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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by joseephuss, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. joseephuss

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    If theU beat FSU
    and FSU beat BYU
    and BYU beat OU
    then does theU beat OU?
  2. CATCH17

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    Correct. Good work.

    In all honesty though I think Miami is a terrible match up for OU.

    OU can stop teams that aren't balanced well offensively.

    If you are strictly a passing team. OU will stop it for the most part.

    If you are strictly a running team than its the same result.

    But a balanced team like Miami will give them fits. Especially if they have any success running the ball and go to their playaction game.

    I also don't think the Sooners will do well against the Miami defense.

    OU is a sideline to sideline running team. That plays right into Miami's strength.

    The big question is can OU protect their QB? Miami has all of their ends back now so it will be tough. They are getting terrific play from their front 7.

    I feel like if OU wants to have a shot in this game they have to create turnovers, obviously, and have big plays on Special teams.

    Miami's Speacial teams have been extremely un-impressive. Especially kickoff coverage.

    Miami still has Va. Tech though and thats a team that can expose their special teams. They shouldn't look ahead.
  3. switzersflask

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    All I know is OU better come correct because Miami is going to be ready for this.

    Miami won't see a better defense this season, but our offense will probably struggle.

    34-24 OU in a dogfight.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    Great question.

    While I don't think that math means a Miami victory is certain, it should be a very good game.
  5. joseephuss

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    Hopefully Miami doesn't slip up and lose to VaTech this weekend. I would like to see an undefeated Miami face OU. If theU can win both those games they will be in the top 5. I have no dog in the fight. It should just be some good football to watch and enjoy.
  6. switzersflask

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    Yes, it will definitely be one of the more exciting ballgames this season.

    It's an historic match-up. I was blessed to be able to attend the OU/Miami game in '07 and just seeing those two uniforms on the field together sent chills down my spine.

    I wish the outcome of the upcoming game between the two could be the same as '07, but I don't think either team will allow this one to get out of hand.

    We'll find out if the Sooners are for real when this game rolls around. They showed promise last week, but it was Tulsa so I'm just gonna wait awhile and see how they do against serious speed and athletic ability.

    I know it sounds like a biased pick, but I think Stoops and co. will have this team ready in two weeks time for this ballgame. The reason I say it's unbiased is because I was predicting OU to lose to Tulsa AND Miami a few weeks back. lol...

    We gotta long way to go, but I feel that if we can get past Miami, there will be a nice little conference trophy waiting on us later in the year.... again. :)
  7. Route 66

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    To shut Tulsa out was a feat in and of itself, especially when OU's defense shut out a team that had the #1 ranked offense in all of College football last year.
  8. switzersflask

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    Yeah but they were just outmatched from the get go. It was an impressive offensive effort, but I'm not ready to give it up to 'em yet.

    I exercise in Memorial Stadium on a daily basis and just so happened to walk in while Tulsa was going through their pre game walk-thrus Friday afternoon. They just looked small and there wasn't anything intimidating about them. I remember looking to my buddy and saying, "Get a good look, that's cattle chosen for slaughter."


    We'll find out what OU's all about when they head to Miami which will be extremely hostile towards the men in Crimson.
  9. Biggems

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    if A beats B, B beats C, C beats D.......that doesnt mean that A beats D.....it is all about matchups, where the game takes place, and the time of the game....and don't forget about injuries as well.
  10. switzersflask

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