53-man roster projection, Part II.....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 5mics, Aug 29, 2005.

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    I'm sooo glad the pre-season is finally coming to an end. I've been in "lurker mode" for awhile now, but it's almost time to get back to the real world and talk about real football! :) Back in early May, about a week after the draft, I posted my prediction for the upcoming 53-man roster. I've had to happily eat crow about Rob Pettiti making the team. Who knew, huh?! Anyway, here's my latest prediction before the last two roster cuts. Thoughts are, as always, welcomed.....BTW, do you think we get into the playoffs with this roster?


    J. Jones
    A. Thomas
    MBIII (R)
    T. Thomson (R)

    L. Polite

    D. Campbell
    J. Robinson

    K. Johnson
    T. Glenn
    P. Crayton
    T. Copper
    T. Crowder

    F. Adams
    L. Allen
    A. Gurode
    M. Rivera
    R. Pettiti (R)
    A. Johnson
    K. Vollers
    S. Peterman
    T. Tucker
    T. Walters

    K: someone other than Cortez

    L. Glover
    J. Ferguson
    L. Carson
    G. Ellis
    K. Coleman
    M. Spears (R)
    C. Canty (R)
    J. Ratliff (R)

    D. Ware (R)
    A. Singleton
    D. Nguyen
    B. James
    K. Thornton
    R. Burnett (R)
    R. Fowler
    S. Shanle

    T. Newman
    A. Henry
    R. Williams
    K. Davis
    A. Glenn
    J. Reeves
    B. Thornton
    L. Scott
    R. Coady


    J. Beriault (R)

    1. C. Van Hoy - NT
    2. T. Johnson - NT
    3. J. Rector - WR
    4. S. Ryan - TE
    5. R. Love - LB
    6. B. Pierce - TE
    7. ?
    8. ?
  2. AbeBeta

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    Nuts if you think neither Ryan or Pierce makes the squad. BP may keep both. Neither is very unlikely.
  3. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I think Morgan is just fine as a 4th WR. Dont see why a demotion means hes not any good to us.

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    i dont see us keeping all those linebackers

    i dont know if we will keep Ryan Fowler, Beriault(Berry-o) will not be put on IR unless he gets hurt badly in the jacksonville game which he is going to play in. I don't think Rich Coady and Lynn Scott both make the team. We will be going with Cortez this season. Quincy Morgan will probably make the team. Sean Ryan will most likely make the team. if Brett Pierce makes the team then Lousaka Polite is gone.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Pretty close to what I have...

    Here is what I think the 53-man roster will look like (assuming we don't bring anyone in) starters listed first:

    QB-3: Drew Bledsoe, Tony Romo, Drew Henson - I doubt we will bring in anyone else but if someone is released that is worthwhile we might but that would mean trying to put Henson on the PS which I don't see happening.

    RB-4: Julius Jones, Tyson Thompson, Anthony Thomas, Marion Barber - Again, I can't see us bringing anyone in. We have excellent depth here and Thompson has been a very nice surprise. Thomas will likely be the short-yardage guy.

    FB-1: Lousaka Polite - Parcells may opt not to have a FB on the team but he likes Polite and he has done a pretty good job so far of blocking and catching the ball and is a decent runner for a FB. I would love to see what Bickerstaff could do given the chance but he is always hurt so I can't see us keeping him.

    WR-5: Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, Tom Crowder, and either Morgan or Copper depending on how Morgan's attitude is. He has been replaced as the #3 WR by Crayton and has had a bit of a tude about it but he has clearly been outplayed by Crayton so he has no room to complain. If he does he will likely be cut since he doesn't contribute on STs while Crowder and Copper do. We might look to sign a FA if someone is released that could play for us (Peerless Price?).

    TE-4: Jason Witten, Dan Campbell, Jeff Robinson, & either Sean Ryan or Brett Pierce. We will see a lot of 2-TE sets and Parcells likes to use his TEs in the backfield as "H"-backs so we could even see 5 TEs kept and only 3 RBs or 4 WRs but I doubt it. We can always stash a TE on the PS and bring him up if needed.

