8/1 Afternoon Practice Report

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    Day 3 Afternoon (5 pm – 7 pm)

    I got there a little late due to rush hour traffic (about 5:05 pm). The team was working on offensive and defensive formation. It was a non-contact 11-11 drill with no real tackling.

    Another correction. I think it was Keith Davis who lined up at FS with the second team this morning, and not Dantzler. Problem with these two is that they both like to roll up their shirts when they practiced, so it was not easy to tell if it was “20” or “29”. Add to the fact that they practiced in the far side this morning, I mistook the killer as Dantzler. So to clear things up – it was Beriault at SS and Keith Davis at FS with the second team.

    I noticed the pace of the practice (and intensity) picked up in this session. The hitting was hard and ferocious in some – to the point where I was beginning to worry about players getting injured (especially when I see them in a pile and someone fell down).

    5:00 pm Non contact 11-11 drill
    Not much to watch here as they went through things in relative slow motion. On one play – a pass down the right sideline, Romo underthrew Crowder running down the line. B Thornton tipped it but Crowder stayed with it and made the catch, and it drew some “Oooh….” from the fans.

    5:15 pm – Warm up & stretching.

    5:20 pm – Individual drills
    - The offense practiced a few screen passes, but as it turned out. It was just a way to get them warmed up. After running 3 screens (one by each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd team), they moved on to some other drills.
    - The QB and the RB worked on hand off on the side on lead draws
    - DBs worked on 1-1 defending passes and tried knocking them down, then they worked on beating stiff arms by a running back. They later worked on more 1-1 tackling of RB’s. It seems like they were taught to not just tackle someone, but to lift them up in the air. I saw all DBs doing that. As in the morning, Beriault lifted Reese off the ground by a few inches when he tackled him (I didn’t see the same from any other DBs). It looks like this kid got some power.
    - Over on the other side of the field, the OLBs were given lesson on how to rush the passer and beat the OT (inside move, outside move, using the hands, etc.)

    5:35 pm – Defense 8-8 drills
    Defense worked on pass coverage.
    First team: Burnett, Nguyen, Ware, A Glen, Newman (nickel), Roy, Scottt, Henry
    Second team: Ogbogu, Shanle, James, B Thornton, Beriault, Davis, Nate Jones (nickel), Reeves
    Third team: Singleton, O’Neill, K. Thornton, Jones, Newman (nickel), Dantzler, Reese, L Williams

    Newman practiced hard like it’s a real game. You can clearly see that he’s the most intense (of all DBs) out there. He deflected a couple of balls in this drill.

    5:45 pm – WRs vs. DBs; RBs vs LBs
    It sucks that both went on simultaneously, on different half of the field. I decided to watch the WRs vs DBs in the first set and switched to RBs vs LBs in the second set. Again, winners of the 1-1 in bracket.

    WRs vs. DBs.
    1) (Glenn) vs. Newman. Glenn ran a nice route and there was nothing Newman could do
    2) Keyshawn vs. (Henry). Underthrown ball by Bledsoe to the sideline by at least 2 yards
    3) (Crayton) vs. Thornton. Made good use of hands to get off the line and gained separation
    4) (Morgan) vs. Reeves. Ran a nice out route to catch the ball. Bledsoe made a perfect pass.
    5) (Zuriel) vs. Glenn. Caught a deep ball and had at least half a yard on Glenn
    6) (Copper) vs. Lenny Williams. Made a nice leaping catch up the middle of the field for about 15 yd gain.
    7) Merritt vs. (Jones). Interference on Jones?
    8) (Keyshawn) vs. Henry. Easy completion to Keyshawn going inside
    9) Rector vs. (Newman). Newman got his feet tangled with the receiver and the ball sailed out of bound.
    10) (Crowder) vs. Reeves. Caught the ball on a out pattern. Bledsoe delivered a strike.
    11) Crayton vs. (B Thornton) Thornton was shadowing Crayton, who was running deep, all the way.

