A comprehensive list of other teams message boards or fan sites?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, May 24, 2005.

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    The link below is a fantastic site if you are an NBA fan. It lists all the major message boards the webmaster could find for each team, and then ranks them based on their traffic. It even ranks how annoying ads are at the site and the type of message board format.


    My question is: Is there an NFL site like this? I like to occasionally browse other teams boards, especially during big news, but most of the ones I find are from links at the Zone or a lucky Google search.

    I thought someone could provide a link like the one above or maybe share some of the sites they've found so that we could accumulate our own list?

    Here's some that I've found:

    You all know this one. ExtremeSkins. HUGE Redskins community. Myopic to the last man.


    Here's a fairly active Dolphins site I would check out when the Ricky Williams incident was going down. (or going down again!, and again!)


    An Eagles message board that I found, but I know there has to be better ones than this, somewhere in cyberspace.


    Here's a pretty big Broncos fans site that I was checking out during the Portis/Bailey trade to get their take on it.

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    Maybe all the Admins and Mods should create a 'league' for MBs. Even have a convention.

    Reality - get on this - you can be the first inaugural commissioner - and charge dues.

    (BTW - who wished they created VBulletin? Someone is making a killing....)

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