A. Cromartie is a beast...

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Joshmil53, Oct 25, 2012.

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    PFF : Pro Football Focus? My guess. I need to refresh more.
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    Something about this stat doesn't sit right with me, seems like these numbers could be tainted with the amount of long shots down the field vs. little checkdowns or screens. Sure maybe Cromartie is doing well in completion % but avert your gaze a column to the right and you'll see he's given up about 260 yards.

    I hate Cromartie, he gets burnt all the time, gets at least on PI call a game, and people still continue to praise him off of one good year with the Chargers
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    So far Carr has given up about 50 more yards on two more targets with only about 57% completion ratio, 1 td surrendered.

    Both Claiborne and Carr have opp QB ratings over 100... however, again they haven't been targeted much and the low amount of interceptions and TDs given up affects that number pretty greatly.

    Opp QB rating is a pretty poor way to rate a CB, if you ask me. It counts for Brownie Points if anything. A guy like Casey Heyward has a really low opp QB rating, and that's really great for him because he's playing lights out, but guys with higher opp QB ratings aren't necessarily doing poorly.

    Overall, as a CB you never want to hear your name called, so if your not giving the offense many opportunities to throw your way (low targets), then you're doing your job. That should count for much higher than what it does in these rankings... it's essentially a Pass Defensed.

    Overall, both corners are doing well but not making plays... I'm okay with that. We knew that about Carr when we signed him, and Mo' is still a rookie playing it safe.

    This tandem will be good, and Scandrick is a fantastic slot corner.

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