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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Apr 27, 2013.

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    3(74) Terrance Williams WR Baylor

    Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN: 11th rated WR, 93rd rated player overall, 3rd-4th round projection.

    With Kendall Wright moving on to the NFL, Williams stepped up his game in 2012 and became both the go-to receiver and the Bears' vocal leader. He has good size and a smooth, gliding style. His fluid nature hides his deceptive speed and he brings good hands and a real toughness to the table. Now projecting him into the NFL is tricky because the question with him will be, how much separation will he get vs. NFL cornerbacks? Williams' burst out of his break is just average and he made a lot of catches in the open field thanks to Baylor spreading the field so often. However, he can make the catch when he's covered, using his body like a power forward boxing out for a rebound. At the pro level, he'll need better burst to gain separation and if he can find that, he has the size, hands and natural receiving skills to be a decent to good #2 WR in the NFL.


    Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly: 6th rated WR, 49th player overall, 2nd-3rd round projection.

    Smoother than sudden, Williams is a tall, lean, narrow framed, high-cut "X" receiver whose production exceeds his measurables. Has a ceiling as an outside-the-numbers #2 receiver with vertical ability.


    Frank Coyle, Draft Insiders Digest: 8th rated WR, 70th player overall, 2nd-3rd round projection.

    Fast prospect with the physical talent to be an impact player in time in his NFL career. His developing receiving skills of excellent body control, leaping ability and hands may merit him a rookie starting job. He has quality talent that will fit in any type of offense, but is especially effective deep where he can take the lid off the defense. He will probably be chosen in the top 75 picks and could land in the mid 2nd day. He had an impressive pro day, running in the low 4.4 times and catching well. Talented receiver with the skill set to be an early NFL starter.


    Scouts Inc., ESPN: 8th rated WR, 59th player overall, 2nd-3rd round projection.

    Williams is a limited short-to-intermediate route runner who will have problems separating from underneath man coverage, unless he improves the way he sets up his breaks. He could also become more consistent with his hands. He's a good value in the late 2nd-3rd round area because he can take the top off coverages. He is a long strider who tracks the deep ball well and is also athletic enough to come down with jump balls.


    Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout: 8th rated WR, 60th player overall, 2nd round projection.

    Williams looks the part with a lengthy frame and vertical speed to create separation downfield, showing excellent footwork along the sideline. Has some creative ability to make something happen with the ball in his hands. Gliding athlete with smooth acceleration and long-striding speed. Good body control and balance for his size with smooth transitions and movements. Not a burner but catches the ball in stride and has the flexibility to make tough catches. Average route runner who needs continued improvement.
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    I like Williams but would have preferred Stedman Bailey. Stedman is a tough as nails
    Player who is a good downfield blocker, excels on ST's and has great hands. If not for
    an injury this past season that slowed him down he would have broken the single seaso
    TD receiving record.
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    You are overrating Bailey. I think he won't do much in the NFL. Small, system WR don't normally translate.
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    When Williams was still on the board at the start of the 3rd round he tweeted "There will be hell to pay. #markmywords".

    Hey, at least the kid has attitude.
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    Bailey may ne 5'10" but he plays much bigger. He goes and gets the ball and plays very physical. I don't think he'll be a suoerstar but he'll be a Hines Ward tyoe player that will do a lot of things for you. As for system every team plays some kind of system. Most teams now days play some sort of spread. I liked what Bailey did after the catch.

    As for Williams, I like the kid a lot. He'll stretch the field for us and ooen up space underneath for crossing routes and for our TE's. I think he'll be a solid #3 WR for us.
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    RS, thanks for the great threads. Could you do me a favor and post the links for the draftees in the threads. I'd like to add them to the sticky draft picks thread. Or PM me. Thanks again.
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    I agree. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite happy with TW but I personally would've taken Bailey. I think TW has more in-line speed, Bailey seems more sudden to me and I think he'll do well getting separation. We obviously wanted someone who is taller and can play on the outside to push Austin into the slot...fine...I'm cool with TW. If Bailey is a system WR, then so is Austin and TW and Randle is a system RB....I think they'll all be pretty good pros.
    What I like about both Bailey and TW is they both track the ball really well and then go up and get it often outfighting DBs for it. Both are scrappy, I love that in a WR. Obviously TW is about 3 inches taller and can go up higher and get it. However, when you look at their combine measurements:
    Bailey: 5' 10", 193 lbs, 40 time: 4.52, vertical leap: 34.5, arm length: 32 3/4"
    TW: 6' 2", 208 lbs, 40 time: 4.52, vertical leap: 32.5, arm length: 31 1/4"

    you see that TW is taller and the extra 15 lbs will serve him well, 40 times are identical, Bailey makes up the 3 inches of height loss to TW with an extra inch in wingspan plus two inches in vertical leap. All in all, looks almost like a bit of a coin-toss as both put up huge numbers. In defense of our pick, I can see TW complementing our suite better than Bailey as his strength is stretching the D deep and lining up outside whereas Bailey seems more like a slot which we already have two good ones....Austin and Harris with Beasley and Coale behind them. Neither Coale or Beasley look that capable of lining up outside. I hope TW becomes a monster and Bailey flops, I'll gladly eat some crow.
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    Man, I really hate Kiper Jr. why his word is taken over those that have actually been in the game and lived the sport is beyond me.
  9. RastaRocket

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    I might rather have Keenan Allen but not Bailey.
  10. visionary

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    he didnt say "i will use that as motivation to prove everyone wrong"

    does that count?:)
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    Yea, you're right. Why would we want a guy who had 25 TD receptions in a single season? If not for an injury in the middle of the season that slowed him down he would have broken the single season TD record. But yea, we don't need a guy who all he does is score TD's.
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    Has anyone leaks where Williams was on our board?
  13. ThreeandOut

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    He supposedly had an early second round grade.
  14. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Williams has a chip on his should and I love it! He knows he good...
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    Some of those scounting reports sound like ones for Torrie Smith when the Ravens drafted him.
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    TW is will serve our offense (Dez) better than than Bailey or Allen, both which are very dynamic receivers. This is exactly the type of receiver that we needed. Yes, he may be in step with Bailey at the 40 but at 50 yards he has 1 more yards of seperation and the height and reach are a distinct advantage. Football is a game of inches.

    He will take the top off and keep safety's honest, much like Irvin and Harper. Many people complained about taking a WR but the learning cuve in the NFL dictates that you take them before you need them. Dez is exceptional and he is just now coming into his own. And for all the Harris fans this will just make him that much better.
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    i saw a fair amount of Baylor's games this past year but as i was rewatching TW's highlights a few things were noticeable:
    1) Guy is lethal on the post, slant, and skinny post as he's fast, does a great job selling it, then shields the defender and goes and gets the ball
    2) he looks faster than his 4.52 40, he just flat out runs away from people once he gets past them
    3) does a GREAT job keeping his feet in bounds along the sidelines, and back corners
    4) fights for the ball at the apex rather than letting it come down and allowing the DB to make a play on the ball
    5) Tracks the ball well over the shoulder even when there are defender arms in the way
    overall, I could really see some Alvin Harper in this guy. Really hope he works out great for us.

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