92 NFC Championship Video

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    I prepared a playlist of an 8 part video. The game is one of the most pivotal games in Cowboys history. The birth of the "Glory Days", and the incarnation of "The Triplets". The road to the Superbowl went through the San Francisco 49ers. With the whooping that Dallas gave the Bills in 92, we can safely say that the real Superbowl wasnt in Pasadena, but right in Candlestick Park.

    I love this game........ http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=070C6B712C379ACE

    Click on "Play all videos" at YouTube. The list will load 1-8.
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    Great work!!
    Love it!!
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    awesome. i was still in elementary school when that game took place. all i remember is the start of the cowboys dynasty, and e. smith taking over the sports world. troy aikman will always be one of my favorite QB's. excellent post!

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