    OL-9: Flozell Adams, Larry Allen, Andre Gurode, Marco Rivera, Rob Petitti, Al Johnson, Kurt Vollers, Tyson Walter, and either Stephen Peterman, Ben Noll, or Torrin Tucker. Depth will be key as to who stays among the last 3 names. Noll is probably the most versatile but we have yet to see Peterman in a real game so he might be kept simply to see what he's got. Tucker is at least a known quantity and he has played better lately. With Rogers being cut he has a better chance of making the team than he did a few weeks ago. This one will be tough. We might keep 10 but I seriously doubt it.

    That's 26 on offense...

    DE-4: Greg Ellis, Marcus Spears, Chris Canty, Kenyon Coleman - We really don't have anyone else at DE so this is a fairly easy choice to make. Coleman has played very well so far so he is pretty much assured a spot and the others were locks from the start.

    DT-4: LaRoi Glover, Jason Ferguson, Jeremiah Ratliff, Thomas Johnson - Chris Van Hoy or Leonardo Carson could make a push for a roster spot but I think Parcells likes the young guys Ratliff and Johnson and will retain them over the other two. Van Hoy will probably end up on the PS.

    LB-8: DeMarcus Ware, Dat Nguyen, Bradie James, Al Singleton, Kevin Burnett, Scott Shanle, Ryan Fowler, and probably Kalen Thornton. Keith O'Neil and Eric Ogbogu have played well but get pushed out due to numbers. Ogbogu has some skills as a pass-rusher but he is terrible in coverage so LB is out and he is WAY too small to play DE in the 3-4. He will catch on somewhere else and do well. I would like to see us trade him but I don't think that will happen.

    CB-5: Terrance Newman, Anthony Henry, Aaron Glenn, Bruce Thornton, and either Nate Jones or Jacques Reeves - We will probably look at the waiver wire to see who gets cut and if we can upgrade over the last 2 names we will. Both guys have done a decent job but an upgrade is always worth looking for at CB as you can never have too many quality players there.

    S-4: Roy Williams, Keith Davis, Justin Beriault, Rich Coady - Dantzler was a project from day-1 and never really had a shot at making it in the NFL as a DB. Too bad too because he has a lot of physical ability but just doesnt't have a position. Lynn Scott could still stick if Coady doesn't work out but I think his days here are numbered. We will definitely look at the guys being released for an upgrade at FS.

    That's 25 on defense...

    K-1: Jose Cortez - This is a no-brainer. He's the only kicker we have so he is the guy. We might look to sign someone that is released but that is tough to do this late in the game.

    P-1: Mat McBriar - Another no-brainer as McBriar has been one of the best players so far in pre-season. He has done a great job with his punts and could end up in the Pro-Bowl this year if he can remain consistent.

    That's 53. As I said, there are a couple of positions where we could make some changes in terms of numbers or players but I think that is pretty much what we will have going into Week-1.

  6. austintodallas

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    I think you're real close there Thumper. I believe Reeves is pretty much a lock at CB as Parcells has said so himself. Thornton and Jones are the two bubble guys at that postion. Great job!

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    yea i think reeves is the 4th corner on the chart. i hope dantzler will at least be on the practice squad.

  8. VACowboy

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    There will be 8 on the roster, regardless of who they are.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Thanks for the kind words austintodallas. :)

    I hadn't read that any of them have really separated themselves yet but If Reeves is ahead of Thornton then that is a good thing and Bruce can battle it out with Nate Jones for the last spot. Honestly, I have only seen one pre-season game so far (Seattle) and I didn't get a good look at the young CBs. I figured all 3 are about the same at this point and picked Thornton simply because he was a 4th round pick.

    We will probably try to stash one of them on the PS.
  10. Billy Bullocks

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    Agree on most of it. I dont think we only keep 3 TE's though, since Robinson doesn't really play TE. What happens if one of em goes down?
  11. blindzebra

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    QB: Bledsoe, Henson, Romo (3)

    RB: Jones, Barber, Thompson (3) Thomas, is in the RB/FB/TE crunch.

