A Few Thoughts on Last Nights Game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JackMagist, Aug 14, 2005.

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    First the QB play. Bledsoe and the first team needs more work they did not look sharp at all. Bledsoe still has the arm for sure but is still slow getting the ball off. However, on a couple of those plays he did not have time to throw; Dan Marino couldn’t have gotten the ball off in the time he had of one or two of those plays. So the O-Line is going to have to step it up.

    I think Romo may have laid to rest the idea of bringing back Vinny. At least I would have hoped he did. His throws were crisp and on the money and he threw with touch as well on a couple of plays. Some QBs never learn to throw a touch pass. He had the good fortune of having Witten in the game with him and the extreme bad fortune of having Tucker in the game with him. I feel certain that they would have had a TD on his 2nd drive had it not been for the many holding calls and mis-ques beyond Romo’s control.

    Henson showed enough to not get cut. He was sharp on many of his passes but some of them just made you wonder “What the hell was that?”. He did have Crayton in the game with him at least part of the time and they made some nice hookups. But the thing that kept most of Henson’s drives going was Tyson Thompson.

    As for RB play; Julius did not get enough work to even get comfortable and the starting O-Line once again disappointed. He did not look great but then again he did not have the lanes to run in and no outside plays were called for him. He does have the speed to get outside.

    Anthony Thomas did not get much work but looked pretty good in his limited role, solid but not spectacular. The same could pretty much be said for Marion Barber as well, solid but not spectacular.

    However, Tyson Thompson really impressed me. The dude is fast and can run with power as well; while not as elusive or nifty as Julius he just has blazing speed. I have now officially jumped on the Tyson Thompson bandwagon and feel (at this point) that he should be the guy to be the number two behind Julius.

    As for the WR corps the ONLY one to impress was Crayton. The play that got called back in the backward drive was very impressive. It showed his desire and drive to be a great football player. He was also the only receiver out there giving Henson a consistent target later in the game.

    And on the O-Line I think that Gurode did not really establish himself as a starting caliber C and I thought Al Johnson looked much better. Of course they were going against different opponents so the jury is still out. Meanwhile Flozell stunk up the joint; that was about as poor of a performance as I have seen from him since he was a rookie.

    At the Tackles I have a feeling that Rob Pettiti will be our starter come opening day. Rob had a solid game and had only a couple of rookie mistakes. Rogers lost his starting job last night either way; if he is injured for real then he will be out long enough for Rob to take it away from him. And if he was just being cautious because he had a twinge then BP is going to think he is just a Wuss and needs to grow a pair; and I by the way would have to agree. I am less and less impressed with Rogers and I have never been on his bandwagon all that much. He runs to the trainer with every little tweak or twinge or he “can’t get comfortable” on the right side. It is time for him to stop whining and go play some damn football or go find a new job and quit wasting our time.

    On the defense it was hard to tell a great deal about how that is going to work. They looked pretty good out there for the most part. Newman looked a lot better than last year and made some good plays and made solid tackles; he had one play that did not look good but he made the tackle at least. Glenn didn’t get his named called much which is a good thing for a cover corner; he seemed to have his man covered so well they didn’t throw at him. Henry is a beast and looks to be worth every penny we paid him; score one big one from the FA market.

    Roy Williams was back to doing what he does best and I was happy to see him laying the wood once again up on the LOS. Davis was a bit disappointing in his play; he should have had the tackle at least or better yet the breakup on that TD pass to Fitzgerald.

    Ware looked pretty good though he didn’t really get a chance to do his thing since ‘Zona was playing so much 3 wide stuff. But Ware did look pretty good in coverage for a former DE who has never had to cover before. It was hard to get a real sense of how Canty was doing but he was always in the mix and around the ball or the QB. I think he will be fine.

