News: 8/1 Press Conference

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Crown Royal, Aug 1, 2005.

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    I assume it is going to happen in 4 minutes? Anyone have a link to the video, if there is any?
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    audio on The Ticket (not started yet)
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    Recap please
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    Ticket technicians suck at the internet.
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    I am not able to listen to all of it, but here are some bits and pieces...

    Frazier - mild sprained ankle this morning - no biggie.
    Sean Ryan - expected back in 5 weeks.
    Canty had a good report on his eye - what they expected. Will be back tonight, will practice limited until Monday, then barring setback will be at foll speed.
    Vollers being worked on both sides - only 3 OT's go to the game, the backup needs to be able to play both.
    Noll being worked both sides at Guard.
    Petitti will get some work at RT, but not fair to do that to him yet.
    Ferguson is a powerful man - ask the Centers. He is better than he remembers.

    Crayton has about the best hands on the team. High expectations for Crayton and Copper. Crayton improved a lot last year. He knows what he needs to do. The competition for the 3rd receiver spot has him heavily involved.
    Henry and A. Glenn are ball hawks. Arron better on shorter inside stuff... very talented runner with the ball - always s threat to score.
    3 CB's not enough. Likes to keep 6 on the team. Trying to find out who 4,5, and 6 are. Dissapointed with Fraizer's injury, because he was looking good. Newman had a confidence lapse last year. He got stung a little bit (never happened to him in college). He is in the process of learning to defend different receivers in the NFL. Hard worker. Came back at the end of the season and played better. Thinks our chances at 1-on-1 are better than last year. Still some holes in the secondary, though.
    Beriault 'shows up' at practice. Some potential there. Not sure what to do with him though. Not going to move Roy to FS.
    Expects kicker to be 85-86% in Dallas (easy kicking conditions). In NY, he was happy with 75% because of bad weather/wind.

    Tyson Thompson obviously has some ability. The test for him will be when they get into the mental aspect of the game & special teams. He is the fastest guy by far. Doesn't want to talk about it too much.

    Gurode looks much better at C than at G. BP said it was his mistake to try to make him a G. He is rotating at C. Will push Johnson for playing time.

    Rookies can get BP's eye by showing up and performing (duh)

    Wants best 5 guys starting on OL. No doubt they are going to try to pressure Bledsoe up the middle (that's what he did when playing against Bledsoe). Having LA in the middle is a good thing. Better chance to block the middle rather than the perimeter. Would only move LA to RT if Peterman or Noll could play LG, and Tucker and Rogers can't play RT. If they can't play RT, he will try Noll, Petitti, or Allen. Will always be the best 5 (even if they put out 3 guards).

    Not sure why Gurode is playing better at C than G. Not trying anything exotic yet... we will see if he can pull.
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    BP considers Henry and Glenn Ball Hawking CB's and the 3 are the best he's had. (here)
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    To those folks that don't think we're going to carry 6 corners... guess again!
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    Go Patrick! I've always liked this guy. Not just due to his performance in the skins game. He's a football player this guy.
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    come frazer get it together man he was good last year, im limited duty
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    Asked about LA at RT

    said that kinda took a life of it own

    wants toput the best 5 on the field

    said he can do it

    said the problem is there gonna try pressure bledose is up the middle and they want LA there for protection
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    Better chance to block the middle than the outside

    the only way he would consider it

    3 things

    RT coudlnt hold its own

    peteran or Noll could play the gaurd efficently
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    Hemight try pettit and noll,

    but it's not what he's intended to do

    He said only if he has a left guard and doesnt have a RT
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    Parcells was very complimentary of Beriault. He said he was talking to Ron Wolf about Beriault as they were walking off the field. He said the kid definitely shows up during the practices. Right now, he is playing behind Roy. He said Beriault is tall and has good range. He played closer to the line of scrimmage in college and was a very aggressive player. Right now, they don't want to move him because he is such a young player, but Parcells says he knows he is not moving Roy to FS so if anyone moves down the road, it will be Beriault.
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    Gurode doesnt deal with the things at G as he does at C

    Gurode strengh is having te guy right in front of him

    End of PC
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    Thanks for the recap Wimbo and DK999.
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    Was very evasive on T Thompson, does not want to talk about him know. Would not want to hype him too much if you wanted to put him on the practice squad a little later.

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    Tyson Thompson faster than Terrance Newman??? I'd pay to see that race.
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    I got in late, so this is what I heard.......

    Spears was down to 289 this morning at weigh in.

    Patrick Crayton got better last season. He (Parcells) worried that the game would be too big for him (Crayton) last year, but it never was.

    He thinks Anthony Henry is better than anyone they have had here since Parcells came.

    I think Aaron is very professional, as is Henry. They are good role guys, even to a Newman.

    Henry is really a ball hawk. Aaron's a very talented runner with the ball once he intercepts it. He has the ability to score. he did it for be about ten times before.

    Three cornerbacks isn't enough. I have always tried to keep six corners on the team in recent years.

