90s Team Stunned at Lack of Playoff Appearances/Wins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Jan 15, 2014.

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    If people really want to know why many people who have watched the Cowboys during the 60s or 70s are so upset now about he last 17 years, look at he graphs at the top of the article. Expecting excellence to patience with mediocrity.


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  2. visionary

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    it is "just bad luck"
  3. ScipioCowboy

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    It sucks now, but once you get the right system in place, turnaround times are much shorter than they were back in the 1990s.
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  4. HoustonFrog

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    Right...I love this not so veiled shot at the team now and Garrett

    Right and that is the sad part....Jerry refuses to make changes to turn it around. See quote above. Instead he wants to be right and stick with mediocrity.
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  5. theebs

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    You guys remember the video from Michael Irvin's football camp with Dixon Edwards, Alvin harper, erik Williams, Irvin and about 5 or 6 more...it was from the offseason going into 09. I still have it.

    I remember Alvin harper saying romo and witten weren't dogs and would never win. What a loser.

    I also remember Irvin telling a 12 year old kid that the football represented gold and that his job was to take the gold to the bank so he can get paid......that's how he taught him to make a catch and run after....

    yea sign my kid up for that.
  6. Future

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    Over the last 4 years or so, Jerry has changed virtually every coach and player.
  7. wileedog

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    You see the "system" around here changing anytime soon?
  8. dragon_mikal

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    I'm stunned this team ever won anything with Jerry Jones as owner/GM.

    Seriously...how can Jerry look in the mirror and not realize that he is the problem?

    I just want to see this team win a SB before I whither into dust.
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  9. RXP

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    But he won't change the one guy who will make the ultimate difference.....himself.

    Until that happens, all the others changes are window dressing to appease fans and keep the turnstiles churning at his Palace.
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  10. HoustonFrog

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    Really? He brought in Garrett to be a coach in waiting as an inexperienced OC and then HC 7 years ago. He still does the GM work...allegedly with Garrett. He still had his core...Romo, Ware, Witten, etc. Everything else is shuffling chairs on the deck of the Titanic. His get tough talk and "changes" were all made as smoke screens while the real issues remained....himself, Garrett and those at the top.
  11. BoysFan4ever

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    Harbaugh did go into SF & change the culture there.

    It's embarrassing that per our owner/GM our HC is learning on the job.
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  12. big dog cowboy

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    What a depressing article.

    100% of blame on Jerry.
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  13. Future

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    "Jerry refuses to make changes."

    That's what you said. Saying he refuses to get rid of himself and makes no changes are hugely different.

    What are there, 13 guys still on the team from 2010? Those guys include Miles, Costa, Hatcher, and Spencer who will likely be gone, Ladouceur, Scandrick, Ware, Romo, Dez, Church, and Sean Lee. You're talking about replacing some 45 guys and how ever many coaches. That's far more significant than shuffling chairs...
  14. HoustonFrog

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    Sorry I should have specified...he refuses to make changes to the culture created by himself and Garrett. Part of which has pervaded throughout these 18 years because Jerry wants credit and wants to do it his way.

    See I don't see it as you do. The reason those players are gone is because GM Jerry drafted so poorly that complete drafts were not talented enough to play in the NFL or contribute on the team. That isn't Jerry making changes, that is poor player development where your only choice is to bring in new guys. Overall the core has remained..those whom people look a as the leaders. No blame to them. Jerry can change the REAL issues, he just refuses to and that is what some of the quotes allude to.
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  15. noshame

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    It's a shame, with the money he's spent on players over the last 17 years if he had hired a GM, we'd likely have 2-3 more bowls and he would be regarded as highly as Craft.
  16. Future

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    I'm not going to sit here and say Jerry is a great GM. He's not.

    But I always have a problem with the notion that he's not willing to change or whatever. He's changed his approach to the draft and FA a number of different times, almost on a year by year basis, trying to find stuff that works. He's mixed flashy guys like Dez in early rounds with guys like Fred. He's spent big on Carr and tried to find deals on guys like Bernadeaux. Jerry tries to find things that will push this franchise to the next level, and keeping around perennial pro bowlers like Witten and Ware and to some extent Romo is the same thing every GM would do.
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  17. Gaede

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    If the kid was disadvantaged, what's wrong with that? Motivation comes in any form. If you can successfully push someone's buttons to get them to achieve something good for themselves, then good!
  18. HoustonFrog

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    Again, and I appreciate the well thought out replies, I'm not arguing to some extent that he will try new things. I just find them to be window dressing at times...or attempts to make a splash. Now back in the days when he brought in Haley or Deion...those were attempts to keep a great team at the top or to put them over the top. I think now is a guessing game. How long has it been since we have discussed needing a safety or Dline or Oline. For years those position were ignored. Oline finally got some attention this draft but the glaring weaknesses at Safety and Dline get patches. You are talking about him changing philosophies but overall its mostly the same result. So that goes to him being part of the issue in my book. The Garrett thing really gets under my skin because Jerry is allegedly trying to learn a lesson from Gailey and be more patient. But a) Gailey made the playoffs twice and b) Gailey never amounted to be a good HC elsewhere. So why is he beating himself up and trying to be patient with a guy who is doing less when we should be doing more?

    My hope...and I would be 10000000 to 1 in Vegas, is that Jerry wakes up one day, realizes its not working and changes the two biggest things...who is making personnel decisions and who is coaching the team. Once he gives a strong person the rope things will improve..not switching out coordinators, etc.
  19. ScipioCowboy

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    There's no evidence Garrett is building anything special or noteworthy around here. However, he's a smart guy and maybe he can learn.

    Hopefully, that answer is diplomatic enough to pacify the various factions.
  20. Doomsday

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    They should be the least surprised they saw first hand what happened to the talent level on this team the moment Jimmy left.

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