    RBs vs. LBs
    (joining the battle in progress…)
    1) (Bickerstaff) vs. Singleton. Made a nice leaping grab for a ball thrown high
    2) (A-train) vs. Cooper. A-train started out and then cut inside, used his body nicely to shield Cooper from the ball and made the catch
    3) Polite vs. (K Thornton) Nice coverage all the way by Thornton, running stride for stride
    4) Thompson vs. (Ware). Amzingly, Ware also ran stride for stride against one of the fastest RBs out there
    5) (Kincade) vs. Ogbogu. Nice head fake by Kincade. Ogbogu wasn’t even close when Kincade caught the ball
    6) Julius vs. (Burnett) Burnett was with Julius all the way, and was in between the QB and Julius all the time. Romo simply didn’t have a target to throw to. By far, the best coverage by a LB that I’ had seen all day.
    7) Barnes vs. (Love). Barnes was open on a short route, but flat out dropped the ball
    8) (MBIII) vs. Cooper. Beat him to the inside
    9) A-train vs. (K. Thornton). Good jam off the LOS, and stayed with A-train all the way.

    Parcells was pretty edgy today. I heard him singling and yelling at someone (I believe it was Kincade) on one of these drills.

    5:50 pm 11-11
    (Jacob Rogers was playing RT on first team, along with Gurode at C)
    1) Julius made a nice move up the middle and met Roy Williams in the secondary. He ran like he was just gliding. Roy stuffed him good (5 yd)
    2) Julius ran right behind Rivera (2-3 yd).
    3) A-train ran up the middle behind Allen and Gurode, untouched for the first 8 yards (8 yd)
    4) Julius slipped behind the LOS
    (Tucker was playing RT on second team, along with Al Johnson at C)
    5) A-train stuffed up the middle (1-2 yd)
    6) MBIII started up the middle but then tried to go outside to the left, hit hard and stopped by Beriault (2 yd)
    7) ? ran up left hash (2 yd)
    8) Bickerstaff ran up the middle and met Spears who was blasting through the line. Spears had him re-routed and Bickerstaff was then stuffed (1 yd)
    9) Thompson ran left, bounced off the initial defender, turned a 3 yd gain into a 6 yd gain (6 yd)
    10 ) Thompson ran right down the sideline (11-12 yd). He ran outside and then made a very nice cut back inside on this run
    11) MBIII nice run up the middle (5 yd). He was quick through the hole
    12) Bickerstaff ran up the middle (2 yd)

    (I noticed that the intensity and hitting started to pick up in this 11-11)

    6 pm – Special team
    Worked on punt protection, and the gunners worked on preventing the ball from going into the endzone for a touchback…

    6:15 pm – 7-7
    1) Bledsoe completed to Pierce on the flat (2 yd)
    2) Bledsoe completed to 87 (slot receiver) beating Newman (3 yd)
    3) Bledsoe dumped off to A-train (3 yd). His initial target seem to be Witten, who was well covered in the zone coverage
    4) Bledsoe completed a laser to Glenn (15 yd)
    5) Henson dumped off to Thompson in the middle (4 yd)
    6) Henson completed to Witten on the sideline (7 yd). On this play, he was locked into Witten all the way, while I noticed Crayton running across the middle and was wide opened for a couple of seconds.
    7) Henson completed middle to Bickerstaff (4 yd)
    8) Henson completed middle to Curtis (5-6 yd)
    9) Romo dumped off middle to A-train (6 yd)
    10) Romo attempted to pass to Witten in the middle. Witten got behind the LB covering him, but Newman tipped the ball and deflected it.
    11) Romo attempted to throw deep to Harrell, but the ball was a little thrown behind.
    12) Romo deep throw down the right sideline to Crowder, who got behind Nate Jones but had the ball just went through his hands.

    * While the 7-7 was taking place, there was a 2-2 OLmen vs. Pass rushers on the other side of the field. I wish I had watched that instead. Not that the 7-7 wasn’t interesting, but I’d love to see how Ware, Spears, Thornton, etc. did in pass rushing drill and conversely, how the OLmen did. Oh well….

