a strong consideration.
    I have always been very high on Caddy, but I must say I am warming up to Ronnie, he is impressive.

    And finally Carlos Rogers. This kid just may be the 2nd best CB in College Football. I really started noticing him last year, and he just continues to impress when thrown at, which is not often. Plays aggressive against the run as well. If he ended up wearing the STAR I would not be disappointed at all. Not many talk about him when talking CB's in College football, but I do believe you will know who he is very quickly on the NFL level.
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    I would rather have a hustling overachieving pass rusher over a size/speed/weight room type who underachieves anyday.I think you're wrong about Pollack,and I would be thrilled to see the Cowboys draft him. You're saying Wiley,or any of these other scrubs are better?

    This team MUST draft a pass rusher with one #1 ,whether it be a DT or DE. Although I see no pass rushing DT's out there (Rod Wright hasn't done much this year.)
  3. Nors

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    Carlos Rogers
  4. Nors

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    I saw a TE one on one snuff him out. He's another project on Sundays. After Rogers we don't need 2nd round picks that are not good enough to play.
  5. dbair1967

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    as a UGA guy I obviously follow their players closely, and I dont think Pollack is going to be a good pro at DE..he doesnt have the size or closing speed to be a premier pass rusher, and he has fairly short arms...

    probably a roation guy who gives a great effort, but he isnt the 2nd coming of Harvey Martin or Bruce Smith

  6. Nors

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    TE - He on one play nailed Pollack blocking and then made an athletic TD catch. He caught my eye. Was in and out watching the first half.
  7. Champsheart

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    Nope this has nothing to do with Wiley. I want a great pass rusher as well, but that does not mean you draft just anybody, which is really what Pollack is. I admire his fire and hustle, but that only gets you so far. NFL Tackles will dominate him because he just does not have the physical skills.

    If you want to draft a DE in Round 1 then draft Erasmus James, or possibly the kid from Boston College. I have only seen one Boston College game, but he impressed me and some around here who have seen him play more than I like him. I would go with Erasmus James though from what I have seen.

    This of course is all if we stay in the 4-3, which I am starting to think Parcells could move us to the 3-4. If that is the case then all this talk needs to switch to LB's like Derrick Johnson and Ahmad Brooks.
  8. Nors

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    I think The BC defensive End AT WHAT 6-8 CAN BE A 3-4 DE, we add the Texas LB and we are 3-4 ready. Get a NT in FA.

    If we draft Pollack in 1 - I go postal, he was thrown down by a player with a #9 today in a 1 on 1 pass rush.............
  9. ghst187

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    got no problems with Rogers as a late first rounder or early second round pick.
    I like Pollack a lot but I have the same concerns as mentioned by others here. My main one is his lack of quickness, or burst off the snap. He's not an edge pass rusher although he is pretty disruptive.

    Cadillac is good but his size may concern a lot of teams. He's about the same dimensions as JJ so I don't think it would help us to draft him. Caddy could go anywhere from 10-24, just hard to say.

    Ronnie Brown looks just almost as good as Cadillac running the ball and catches better than a lot of WRs. He's pretty good and could be very effective lining up in the slot or in the backfield. He very easily could get overlooked in the draft and fall into the second where he could be a good value.

    If we decide that JJ can't cut it, I'd prefer to take Benson. He can carry it 30x per game and has a good balance of power and speed. He really looks like a little Ricky, hopefully without the drug problems.
  10. Champsheart

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    Cedric is definetly intriguing as well. I really wanted to stay away from him last year if he had come out, but he has really impressed me this year.

    In regards to Benson without the drug problems I remember something with him and the Hippie Lettuce before the season started. Whatever happened with that anyway?
  11. Rush 2112

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    Just say no to Pollack!

    #9 Auburn is TE Cooper Wallace.....goes 258 ish. He's a Jr.

    Kiwi ain't 6-8 and he'll never/ever be a 3-4 DE. He's 250. When he bulks up he'll be 265. He's a 4-3 DE all the way.

    DJ is a 4-3 LB all the way. He's got a major weakness vs run shedding blocks. When he bulks up he'll be 240 maybe.

