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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PoetTree, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Amid the disappointment of this season I just thought I'd point out a positive that I attribute to good coaching, and that is the marked improvement of Tyson Thompson's running ability. Now, in truth, I'd like to see him at running back in order to assess how his newfound ability might effect his production at tailback. But am I the only one who noticed how much more elusive Thompson became as a kick returner as the year went on?

    Early in the season he'd use his incredible speed to nearly break a return to the house, but would almost invariably run right into the kicker or another defender because he just didn't seem to have any wiggle or particular cutting ability. This was evident whenever he ran as a tailback, too. It was what I thought would hold him back as a runner, 'cause that position certainly requires one to make people miss.

    But as the season wore on... and just check the Rams video for evidence of this... he really started taking sharp cuts and making people miss in the open field on his kickoff returns. It excited me, I must say. Enough so that I'd really like to see him running out of the backfield again, just to see if he's now learned how to make that first defender miss. If so, his ridiculous speed could make him quite a weapon on offense, as well.

    But yeah, anyway, I'd attribute his improvement in this area to good coaching. He was obviously instructed on how to become a better returner/runner & it paid off. I mean, as a rookie, the guy broke the all-time single-season Cowboys return record. Impressive. And he's only bound to get better as his career wears on.

    So, the season may have been a disappointment. But hey, there are some positives to take away.


    Peace and Love

    - PoetTree -
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    To be honest friend I did not notice it...but do you think that would be the special teams coach or the running backs coach doings?...I am not at all sure it wasn't TT himself watching film that did it...
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    He also fumbled in each of the last two games. Not sure I'd call that a marked improvement, but I won't ruin the silver lining in your cloud.
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    i like thompson as well and with some experience, can become a threat on kickoffs.

    the one who gets me more excited is newman returning punts. the guy has a burst and he's got good awareness and vision. his style reminds me of deion sanders back in his prime.
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    Now he did look good didn't he:D
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    Yeah, I didn't notice either. 34 yard line and a cloud of dust!!
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    What is wrong with the 34 yard line? Thompson had a couple of good returns this season that set up the offense. I don't think he has done enough where Dallas doesn't just sit pat, but he appears solid enough to put back there if they don't find any one else.
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    I also did notice that he didn't just run into the pile as the season wound down. That was probably coaching, and if he continues to run to daylight sometimes, he can be explosive. BTW, taking the ball to the 34 yardline is outstanding, and also, Newman should be the full time return man just as Deion was.

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