A Statement to the Cowboys fans from me...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Compacity, Dec 20, 2005.

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    I think right now at this part of the season, at this position we are in right now, we need to look foward to the panthers game, every fan heart is at risk now, and I think we did better than we thought we would at the very first part of the off-season.

    I think somebody should get in contact with the media to say the fans will support Cowboys all the way...An Article that says "Fans want Cowboys to win here on out" and tell J. Taylor or T. Cowlishaw to write the story up, and give the Cowboys some good publicity, help them out...

    Them guys in there needs confidence right now, and after getting demolished by the redskins, it's like a mood killer...diffently after beating the chiefs, must I add a team Washington lost to.

    I think we as the fans need to be more supportive, in telling our opinion what the team needs to do, and maybe all of the things we take polls on and report it to a DMN writers or DC.com writers, they probably could get it to Bill Parcells and he probably would use the idea, and study our idea to see if we have a point about what we need to change...

    Im saying the more fans write to the media and the writers we can make a some strong points parcells or jerry jones should consider...

    Let's just think how can we beat the Panthers...

    But we need to make strong points about what we are talking about...

    Im saying how many fans want to take part in doing this for their team?
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    My dc report which matches your idea precisely.

    Time to back the Boys.
    Yes you heard right. After a beating of epic proportions in a game where everyone (of the good guys) clearly quit its time to bow up and back the Cowboys.

    Right now if when they need to win. 2 games left to go in this regular season and Dallas will very, very likely need both to make the playoffs.
    Chances are excellent that a win will result in a playoff birth.
    So let's forget abotu the game that wasn't and move on to whats important.
    Really important.
    Dealing with the Carolina Panthers' outstanding DL.

    The Boys are again underdogs like they were when the season started and that worked well enough for them that they got to 7-3.
    They are underdogs largely because Torrin Tucker and Rob Petitti are really struggling in pass defense and the line as whole has been unable to run block.

    Carolina flat stops the run allowing around 87 yards per game. That right at 20 less than Washinton has given up for instance.
    They do give up like 6 yards per game more than Wash in the passing game but that still leaves them ranked about 3rd in total defense.

    The offense and the all too raw OT's need support now because they are facing a long climb uphill Saturday.

    Put on your Blue and Silver and lets cheer for these guys and we can all get together and holler for replacements again in the off-season.
    For two weeks at least your love of the Boys needs to be unconditional.
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    How much we support the team or not has absolutely no effect on how they play. You can't wish a team to play well. The coaches have to get the right players and coach them to play the right way. Parcells is obviously not good at picking players consistently and in order for us to go forward, he has to realize that and make the appropriate changes. If he doesn't, it doesn't make any difference what we say or do or think.
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    Hi kartr.

    Do you have any idea where we can find these "right players"?

    Are there any that are hanging around as free agents that we should get?

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    If you have a idea express it...
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    We need more fans then this... The Cowboys are hurting right now...

    It's time to speak up people...what does the team needs to change...

    -The O-line
    -Runningback Position
    -Parcells Play calling
    -The way the defense made....

    I know how to get in contact with J. Taylor... hell everybody does... Im going to get some colonist emails and I think we should get some more sources... and just make some strong points... It's going to get to Parcells, media, and even espn people... The fans speak out, about how they want Cowboys to win...
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    I myself, cannot wait for this Saturday. I expect the boys to come out fired up and ready to play this time around.
    Hopefully, if we win this weekend, the Skins will lose to the Giants. Then we control our own destiny once again. Call me crazy but i expect us to get the running game going this week, wether it's with julius or barber, or both. Insert gurode at rg and let him plow the way.
    I also think we need to run more draws. Last year that was by far julius's most successful play. Running the draw gives him more room to operate and use his quickness. We all know those defensive ends are going to be coming hard trying to get to bledsoe.
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    Ok, but you have to ask yourself, how vulnerable is Carolina Panthers to the draw?
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    I can't answer that because i dont know. But i do expect them to try and pressure bledsoe as much as possible. I really haven't watched them much this year, but i do know the game against the saints last week was not impressive. They scored 10 of their points off turnovers, and bouman was playing QB for the saints. He threw a pic inside the carolina five in the second quarter, which really turned the game around. Then he threw another one at the goal line late in the game.
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    They have my support. I agree with what was said about Washington. "Sometimes you just get whooped"! We have the ability to score points. Just minimize mistakes, and play with some urgency!!!
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    Truer words have rarely been spoken. :)
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    Write a letter to the editor.
  14. Compacity

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    I just did that...

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