A trade down really could happen.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by nathanlt, Jan 22, 2005.

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    I've repeatedly mentioned that Dallas should fill several holes by trading down. I think that a trade with Jacksonville could happen. I don't really follow the Jags at all, but according to Mel Kiper, their greatest need is OT. It's an outside shot, but they could trade up to get Alex Barron, the best OT in the draft by far. If Dallas gets them to trade, then Dallas could ask for their 1st and 2nd rounder, giving us the #21 pick and the #52 overall. I know that the Jags cut both starting DE's in training camp, so they'll certainly be looking to upgrade that as well. I have my doubts that they'd trade up, they have several holes as well, but Byron Leftwich is getting killed out there. They might just do it!

  2. Rack Bauer

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    If there are no "Playmakers" available at #20, I'd be all for us doing the same type of trade we did last year. Get a second and a fifth, and a 1st next year. Next year's draft is gonna be stronger then this year's so I think it would be a good idea. Plus, it would be a great trade down if we can get another "Julius" with the 2nd rounder we traded for.
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    I think a trade down from #20 is more likely. That gets us back in the 3rd round since Houston has our #3.

  4. ddh33

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    Here's my bold prediction:

    When the Cowboys go to make their pick at #11, there will be some names available that many here are excited to get.

    Then, the Cowboys will announce a trade - out of the first round or way down in the first round. Fans around the world will want to crucify Bill and Jerry for passing on a potential cornerstone passrusher like Merriman.

    Then the Cowboys will draft someone like Daryl Blackstock who played for Bill's good friend, Al Groh. More people will hate on the"friends of Bill" system.

    But, in the end, we will all be pleased with the results once again, just like we are with Julius Jones.
  5. Cajuncowboy

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    I know I have said this in the past but I am unashamedly the president of the Let's get Mike Williams movement. If Williams is there and we pass on him it will be the biggest mistake since we passed on Moss and since we rolled the dice on QC.
  6. tyke1doe

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    Well, the way Moss plays when he wants to, I'm glad we passed on him.
    We can obsess over this things, but nobody knows. I remember when everyone was criticizing the Pats because they passed on Terrell and chose Seymour, even though they needed a wide receiver badly.

    It turns out the Pats were right. Mike Williams is a luxury item. If we don't fix the defense, it doesn't matter what we do on offense, teams will just continue to beat us up on defense.
  7. Kevlee06

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    The defense is one year from being #1 in the league. The offense has sucked for about 6 years now. The offense needs playmakers. The defense needs playmakers. Spend a 1st round pick on each. But since the last two high first round picks have gone to defense its about time you spread the wealth a little and give the offense a shot. But only if a playmaker is there.
  8. IndianaCowboyFan

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    Looking at another post in the draft section I colud see Dallas moving around quite a bit. Here are the trades of draft spots close to what Dallas has now.

    10 = 15, 45
    11 = 14, 83
    12 = 13, 144
    12 = 16, 48
    13 = 14, 193
    13 = 19, 75
    14 = 15, 110
    14 = 21, 51

    18 = 20, 116
    18 = 21, 89
    19 = 20, 119
    19 = 29, 60
    20 = 22, 140
    20 = 26, 81
    23 = 34, 59
    24 = 26, 123
    24 = 27, 134

    38 = 40, 173
    38 = 44, 107
    39 = 50, 112
    40 = 47, 74
    41 = 46, 110
    41 = 58, 81

    I can see where Dallas colud trade a bit and come up with 2 extra second round picks and an extra third.

    Based upon the rough values 11 would give us 16 and 45, 20 would yield 31 and 68, and 40 would give us 47 and 74.

    Is this draft deep enough to make the trades worthwhile?
  9. nathanlt

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    There are always some who drop on draft day, with extra picks, dallas can get a lot of quality. After the "surefire" picks are gone(tier one, about 8 players), the talent evens off until the late second round, in my opinion. Getting as much as you can in that second and third tier can really boost the team.

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