.500 since 1997

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Fritsch_the_cat

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    Like we need reminding.
  2. fgoodwin

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    Would you rather we said everything is hunky-dory and we're happy as clams?
  3. rrkr3298

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    Yes and next year they are having loser bracket playoffs topped off with the MoralBowl.

    You don't actually go play..... you just think about it......... and kind of feel bad
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  4. Sarge

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    Betcha we will be the game after that though.
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  5. big dog cowboy

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    Good. We'll be right on schedule. :)
  6. 187beatdown

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    Don't be a smart alack. We all know this team is bad and there are plenty of reasons to complain. That wasn't even the point of my post and I implore you to read it over again.

    What we don't need is seeing a ".500 since x" every time we drop to .500. Are we going to continue to make these threads at 6-6, 7-7, 8-8? Yes, historically we are .500. All these threads tell me is that people know how to do math, which I am so very proud of.
  7. fgoodwin

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    OK. As I read these threads, people are frustrated and venting, which they have a right to do. If you don't like it, you can skip over the threads. How hard is that?
  8. IrishAnto

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    The moniker was earned because we were consistently successful.

    Now the opposite is true.

    I know we won't win it all every year, but how about going to the playoffs two years in a row?

    Or do you think we shouldn't expect that?
  9. popp1234

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    Garrett: "It's a process. We just have to keep stacking good days on top of good days....on top of good days. We have the right kinda guys (RKGs) on this football team. They go about it the right way...the right way. We just have to keep working and trying to get better everyday".

    Media: But Jason we have been hearing this for several years now.....
    Garrett: "I don't want to dwell on the past. Right now our focus is getting ready to play the New York (football) Giants at MetLife Stadium, at 4:25 this Sunday".
  10. ninja

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    In my opinion, the only things we, as fans, can reasonably expect is that the owner, GM, coaches, scouts, and players are putting in the effort and resources to be competitive on a weekly basis.

    1) The owner/GM is spending the money to field a competitive team. One may not agree how he is spending money but he IS spending money tying to field a winner. JJ does have advisers and listens well from what I have heard. Contrary to popular opinion he is not some lone wolf doing whatever he wants. The team has the facilities, scouts, advisors, et. in place to be successful.
    2) I have no problem with the coaches' efforts. Their schemes are a whole different story. Garrett is out of excuses. Win or pack your bags.
    3) The players are trying. I don't see a lack of effort out there. Some players just aren't as good as we all hoped they would be. And some are getting old. And some just can't shake the injuries. But, that happens with all teams just to what extent differs.

    I think you need to seperate your expectations from your hope. We all hope the team makes the playoffs two years in a row. But, we can't reasonably expect the team to do that. Not in a parity league.
  11. visionary

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    i am not sure of your line of work but excellence in team work, at any successful organization in the world, follows and requires accountability

    this organization has none because the GM is the owner, the HC is in the family portrait, and the players are coddled

    the rest of the stuff is just fluff and excuse-making

    this is not rocket science, it is business 101
  12. IrishAnto

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    So you’re seriously saying we a Cowboy fans can’t expect our GM and the coaching staff to get into the playoffs in back to back seasons?

    So if the Seahawks, Patriots, 49ers etc can do it why can’t the Cowboys?

    No wonder Jerry continues to make profits with fans like you and their nonexistent expectations.

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