_____ should take the Headphones...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NJCowboy, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. NJCowboy

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    We need a changeup on Offense....Payton has no feel for the game...

    _____ would be a much better choice.
  2. dargonking999

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    So when we bring in the best O-cordnator to caoch our team, and our O still sucks a@@, who will be next Bill PArcells, Jerry Jones.

    How about we blame the QB, the OL, for the pathitic play. Bledsoe has no confidence back there in the pocket,

    and our OL, cant seem to remember who there suppose to block. They stand there looking around like lost souls.

    untill our O plays better it no Offensive Coordnator will get us to win.
  3. calico

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    Payton frustrates the **** out of me.

    He will have some excellent games and some just horrible ones.

    His main problem, especially today, is his inability to adjust to a D early in a game. We did not start to get aggressive until we were down by 17 points. Even after that, the Giants adjusted and we just kept on with the same crap. Hardly ever spread the field and try to kill the blitz...hardly ever went to shotgun to give Drew some time...kept using play action fakes while Drew is under heavy pressure limiting his time to even look down field because he has to execute the fake first.

    When we scored our lone TD, I thought we were just going to run it up the middle again with JJ and he surprised me with the little fade to Glenn....he needs to keep that up and mix things up.
  4. CowboysFan02

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    Everyone who blames the coaches forgets our new OL coach, he should go back to coaching just TE's. The O is hancuffed by the poor OL play.

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