#53 Pick Anthony Fasano ND

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by zrinkill, Apr 29, 2006.

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    A Good thing about Fasano - - - He is a very aggressive runner after the catch who will deliver a blow to the tackler, keep his feet, break tackles and gain yardage after contact.

    As good as he is, Witten does not do that.
  2. dmq

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    You know, we are now much better at WR depth. We now have 2 top receivers that start and a very good replacement if one of them goes down for our base 2 TE offense.
  3. Austin28

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    Do we still have Colombo?
  4. Kevlee06

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    Witten isnt going ANYWHERE. Stop with that mess.
  5. Bluefin

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    Solid selection, IMO.

    Fasano should learn quick from Witten and Ben Coates (usually pops in for a week or two) in training camp.

    He'll have the obvious rookie challenges, but we should have the most imposing double tight end set in the NFL in another year or two.
  6. theogt

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    He was't the BPA and doesn't fill a need. Cowboys get dunce award for this pick.
  7. Austin28

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    So, you're saying that it is reported that we ran it more next year???

    Man, that's confusing.

    And dude, I never called you an idiot. I just thought it was peculiar that we didn't run the 2TE set last year (pssst, that's what you said). Most knowlegable fans would have known that we ran a tremendous amout of 2 TE sets last season.

    Oh well, not all of us are that observant.

    Nice talking to you. I'm going to run on now - like your sentences.

  8. bbgun

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    I can't think of any other team that features two pass-catching TEs on the field at the same time.
  9. Cowboy from New York

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    Posts are coming to ast and furious so I apologize if someone posted this already but here is a blurb from Gosselin's top 100:


    No. Player Pos. School
    51. Taitusi Lutui G Southern California
    52. John McCargo DT North Carolina State
    53. Danieal Manning CB Abilene Christian
    54. Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame

    There could be as many as four tight ends selected in the second round: Marcedes Lewis, Leonard Pope, Anthony Fasano and Joe Klopfenstein. Lewis won the Mackey Award last season as the best tight end in the college game. Klopfenstein is big (6-5, 255) and Pope bigger (6-7, 258 ). But maybe the most intriguing prospect is Fasano, who left his senior season on the table at Notre Dame to turn pro. He reminds NFL talent evaluators of another Notre Dame tight end – Mark Bavaro. "I pride myself on being an all-around tight end, a tight end who doesn't come off the field in any situation," Fasano said.
  10. Doomsday101

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    Your going to jump down my throat, insult me and then act offended when I respond? Are you kidding me? Dallas ran 2 TE set we also used a lot of 3 WR sets I understand the game of football very well and I know what Dallas was running last season.
  11. Austin28

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    Then I'll just let your own post respond ...

    I'm surprised too ... that we didn't run the 2TE set last year

    Sure you understand. Someone who understood would have never made such a boneheaded comment.

    I didn't have to insult you. You did a very good job of doing that on your own.

    PJCOWBOYS New Member

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    Ok, now that we have a 3rd, picked up a 4th, and now with a bunch of picks in the later rounds, I am now on board with the Fasano pick. I was concerned we weren't gonna have any more value picks left. Great job Jerry and Parcells. Now go get us our FS and DT.
  13. fortdick

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    Dooms, let it go. He is just looking for attention. Maybe it's Nors!

    BTW, if we have two TE's that are receiving threats, along with Glenn and Popcorn, it will almost make opposing defenses run nickel full time against us. They gotta double Popcorn, so unless you plan on covering Witten and Fasano with LB's you have to keep a DB available. Unless you want to cover Glenn with the SS.

    JJ will run loose.

    All kinds of things this pick does for us. I am liking it more and more!
  14. BHendri5

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    I felt all season just like when I first saw Witten as a sophmore at Tennesse, that we were going to draft him.

    Fasano and witten are equal in receiving ability, getting open , running good routes. Where they are not even is, Fasano is a better blocker than Witten and he runs harder after the catch.

    I am glad we got him, I was worried that someone was going to get him before we had the chance.
  15. Eskimo

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    The only problem with the two pass catching TEs is neither of them is very good at run blocking.

    The TE coach should really be cracking the whip on them this year with the run blocking if this is going to work.
  16. StanleySpadowski

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    If you would have listened, someone kept say that Fasano was the second rounder for the Cowboys.

    I wish I knew who that intelligent poster was.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  17. SMCowboy

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    Well, they don't play it right now, but Indy used to use both Dallas Clark and Marcus Pollard.
  18. SMCowboy

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    Eskimo, if Fasano is being compared to Mark Bavaro, then he is obviously a heck of a blocker.

    According to Frank Coyle Fasano grades out a 9 out of a possible 10 in blocking.
  19. Eskimo

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    To be honest with you I didn't see many ND games last year so I can't comment first hand. However, the scouting report earlier said he needed to work a lot on his technique but that he had good size and strength and tenacity. This means he should be trainable.

    The thing that I'm really upset about with the Dallas TE coaches is they have failed to make Witten as complete a player as he should be. For a guy with his size and strength (did 29 reps at the combine) he should be a tremendous blocker but he isn't.
  20. Austin28

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    Man, you were having a cow over there.

    Either way, the pick made sense.

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