    FB: Polite (1)

    WR: Johnson, Glenn, Crayton, Copper, Crowder (5) Morgan is toast Rector or Harrell PS.

    TE: Witten, Campbell, Pierce (3) Ryan and Curtis go PS.

    OL: Adams, Allen, Johnson, Rivera, Pettiti, Tucker, Gurode, Peterman, Vollers (9) Noll and Tarullo go PS.

    Offense: 24

    K: Cortez (1) Until we can find a replacement.

    P: McBriar (1)

    LS: Robinson (1) Condo to PS

    Specialists: 3

    DL: Ellis, Glover, Coleman, Ferguson, Spears, Canty, Ratliff, Johnson (8) Van Hoy on PS

    LB: Ware, Nguyen, James, Singleton, Burnett, Shanle, Fowler, Thornton (8)
    Love on PS

    CB: Newman, Henry, Glenn, Reeves, Jones, Thornton (6)

    S: Williams, Davis, Beriault, Coady (4)

    Defense: 26
  12. FRDRCK

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    i'd be glad to see lynn scott leave, i never liked him for some reason.
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    Well Z, I think your roster still comes the closest to reality.
  14. MichaelWinicki

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    Everyone keeps missing the point that Parcells usually has 6 corners on the roster.
  15. blindzebra

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    If it does do I get a free pass to start 300 spot on threads telling everybody?:D
  16. The Fonz

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    bravo this is what i like :bow:
  17. like a dog

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    My 53:

    QB (3)
    Drew Bledsoe*
    Tony Romo
    Drew Henson

    RB (4)
    Julius Jones*
    Anthony Thomas
    Marion Barber III
    Tyson Thompson

    FB (1)
    Lousaka Polite

    TE (3)
    Jason Witten*
    Dan Campbell*
    Brett Pierce

    WR (5)
    Keyshawn Johnson*
    Terry Glenn*
    Patrick Crayton
    Quincy Morgan
    Terrance Copper

    OL (9)
    Flozell Adams*
    Larry Allen*
    Al Johnson*
    Marco Rivera*
    Rob Pettiti*
    Kurt Vollers
    Stephen Peterman
    Andre Gurode
    Tyson Walter

    Offence: 25

    DL (8)
    Greg Ellis*
    Jason Fergueson*
    Marcus Spears*
    La'Roi Glover
    Kenyon Coleman
    Leanardo Carson
    Jay Ratliff
    Chris Canty

    LB (8)
    Demarcus Ware*
    Dat Nguyen*
    Bradie James*
    Al Singleton*
    Kevin Burnett
    Scott Shanle
    Keith O'Neil
    Kalen Thorton

    CB (5)
    Terrance Newman*
    Anthony Henry*
    Aaron Glenn
    Jaques Reeves
    Bruce Thorton

    S (4)
    Roy Williams*
    Keith Davis*
    Jason Beariault
    Rich Coady

    Defence: 25

    K - Jose Cortez

    P - Matt McBriar

    LS - Jeff Robinson (TE)

    Special Teams: 3

    Practice Squad:
    1. Sean Ryan, TE
    2. Tom Crowder, WR
    3. Reggie Harrel, WR
    4. Ben Noll, OL
    5. Thomas "Pepper" Johnson, DL
    6. Ryan Fowler, LB
    7. Nate Jones, CB
    8. Woodrow Dantzler, CB/KR
  18. 5mics

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    I would be estatic IF Beriault's knee is fine and makes the team! I prefer him over either Scott or Coady. I just wasn't sure if his knee is worse than what is being reported. I really hope he he can contribute this year!

    IF we keep a 4th TE, then someone on the O-Line is a goner. Either Peterman or Tucker probably.
  19. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Hopefully Tucker, It would suck to have our 2nd and 3rd round picks from last year not even on the team
  20. FRDRCK

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    Beriault said his knee feels much better, he didn't play in the texans game and it gave him a lot of time to rest it.

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