76 year old gas station clerk set on fire...(Died-Post #27)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Warick, May 21, 2012.

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    This poor 76 year old lady is a neighbor of a friend of mine, and is fighting for her life with burns over 40% of her body. She is a very sweet woman, and a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. It's bad enough she lost her husband, but now she has to deal with this. Prayers to her, and her family.

    It sickens me that there are people out there who will do something like this to another person. I hope this nut gets what is coming to him, and I for one would be first in line to knock that smug *** look off of his face. :mad:
  2. Hostile

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    Dear lord.
  3. phillycard

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    Scumbag. Attacks on the completely innocent get me in a vengeful mood. Best wishes to her.
  4. kapolani

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    People who commit these kinds of acts should be publicly drawn, and quartered. It should be as painful as possible.
  5. WV Cowboy

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    I'm sure this grandma will be getting a visit/visits from several Dallas Cowboys after she begins recovery.
  6. zrinkill

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    I wish they were real.
  7. Seven

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    This dude will be fed, bathed and housed for many, many years and he won't have to lift a finger. :banghead:

    What is wrong with people? I don't get it.
  8. MonsterD

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    Insane simply insane.
  9. wittenacious

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    Feel so sorry for that poor lady. Stories like this make me sick ... sick of *******s who commit abhorrent crimes like this. Makes me long for old western justice methods. I'm talkin' O L D Western Justice.

    No courtroom. Find the guilty and mete out some real justice, on the spot. Some scumbags deserve absolutely NO mercy. Would need to be handled by fair minded sorts, like some of the characters played by Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, or the like. The job WOULD get done right.


    Not meaning to make light of this story. I'm more than a little bit serious in wishing the immediate worst, on the worst of our society.
  10. burmafrd

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    you will have those whining that its not his fault, he was abused as a child, etc.
  11. wittenacious

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    Let 'em whine, as they're viewing his smoldering dead corpse where they found the scumbag dealt with. Sorry if that sounds cruel, but WTH were HIS actions all about, if not intentionally inflicting demented cruelty w/ absolutely no regard for humanity?
  12. 5Stars

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    Do you see the smirk on that fools face? :mad:

    I would like to burn it off!!

    Dirty punk!
  13. arglebargle

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    There are people who should just be stood up against the wall and shot. No question.

    The real issue with the vigilante thing is making sure you got the right guys. As the number of guys pulled off death row in the recent past show, it's not always as easy as it's made out to be.
  14. Cajuncowboy

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    This is why people should have guns. To protect against scum like this. Anyway, please keep this thread updated with reports of this woman's condition. I will be praying for her.
  15. wittenacious

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    Not really advocating general vigilante justice, but I admit I like the IDEA of appropriately administered vigilante justice — if such a thing COULD be done — as long as it could be meted out by an honest and reliable minister of retribution, like the movie heroes audiences got to see dole out punishment in the old westerns.

    The "How do you know for sure?" question would need to be answered ... beyond a shadow of a doubt. But if it were, well then ...
  16. ScipioCowboy

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    As I see it, there are two types of vigilante justice:

    1) Death Wish I style: The vigilante puts himself in situations where he knows he's likely to be attacked, and then he responds with deadly force after being attacked or assaulted in some way.

    2) Death Wish II style: The vigilante goes after certain people in response to a specific wrong. He doesn't wait for the assailants to initiate the violence.

    Of the two types, only Death Wish I is feasible. As you said, it's too difficult to know whether or not you have the right people otherwise. The drawback to Death Wish I is that you're completely reactive. The bad guy has to make the first move.
  17. CowboyMcCoy

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    I'd go yard on this puke too.
  18. arglebargle

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    In this situation, it would certainly be appropriate for the perp. This is not the case of some nervous teenager with a twitchy trigger finger. One way or another the guy that did this needs to be removed from society.
  19. CowboyMcCoy

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    True, Neil. It's always an advantage to make the first move, but I only played by making the 2nd. It's the way I've always been.
  20. 1fisher

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    Where's Jesse and Al? ...... oops wrong thread. :eek::

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