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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Mar 29, 2014.

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    We've have had some really good QB's over the years which probably helped forge the "Americas Team." We also had some really good defenses over the years which seem to get overshadowed.
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    AWESOME PIC.....just goose-bumpy memory-stirring awesome. Thanks. Except for Eddie Labaron, they remind me of the days when I didn't just hope the Cowboys would win, I expected them to.
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  3. Risen Star

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    I have the recreation of the original with Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe, Tony Romo and Jason Garrett.

    Sequels always suck.
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    Ha ha ha ha!
    Now that was funny!

    Godfather 2 didn't suck...
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 2 didn't... well it sucked, but it wasn't any more sucky than AKT 1.
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    @TwoDeep3 morton was traded to giants not denver. he went to denver after 3 years with giants
  6. DallasEast

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  7. zrinkill

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    He was a Giants fan by that time.

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  8. Plankton

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    Morton was actually traded to the Giants in 1974 for a first round pick that turned out to be Randy White.

    After Morton was released by the Giants, he signed with Denver, and won Comeback Player of the Year in 1977 when he led the Broncos to the Super Bowl. He played with Denver until 1982.
  9. TwoDeep3

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    Age catches up with you and then you forget....wait, what was the question?

    Thanks for thew head's up.
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  10. RastaRocket

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    Quincy here, reporting for duty!
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  11. CalCBFan

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    Where did you get this photo, and did you collect the autographs yourself. To quote CooterBrown, "AWSOME", just awesome...
  12. physeter

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    You forgot Ryan Leaf
  13. BigStar

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    Thanks for the links TD
  14. burmafrd

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    From what I have heard if Landry had remained the coach Aikman would have been the pick so that is somewhat reasonable to have him there.
  15. cml750

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    I know what you mean!!!!:eek: I swear I will have Alzheimers one day. I think I could hide my own Easter eggs now.
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  16. CooterBrown

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    In fact, Tex Schram said after they drafted Michael Irvin, "Next year we'll draft Troy Aikman to throw the ball to him."

    A lot of fans don't know that Irvin was a Landry player.
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  17. jazzcat22

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    Yes, and on a local interview back in 1988 as they were standing in the endzone at Texas Stadium, Irvin said I will be celebrating in this spot a quite often, or something to that effect.
  18. burmafrd

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    it is arguable that since 1961 and Eddie Lebaron no team in the NFL has had such consistently excellent to great QB play as the Boys have had.

    Eddie, Dandy Don, Craig, Roger, Danny, Troy and then Tony. Only after Danny got injured did we even have a bad period until Troy took over. Then the second one after troy and before Tony. A total of about 8 seasons out of 53.

    and from Eddie through Danny no team in the NFL in any way shape or form was really close. Probably the closest was the 49rs with Brodie then Montana then Young. But they had some gaps in the early 60's and after Brodie and before Montana. And since Young they had a long dry spell that looks like they might be getting out of. Trying to remember the guy they had after Young; he was very over rated.
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  19. cej757

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    I know he didn't win a Super Bowl but Danny White was my guy growing up as a kid. I will take a few NFC Championship games over what I'm getting now any day.
  20. DavidS

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    Yes you are

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