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    [​IMG] A conversation with Marcellus Wiley

    Defensive end Marcellus Wiley is one of the newest members of the Dallas Cowboys and is amazed at the level of play in which his new teammates show in minicamp. Wiley joined host Rich Eisen on NFL Total Access and couldn't contain his glee for being given the chance to begin his career again with a storied franchise. NFL Total Access airs Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET/PT (aired May 25, 2004).

    Rich Eisen: You're a Cowboy now!

    Marcellus Wiley: Yeah. It feels great being out here. It's my dad's favorite team and I grew up watching them pretty reluctantly, but at the same time I just thought of the stars and the Cowboys as the greatest team. And now to be a part of the organization you can see why they've had so much success. Just the atmosphere and climate around here is a lot different than that before.

    Eisen: What is the difference that you've seen so far between Dallas and San Diego, and maybe even the Buffalo experience?

    Wiley: It's a long list. You start off in Buffalo, which has a great tradition. When I started out there I was behind Bruce Smith, Ted Washington, Phil Hansen, Thurman Thomas -- so a lot of great guys. At the same time, we weren't winning as much. We went to the playoffs a couple years, but going to San Diego was pretty much a low point just because the success on the field wasn't as anticipated. We really struggled on the field and it was just a different organization. It kind of gave credos to what Eli Manning went through during the draft; I understand where he's coming from. Coming to Dallas is just a breath of fresh air already. You see the guys' attitudes, how they approach the game and how they approach the game even though we're just doing our workouts right now. Guys have it in back of their head what their goal is, which is to be playing in the last game in Jacksonville.

    Eisen: Now when Eli Manning was saying that during the draft, or it came out that Eli Manning had told the Chargers, "Do not pick me," were you sitting on your couch somewhere nodding your head silently?

    Wiley: Nodding my head and smiling ear to ear. "Go ahead Eli, say it for me now!" It's different because I don't want to put the guys down because I still have tremendous respect for some of the guys and some of the coaches, but overall I do know where he's coming from. If you look at the history, especially in the last few years, they've a lot of talent go and pretty much the heart and soul in Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison. You see guys leave San Diego and springboard their career no matter what time of their career it is. So you see that, and then you see what's happened at the quarterback position -- I could understand where he was coming from.

    Eisen: You got a coach in Bill Parcells where the expectation and anticipation level is shall we say, high. What did you expect from him and what have you've gotten from him so far?

    Wiley: I've heard he's the master motivator and he knows how to push all your buttons, and he's different for every guy. So he knows every player's personality and it equalizes. So he knows how to get you motivated by saying the smallest of things or sometimes he'll pull you to the side and really get in your face. So far I can see that he's had a keen eye in watching me in the workouts and trying to gather, I guess, some good data so when training camp comes around I think he's going to pour out everything on me so I like him. I've never been around a coach who's at every single workout. When I say every single, I don't mean most days. Every single workout you'll see coach Parcells throughout that time, and after like five minutes for 30 minutes or an hour, just watching our guys, seeing our work ethic so I really respect that.

    Eisen: So basically he's ever-present, huh?

    Wiley: Oh yeah, definitely. He's definitely that guardian angel looking over your shoulder making sure you don't take any plays off even though it's the offseason.

    Eisen: How about those young guys who have joined this program even after you? Drew Henson and Julius Jones -- what have you seen out of these guys and what is your early take on these guys?

    Wiley: I haven't seen Julius Jones yet. He works out in a different group and he's been doing all his rookie premiere and all that kind of stuff that's going to be on your network, so he hasn't been here yet as far as I know. But Drew Henson's been here. I see a lot of quiet confidence in this guy. I think he's going to let all the hoopla reside, and then when training camp comes, he's going to go out there and battle. When know Quincy Carter is our starter and the player we're looking forward to going out there and throwing the ball, but I think that Drew has a solid presence that is going to be show out there once training camp starts.

    Eisen: Which of your new defensive teammates has impressed you most?

    Wiley: I would say Dexter Coakley and Dat Nguyen. Those guys are very impressive because everyday they show up to workout and everyday they're thinking about the big prize, which is the Super Bowl, and they're consistent in how they go after the game. It's like peer pressure here to do the best thing; to go out there and work harder where in San Diego we didn't have that same peer pressure existence once Junior and Rodney left. Here, if you're not doing the best you can do, guys will get on you immediately. They don't even need a coach being in the weight room or anywhere, and I like that because that's going to show up in the game on Sundays when we're all rallying and some guys that are hurt or tired. There's going to be some peer pressure to go out there and make a play.
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    nice read..thanks

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    Thanks homie!!!! ;)
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    Good read - thanks for posting. Hopefully, Parcells can squeeze everything out of Wiley...lord knows, we need him to be back to the level he was at 2-3 years ago.
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    Its nice to see, that he is fitting in well.
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    I'm wanting to see some big things from him this year. After years of wasting time with Ekubust, we need some production from that position.
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    play as well as he talks (to the ladies that is)

    If we can get 8 sacks out of him and 8-10 from Ellis we will be in good shape with the pass rush.
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    I enjoyed that.

    I'm expecting good things from Wiley. I think he's expecting it of himself too.

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