    6:20 pm – Special scenario
    Hurry up offense. After the end of a play, the FG team is to come on in a hurry to kick a FG. On one of the three plays, I heard Parcells yelling “Al, get outta there!” I think Al just forgot he wasn’t snapping the ball =)

    6:25 pm– 11-11
    (Rogers was still RT with the first team)
    (First team D front three Glover-Carson-Ellis)
    1) Julius up middle (2 yd)
    2) Bledsoe completed a bullet to Morgan up the middle (15 yd). Sweet throw!
    3) Bledsoe pulled own and ran
    4) Bledsoe pressured by Ware and had to throw to avoid the sack. Incomplete
    (Second team D front 3: Coleman-Ferguson-Spears)
    5) Henson sacked by a blitzing Nate Jones up the middle. Play blew dead
    6) Henson sacked by Ferguson. Play blew dead
    7) MBIII ran behind the LG (Peterman?) for a nice gain. He got 6 yd before he was touched (6 yd)
    8) A-train ran behind Center for a gain of (6-7 yd)
    9) Romo screen passed left to Thompson (2 yd)
    10) Romo rolled out to his right and short-passed to Keyshawn, but Keyshawn dropped the ball. Bruce Thornton was closing in on the play
    11) Romo dumped off to Polite as he was pressured (4 yd)
    12) Romo sacked by Coleman, who was coming up the middle K Thornton was closing in also
    13) Julius ran up middle and met Ferguson (1 yd). Parcells was giving praise to him after the play
    14) Bledsoe pressured by Glover who was coming from Bledsoe’s left side. Bledsoe threw the ball away
    15) MBIII made a nice cut on the right side line to elude Beriault (6 yd)
    16) Henson incomplete pass. He had to throw it away as Ratliff was getting close and jumping into his face
    17) Kincade ran into a wall (1-2 yd) on the right
    18) Romo went deep to his right, intended for Harrell, but Harrell slowed up while the ball was in the air. He might have misjudged the ball?

    6:40 pm – 11-11
    The offense practiced having the ball at their own 1 yard line.
    1) ?
    2) Bledsoe tried to hit Keyshawn. Ball was thrown to Keyshawn on the right sideline, but Newman dove to deflect the ball away from Keyshawn
    3) Bledsoe dumped off to the middle for 5 yd. Rogers did a good job slowing Ellis
    4) Ware came through to sack Henson in the endzone. Play blew dead
    5) RB ran between the RT (Tucker) and the TE for small gain (2-3 yd). Tucker started good but ended the play on the ground
    6) Romo underthrew a wide open Terrance Copper on the sideline (could have resulted a 1st down)
    7) Romo completed a quick pass to the right side line for Copper (6 yd)
    8) MBIII had a nice run behind the LG and C for a 13 yd gain.

    6:50 pm – Practice ended

    Misc. observation:

    Staying after practice to autograph: Newman, MBIII, K. Davis, Pierce, etc.

    The second and third team OL need to work on their pass protection. It seems like they just couldn’t protect the QB at all.

    Ok.. this place is closing and I better get outta here. Tomorrow’s report should be my last.
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    Thanks, its about time!! JK
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    This is great stuff, what detailed observations.

    wow does Burnett sound like a player.
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    Great report man, you going to be there all week?
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    I knew I loved that guy for a reason ;)
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    Seems that Crayton is getting more reps than Morgan? Did I read that wrong?
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    Excellent work my man... excellent.

    This kind of detailed report is just utopia for me. It's exactly what I want to read.
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    good post....happy with ware and burnett..i wanna hear aobut some spears vs flo battles!
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    It looks that way - and it also looks like Crayton is going to push for that #3 position.

    Thanks for the update!! Keep em coming! :D
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    It sounds like JJ is getting shown up by Thompson
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    I need Ware to make a mistake or something. Right now, he is making my hopes so high that anything less than 17 sacks, 12 INTs and 116 tackles will seem disappointing.
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    What's up with Fowler? I haven't heard anything about him.
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    JJ is facing better competition. He also, according to reports, got shown up by Lee last offseason.
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    WoW - Als third string
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    Man how unrealistic is that sheesh 13 INT's :laugh2:
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    Third "team" on day 3 of practice drills doesn't = 'third string'.

    Singleton..another candidate for the Nors express. ;)
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    One quick comment. Perhaps the reason Julius hadn't been running well was because 1) LA had been out until today (and you saw he had a couple of nice run behind the left side), and 2) Ferguson on first team D.
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    Seems like that would be a big reason.

    Pun intended.
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    Well, for those convinced run D is an automatic weakness in a 3-4, that might be comforting.

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