    I am a little disappointed that Frazier turned his ankle.

    Reeves has improved.

    I just thought Terence had a little confidence lapse. I am not speaking for him. I don't think Newman was stung very much in college. But the competition level sort of evens out in this league. You've got to learn about a lot of different receivers in this league.

    I just think he had a little confidence lapse. When you lose your cofidence you lose your technique. And sometimes it just snowballs a little bit.

    From the corners generally. I think we can pressure the corners a little bit to cover one-on-one. I would feel better with the people we have now. About us being one-on-one now.

    But we have to have more depth. That safety position is something we have to fill. But I think we have some candidates.

    Just coming off the field this morning, I was talking to Ron Wolfe. The kid is showing up. He is playing behind Roy right now. As a coach you don't want to start indiscriminately moving players around. he is a young guy. Anmd he shows up at practice. I don't know what I am goiung to do with him. I am certanly not moving Roy to free safety. If I move someone, it will be Beruailt (sp).

    My expectations we have an 85% to 86% kicker. The majority of the time here you are kicking in a good hot compress-the-ball conditions.

    Billy Cundiff is a very well conditioned guy. He works hard at his job. Again I've seen it, with Adam Venetari... They suddenly get's onward and upward. Some of these guys never change. A kicker never goes through a season without missing a kick. But you do expect that guy to make the thirty-five yarder. We missed some of those last year.

    Thompson - I don't want to talk about him right now. The deal for him is when we start to add, and get into the game. The adjustments. But he has shown me some running ability. He is the fastest guy we have back there, by far.

    Another dumb thing I've done since I got here was not put him (Gurode) at center. He looks a lot better there than he does at guard.

    He is more powerful, but Al has more quickness. We'll see.

    Players make you notice them. You keep seeing it. They get your attention. That is how they succeed.

    I want to play the best five guys, That is all I can tell you. The dilemma would be, (to move Allen to tackle) Saprano and I have talked about it. The pressure for Bledsoe will be up the middle. That is what I tried to do when I played him. But Drew is not real great at avoiding outside pressure. You always have a better chance to block the middle and not the perimeter. The only way I would consider the move of Allen to tackle are.

    The outside can't hold it's own.

    That someone can play the left guard. That Rogers Tucker or Knoll can't play tackle.

    If I have a guard, I might try Allen at tackle. If I don't feel like I have a right tackle, I would do it if I think I have a left guard. I may put Knoll at right tackle.

    Stuff would happen at the guard that he seems to not deal with as well as he does at the center. (On Gurode) Playing the nose tackle, that's his strength.

    The end...
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    Vollers is going to start practicing at right and left tackle. Ben Noll is going to start practicing at right and left guard.

    Can you afford Vollers to be a utility guy, who plays both RT and LT, unless Rogers proves he can play RT?

    I only use utility in the terms that I need guys who can play both positions. Pettiti will eventually will move to RT to get a look, but I don’t think its fair to move him right now.

    Does Jason Fergeuson look like the same player from the last time you coached him?

    He’s pretty good, I tell ya. He’s a better player than when I had him. He knows how to play now, when I had him he was just a kid. He’s technically precise now. When he was young, he was combating stamina and endurance problems. He still has strong weight clauses in his contract, but I think if I ever did Ferguson a favor it was putting a weight clause in his rookie contract, because its served him well and its never been removed. I kept it when he resigned with the Jets and now put it in there when he’s come to the Cowboys. I think its been helpful to him.

    Why is he such a good fit for the 3-4?

    Not just the 3-4, but he’s a very powerfull person. Talk to the centers about him. Gurode and Johnson will tell ya.

    Is he small? Most guys who play the nose guard like Ted Washington seem to be 350 range.

    Jason is 310, but he could be up there pretty quick if you let him loose. I like him at that weight. He’s very thick and powerfull, especially in the lower body. Hard to move and will hold his ground.

    What do you see in (Noll?)

    Much improved player. I’ve seen improvement in Rogers as well now. In their 2nd year, they learn what its like. They improve their strength. In the OL position, you have to acquire the physical ability to combat defensive lineman on a one on one basis. Its hard for first year players to understand what its like. I got a rookie right now, Sam Wilder, who is a tough kid but he needs a year or two to develop. You know, Marco Rivera was a 5th round draft pick who played in NFLE. Ron Wolf sent him over there. It doesn’t happen over night for those guys in most cases. But you can tell what a difference being in the year makes. They know how to do the little things. When they go through practices they aren’t exhausted.

    What has Rivera brought you?
    Technically a very good and smart player. Not I didn’t know the player as well as some others, but I’ve been impressed with his technical pass blocking style. I like his personality very much. Very good leadership qualities. Very good for Peterman and Noll, they couldn’t ask for a better model of how to make it in this league.

    Happy to see Spears weight?

    He came in a 316 and weighed 289 this morning. He’ll be able to keep it there, I’m sure.

