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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joseephuss, Oct 13, 2005.

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    You ever see a stat posted about a receiver and first downs. The one that says that so and so receiver has 50 of their 60 catches that have gone for first downs or that 85% of their catches go for first downs. I have always found the stat kind of comical. It just has no reference point. They state it as if 85% or whatever is a good number. They don't ever show how it ranks to league leaders or the league average. It just sounds good because it is a high number. Everything is relative, so what is it related to? This isn't a stat used all the time and been made part of the establishment, so it is easy to sneak in and pass it off as if it means so much.

    Look at baseball hitters. If a guy hits the ball 31.5% of the time, you know what that means. You know that it is a good percentage because that statistic is very common and well known and utilized for every hitter. It has substance.

    Plus most receivers average over 10 yards a reception, so most of their receptions should go for first downs anyway.

    Just typing down thoughts instead of working. :)
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    My favorite pointless stat is when someone cites "When RB, Blah Blah rushes for over 100 yards the team has a record of 194 and 1."

    ...as if, just getting the RB 100 yards will bring victory.

    Has it ever occurred to these knuckleheads that when a team is winning, they run the ball more....therefore, it's MUCH more likely that a RB will have 100 yards?
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    They used to say that with Dorsett a lot. Then, in 1988, Dorsett got a hundred yard game with the Broncos, Dallas won, and some announcer quipped, "Dallas wins when Dorsett gets 100 yards for another team."
  4. Juke99

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    Funny stuff.
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    The stat I would like to see, is how many TD's RB's have of less than 5 yards.

    How many times have we seen the Playmaker catch and tackled at the 1 yard line to see Emmitt get the 1 YARD TD run. Talk about lowering a RB's Avg. per carry.

    My reasoning is, how long would the run go for if it was at the 10 yard line. I know the defenses play it differently, but would still be interesting.
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    How about when the RB scores 5 or more touchdowns, the team is 43-0 :lmao:
  7. Paniolo22

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    or when the quarterback fling 7 tds, 112-0 :lmao2:
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    how about parcells record that got snapped by the skins :skins: It was after he has the lead in the 4th quarter, he is 77-0. no joke now he's 77-1

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