    You want a 3-4 DE think Spears/Canty or DT convert.

    Could you imagine a 255 DE and a 235 OLB trying to hold up at the point in a 3-4?
  12. Nors

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    Imagine a 6-8 DE that can drop in coverage or pressure QB?

    That 235 LB will grow to 245 in an NFL program.

    I'll take those 2 kids all day every day.
  13. Champsheart

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    Kiwi is listed at 6-8, not sure were you are getting your info, I have seen a couple publications list him at 6-7, but close enough.

    i really believe DJ could play in either scheme. He is 6-4, and could easily put on 10 to 15 pounds.

    But Ahmad Brooks could possibly be a devastating 3-4 LBer, and may be the better choice in that scheme.
  14. Hostile

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    Kiwanuka is listed at 6'8" 265 right now. I agree that he is a 4-3 DE. Good first step move to the QB..

    I also agree that Derrick Johnson is a classic WOLB in a 4-3. If either of them were to be adaptable my money would be on him.
  15. Rack Bauer

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    If only we had drafted Suggs last year. Then we'd have our pass rusher and we could be drafting our CB next year (Rolle or Jackson) with our first 1st rounder.

    Hindsight is 20/20. *sigh*
  16. Rush 2112

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    I didn't say I don't want them. Do I want them......not really, but if they're the best on the board so be it.

    Our D needs to get bigger and better and I think there are better options.

    6-6 1/2 becomes 6-8 in the NBA and NFL. That point is irrelevant.

    No way in the world Kiwi is a 2 gapper or DJ is taking on OG's and OT's.

    Both are made for 4-3.

    Kiwi's closest comparison is Kearse physically and Kearse would play OLB in a 3-4.

    He's not Ty Warren, Seymour, Marquise Hill, Kimo, Weaver.

    Everyone knows Ellis and Glover are too small for a 3-4.

    What does that make Kiwi?
  17. Hostile

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    Completely agree.
  18. Bizwah

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    Kiwi isn't dominating enough to warrant a top ten pick. He's more of a project if you ask me.....What does he have this year? 6 or so sacks?

    There aren't many DEs worth taking in the first round of this year's draft. I hope we try our dangdest to land a DE like Abraham (yes, a fool's hope).

    If we can't land him, then let's beef up the middle of the DL. Try to pry Pat Williams away from the Bills. He's a Texas boy. He'd look nicely compared to Glover.

    If we get a guy like Williams, then a project like Kiwi wouldn't be that bad.

    But landing Abraham would really free us up in the draft. Landing Abraham AND a guy like Baxter would free us up even more.

    The players in the Auburn/Georgia game I saw that impressed me the most were their RBs. I'd take any of them in a heartbeat....especially Caddy.

    My offseason wish list looks like this.......Keep in mind....it is a WISH LIST.. Not a probability list.

    FA-- Gary Baxter, John Abraham, Pat Williams, Idrees Bashir (yeah, I know..but there's so much physical talent...can't resist).

    1st round-- Ahmad Brooks
    1st round-- Cadillac Williams
    2nd round--Elton Brown
  19. cowboysfan31

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    Kiwanuka does only have 6 sacks, but if you look at other DEs currently projected to go in the 1st round thats right in the mix. Pollack has 7.5 sacks, Spears only has 3 sacks, and Erasmus James has 7 sacks. You also have to look at the fact that Spears was considered a pretty high 1st round had he have come out last year, and James also plays with Hawthorne who is the 2nd best DT in this year's draft.

    Also, as for Kiwanuka not dominating enough, have you watched him very much? He's got 41 tackles, 12TFL, 6 sacks, and 2 INTs including one that he ran back 32 yards for a touchdown. Thats pretty dominant considering that BC has a defensive squad starting quite a few true freshman.
  20. cowboysfan31

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    Also a couple more things on Kiwanuka, on BC's Football site he's listed as 6'7" 261 pounds.

    Also, for those interested this is a pretty good read about him. It is from February but still pretty accurate. I agree with the article about his strength but I've seen it increase a fair amount this year and Dallas has a pretty good strength program for him to continue his gains in.

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