    Where is Patrick Crayton? Is it time for him yet?

    It should be. May have the best hands on the team. I didn’t think last year that the game was too big for him when he had the opportunity to play. That’s what you worry about with someone of his small school background. He’s another one with Copper who had a good offseason. He wasn’t a player we were counting on to do much of anything last year, but he improved as he went. I think with the competition for the 3rd WR spot, he’s heavily involved in that.

    How hard is to to split carries with 5 RB’s on the roster?

    Its hard to do. I think what we’ll have to do as we go along is …. we’ll have to decide who is doing what. I have 3 kids there that I don’t know anything about. Anthony Thomas, Tyson Thompson and Barber. I know Julius, Bickerstaff and Kincade from last year. So I want to see the other three what they can do in all phases … special teams, pass blocking, running style.

    How are the cornerbacks?

    I think Anthony Henry is better than anyone we’ve had here since I’ve been here. I’ve always like Aaron as a player. Henry and Aaron are great attitude guys. Both of those CB’s are ballhawks. Henry in particular. Aaron is best at the shorter inside routes, and he undercuts those well. Aaron is also a talented runner with the ball, a threat to score. S, 3 CB’s is not enough in this day. I’ve kept 6 CB’s on the team in recent years, so I’m worried about who is #4 and who is #5. I was disappointed that Frazier turned his ankle, he’s been doing well. We threw him to the wolves last year unfairly. Reeves looks better at times. I still need to see what Thornton can do since he was hurt so early last year.

    Do Henry and Glenn help Newman.

    I don’t know, I thought Terrence had a little confidence lapse last year. You know, first time you get stung a little bit its hard. He probably couldn’t be beaten in college consistantly. But its different now. You have to learn technique, and you have to know a lot about the different WR’s. He’s a really hard worker, good kid and dedicated. When you lose your confidence, you start altering your technique, for better or worse, because you think you have to change something and then things start snowballing. But he did come back in the last 3 or 4 games and played well.

    Do the rule changes effect how you evaluate CB’s?

    I think we can pressure the CB’s to do a little more to cover 1 on 1 with the people we have now. Overall, we still need more depth than what is readily available to me now. That secondary has some holes in it, now. I think we have some candidates, I hope we have enough.

    Does Berauilt have a chance to be a FS ?

    Its funny … Just coming off the field I talked to Ron Wolf about the kid. He’s showing up in practice. He’s tall and rangy and smart. He’s playing behind Roy right now, because he’s traditionally been the aggressive in the box type player. You don’t’ want to start to just indiscriminately move young players because you can lose a few. But he’s showing up in practice. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him honestly …. I’m certainly not moving Roy to free safety, so if someone moves it will be Beriault.

    Billy Cundiff?

    We’re kicking at 76%. That’s not even bottom 3rd. 85% will put you in the middle of the pack. My expectations are that we have an 85-86% kicker, especially for the conditions in Texas Stadium. Billy is well conditioned, and works hard at his job. I’ve seen it with Adam Venitari with these kickers, sometimes it clicks and then its onward and upward. Others never change and they’re always inconsistent. But, you have to make that 35 yarders when you have to and we didn’t do that all the time last year. On kick offs he was adequate. He was okay, and that’s good because a lot of kickers aren’t. So he has that going for him.

    Tyson Thompson

    (Long pause) I wouldn’t really want to talk too much about him right now. Obviously, he has some ability. The test will be when we start to add the mental adjustments and what can he do on special teams in kick returns. He’s shown me some good running ability. He’s the fastest back we have, by far.

    How has Gurode responded?

    Well. That was another dumb thing I did when I got here by putting him at C. But, I scouted him as a G when he came out of college, so I left him there. He looks a lot better at center. I think he might challenge Johnson. He’s bigger and more powerfull, but Al is faster and more agile. We’ll see. It will be interesting.

    How does a unheralded player catch your attention?

    Make something happen in practice. They make you notice them. You just see it and keep seeing it. They get your attention.

    Larry Allen at RT?

    I think that’s taken on a life of its own. I want to play the best 5 guys. I think he could do it, I really do. The problem, and Tony Sporano have talked about it, is that teams are going to try to pressure Drew up the middle, no doubt about it. That’s what I tried to do against him. So I like Larry at G. But Drew isn’t great at avoiding outside pressure. You always have a better chance to block the middle than the perimeter where there is a lot of space. So the only way I would consider it would be if I didn’t think I had a RT who could hold its own and if Peterman or Noll show me than can lay LG efficiently. But that’s not really what I’m intending to do.

    Why is Gurode better at C?

    I don’t know the answer, honestly. There was stuff at G that would happen that he just didn’t deal with it. I don’t know what to tell you. Now, were not into the exotic stuff yet. We got him covered every play with a NG, and that’s at his strength. Because he can muscle people. When he has to move at angles, pull and that other stuff we’ll see how he does.
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    Thanks for the recap guys.

    Wonder what he meant by this? Releasing him?

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