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A general consensus on new Dallas Cowboy Travis Frederick...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN: 1st rated C, 87th player overall, 3rd-4th round projection.

    Assisting him moving forward into the NFL will be his smarts and his ability to handle being the leader of the offensive line. He has the dual versatility to help a team at C or G and he comes out of a program that has supplied NFL teams with a lot of quality offensive linemen over the years.


    Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly: 1st rated C, 9th overall rated OL, 48th player overall, 2nd-3rd round projection.

    Started final 27 games of college at G and C, showing versatility and experience. Large, physical, short-area blocker who can wall off with NFL strength. Would be the biggest C in the league and may project to a G in a power-based blocking scheme. Shed weight prior to the combine.


    Frank Coyle, Draft Insiders Digest: 2nd rated C, 60th player overall, 3rd round projection.

    Tough saavy pivotman with experience vs. top competition in a physical conference. His fine intangibles and leadership skills combined with his skill set and size gives him a starting grade early in his career. Fine technician with good wrestling background. Marginal top 75 prospect with the talent to be a reliable starter with the work ethic to get the most out of his athleticism. Durable saavy starting center.


    Scouts Inc., ESPN: 1st rated C, 70th player overall, 3rd round projection.

    Frederick is a nasty, versatile interior lineman who also has experience at G. He is an effective hand-fighter who locks on and has the power base to create movement once in position. In terms of pass protection, he can anchor against power and masks his athletic limitations with sound footwork. It should also come as no surprise that a Wisconsin offensive lineman who can play multiple positions has great football I.Q. and rarely loses because of mental mistakes.


    Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout: 1st rated C, 56th player overall, 2nd round projection.

    Top-notch football I.Q. and overall intelligence to recognize what the defense is doing and adjust the line. Has bulked up and added to his frame, carrying his weight well for a 335-plus pounder. Mobile enough to get to the second level and block in space. Works hard with his technique and doesn't make many mistakes. Fights with a finishing attitude. Lacks elite athleticism and has some stiffness in his hips.
  2. Gaede

    Gaede Well-Known Member

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    Sounds about right. Everyone likes him, just have him rated lower than where we picked him.
  3. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    That about sums it up.
  4. Duane

    Duane Active Member

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    Good stuff Risen. Thanks for the scouting reports.
  5. HoosierCowboy

    HoosierCowboy Put Pearson in the HOF

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    ...and all the experts are wrong most of the time. Go back and see what they all said about Jamarcus Russel and Tom Brady.
  6. jnday

    jnday Well-Known Member

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    I like Frederick and like most of these rankings, he was a late second/early third round type pick to me. I find it hard to believe that Dallas had him ranked 22 on their board. It is a reach. I don't care what they say.
  7. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    Going into the draft, I would have been ecstatic if Dallas has picked him at 47. The universal good news is that there isn't much doubt that he is an upgrade, so everyone should be pretty happy with the player himself.
  8. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    We likely could have picked him at 47.
  9. blindzebra

    blindzebra Benched

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    Can we stop with the pre-draft rankings crap?

    He would not have been there at 47.

    You had 3 OTs go in the first 4 picks. 2 guards in the top 10. Pugh and Long who will be changing positions to add to their learning curve go a full round early.

    Fredericks biggest strengths are our biggest weakness...no pocket to step up in and push in the running game.

    Geesh. :rolleyes:
  10. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    Yep. They are taking a whoopin from the talking heads for good reason today.
  11. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    You don't know that, period.

    Someone probably would have stated "Floyd won't be there at 23" as well, but he was.

    Frederick was taken too early. Period. It's ok to disagree with Jerrah, you know. In fact, given his track record, it's usually a sign of intelligence.
  12. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

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    4 words= solid player over drafted
  13. btcutter

    btcutter Well-Known Member

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    If another C is taken in the 2nd round then this turns out to be a GREAT pick as he would have not been available or chance or being available. Then it would have turn into another we WANTED that kid but stayed put and let another team pluck him from right in front of us scenario.
  14. blindzebra

    blindzebra Benched

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    Did you watch the draft?

    OL were flying off the board and after Warmack they all were going earlier than projected.
  15. btcutter

    btcutter Well-Known Member

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    If he starts for us or plays well for the next decade then it's great value. Right now.....just OK pick. C is about right grade.
  16. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    So if all the other people in the other teams' war rooms had jumped off a cliff, the cowboys should have too?

    That's some amazing logic there, BZ. Truly amazing.
  17. blindzebra

    blindzebra Benched

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    Frederick is going to be a difference maker on our offense, so it is a cliff I will gladly jump from because I will splash in the playoffs.
  18. Mr Cowboy

    Mr Cowboy Well-Known Member

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    perfectly said!
  19. burmafrd

    burmafrd Well-Known Member

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    BS. Let me say it again. BS.

    When you look at the FACT that Pugh and Long and other O line players were reached for; and how fast it was happening, then the Boys actually reacted CORRECTLY.

    For you gomers whining about VALUE that is STUPID.

    Let met repeat that


    What matters is getting the best player you can.

    Fredrick was the best center in the draft.

    We need to upgrade Center.


    So we took him earlier then he was ranked.

    SO WHAT?

    Tom Brady went in the 6th Round.

    Joe Montana went in the 3rd.

    Sometimes you really have little choice - and last night if the boys wanted to be SURE to upgrade at Center they felt they had to move THEN and THERE.

    Frankly I think they were right.
  20. boysfanindc

    boysfanindc Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    I have got to say after watching all the video of him that I could find, I must say I am impressed.

    D lineman get no push on him when he is in pass protection, he basically stops them where they are lined up. When he does not have a man directly over him, he seems very effective in determining which Guard needs help and moving in that direction with a nice punch.

    If he stays at center I can see him making both of our guards better with his ability to help.

    In run blocking he always seem to be able to get into his man and turn him away from the hole, opening up nice running lanes.

    I know his 40 times where pretty bad, but he seems to have enough quickness to get to the second level and he gets out of his stance very quickly.

    All in all he seems like a very solid addition to a area of a huge need.

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