A Note For The Redskins Fans Showing Up This Week

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Hostile, Sep 24, 2008.

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    Hey Hostile you can send the redskins fans to AbsoluteCowboys.com we'll eat them for breakfast..... :lmao2: they won't know what they are getting into over there.
  2. MONT17

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    Bring it skins fans. Ur team may win 10 games this year but u r still the doormat of the nfceast but then again u r used to it. All u skins fans who know more about football than ur owner d snyder or those who know more about callin plays than ur coaches or u guys who can read a defense better than ur startin QB. Judgement day is quickly upon you!
  3. Spytheweb

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    You guys really do have thin skin.
  4. Sam I Am

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    Does Brandon Jacob's ring say Manning on the side? :lmao2: :lmao:
  5. Faerluna

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    You wanted to buy a vowel, you say?

  6. dargonking999

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    It's one thing to be called a troll when your posting the Redskins are the greatest ****!!!! threads, or to be called a deadskin fan, etc, and its another thing to come on to a cowboy board, and blatantly call cowboy fans, a large range of derogatory names. What team board do you know of that allows opposing teams fans to come on and talk not only bad about the team, but the fans as well. They have nothing to add to the site, they are not engaging in discussion, they are not doing anything productive. They have simply came over here to talk noise create a bigg fuss and then go back to extremeskins, and laugh at how "we got so upset when i said". Hos has just let the fans know in advance that this kind of posting won't be tolerated and they will be banned. Don't need anyone complaining that we didn't warn them.

    At least thats what i got from it
  7. BraveHeartFan

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    I'm not talking about extremely offensive things. I know those aren't allowed, nor should they be, but some of his examples were changing the name of the team in some of the posts. That's harmless and we do it to Skins fans all the time call them Deadskin, foreskins, etc, etc.

    That was my only point. It just seems really silly that we're saying "We'll beat our chest and come up with these funny variations of your teams name but you DON'T DARE DO IT TO OURS".

    That was all. Overly rude and troll behavior of course I don't expect Hos to allow.

    I've never been to ES (In regards to the poster who asked earlier) and I likely won't ever go there. I've found one Skins forum to go to and got lucky and found a really great one that the people are chill and don't mind a fan of the Cowboys, with differeing opinion, dropping buy and hanging out. Now if I went in there and acted like a D-bag, yeah I'd get banned. But I wouldn't get warned about calling them Deadskins or what not. They'd simply take that as the fun trash talk that goes on between fans and they'd give it right back.

    *Shrugs* Like I said I'll be in the minority on this one.
  8. Hostile

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    No they wouldn't. They don't tolerate that at all. Nor should they.
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    Ok. Whatever. Like I said I actually go there and I've never had any issue with this sort of thing. But believe what you like.
  10. Idgit

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    For the record, I only complained because I thought the guy was insulting my foreskin.
  11. DallasEast

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    I've sometimes thought that Redskins fans were a little fruity between the ears...
  12. Hostile

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    You haven't had any issues because you are a decent, respectful poster who has earned some trust. A brand new poster dropping insults will not last.
  13. BraveHeartFan

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    This could be.
  14. ThreeSportStar80

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    Omg, great thread! We can bash them all we want! :D
  15. AmishCowboy

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    The Redskins fans here get far,far more leeway then Cowboy fans due at ES. It's just things come to a head the weeks we play.
  16. StylisticS

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    Will you add anything to the site by actually talking about the game of football for once or will you just continue to troll your way through threads with worthless one liners striving to seek attention like a 2 year old? It's ok to be a guest. It's not ok if you stop acting like one.
  17. Signals

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    The blood of the lamb has been sprinkled on the door post.
  18. BraveHeartFan

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    Don't worry about him. After we beat the Giants down the line here he won't even comeback to the forums anyway.
  19. silverbear

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    Exactly... and my take is, those Skins fans are guests on our board, and as guests, it's incumbent on them to be respectful of "our house"... if they can't, show them the door...

    Talk football trash all you want, but leave the juvenile name-calling behind, or get banned... seems eminently fair to me...
  20. killdaskins

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    This thread ROCKS! I can't stand deadskins how dare they abuse our beloved Cowboys. After Sunday they will be forced to :bow:

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