    Had a few other random thoughts but this is getting long so I’ll leave it at that.
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    What passes on henson are you talking about? HIs only flutter ball was a throwaway.
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    The screen pass that went into the ground at the receiver’s feet was another that made you wonder. And he had several that he threw away when he really did not have pressure, he still had time to wait for the receivers to come open but he threw it away prematurely IMO. He was not in eminent danger of being sacked and just needs to improve his pocket awareness. Also, on a couple of other throws he was just off the mark. He didn't look as good or as confident as Romo but I will give him this much, he didn't look any worse than Bledsoe.
  4. Tio

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    I guess we didn't see the same game. That screen pass henson had a defender pulling him down. I guess some people expect accuracy no matter what. Henson had to consistantly shift in the pocket, he had more zip on the ball than romo or Bledsoe. I didn't like romo's play after witten left.
  5. JackMagist

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    What didn't you like about Romo's play? He only had two incomplete passes all night. All of the holding and offside calls had nothing to do with Romo.
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    Talk about damning with faint praise. No chance you're a Romo supporter, is there Jack? BTW, I'm a Henson supporter, but I can admit that Romo looked good. And I'm happy about that. The competition will be good for both of them.
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    I thought Romo had plenty of zip on his balls. How about that Tom Crowder, eh? Oh and I'm not against Al Johnson at all but I am pretty sure I saw him get pushed around on a few plays, once on a running play where his guy came off and made the arm tackle, and another on a pass play where he got pushed back into the QB. I missed most of the first team though so I can't compare him to Gurode.
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    Yes I do like Romo and I think he is underrated here in the board, but if Henson is the man that is fine too. I am really no more of a Romo supporter than a Henson supporter. I just posted what I saw in the game.

    I want one of them to step up and push Bledsoe for the starting job and at this point Romo seems closer to it than Henson. I have said many times that while this seems to be the situation this year next year will be the telling year for Henson.
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    I thought Henson did fine. The screen he threw at the feet of the RB was because he was getting dragged down by a defender. He had some nice throws and yes, some nice throwaways. He didn't make any mistakes that would've killed the team and he led a drive (along with Thompson's running) that had the team in position to win the game.

    I'm not a big Henson supporter, but I think he did fine. I was encouraged by Romo and Henson.
  10. Tio

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    The fact that he along with our entire offense dissapeared when witten left.
  11. Cbz40

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    I'm a young QB supporter.......I have let it be known I favor Henson.

    Having said that.....There has always been one thing that has always impressed me about Romo and that is the "look in his eye". You know.......the one "Seabiscuit had". The look of a champion. The kid is a gamer.

    Whether he has the physical skills too carry it through......????

    Henson has the same look in his eye as well.......

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    Finally a sain and rational analysis! :bow: We certainly have work to do but I don't think the season is lost. I believe were in a much better position than last year!
  13. JackMagist

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    So it was Romo's fault that the 20 yarder that he hit to Crayton to make up for the 20 lost by Tucker was called back and instead of being on the 16 due to Romo's effort we were on the 41 due to someone elses mistake? Got it :rolleyes:
  14. Yeagermeister

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    Maybe Dale's pep talk the other day had Romo fired up :D
  15. Tio

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    Uhh no, it wasn't. Im blaming romo for his performance. He was late on the potential td pass to crayton, he threw it behind crayton on the third down play and was saved by a penalty. Most of all, he wasn't a leader.
  16. MissionCoach

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    Next game Romo and Henson flip flop. I am anxious to see what Henson can do with Witten on the field.
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    Sorry, there man, for the record I like Henson, but thats not a fair comment on Romo.

    I think there was nothing lacking on Romo's part as far as leadership is concerned, IMO. I do think from what I have seen in three years from, there is some physical drawbacks, that have to be schemed to get over or maybe in time with some real NFL experience, Romo might overcome ( much like Steve Young, who I think I can compare Romo to, IMO, in physical stature, i.e. Height).

    I personally think Romo might be a perfect fit for WC offense. He might even have a chance to be star. Maybe thats what BP will do, if he becomes the starter. Design the O, to fit Romo better ( rollouts, quick throws etc.).
  18. JackMagist

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    I didn't see the late part it looked on time to me though I heard the announcers say it, it didn't look that way to me. It was a little to much inside and had he thrown it a foot or even 6 inches farther outside it would have been a touchdown. It took a very good to great defensive play to deflect that pass as it was so I fail to see that as a "bad pass".

    In any case this discussion with you is pointless since you are obviously anti-Romo and no matter how well he played it will not be good enough for you.
  19. JackMagist

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    As am I MC. It will be interesting to watch.
  20. kartr

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    Romo is a third stringer who was playing against backups. He wont look nearly as good against starters.

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