A Visit With My Best Friend..From Long Ago!

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    I've enjoyed SaltWaterServer's link to the WW2 pics,and felt goosebumps on reading some of the stories of seeing relatives in the pics.
    I got an email a couple of months ago from a very good friend,a Command Sargeant Major (Ret.) who sent a link on a photo journey thru the Viet Nam War. As I went thru it,I saw pics I'd seen before,and quite a few I've never seen before. One particular pic,#46, of an F-105 shoot down,struck a chord somewhere in my subconscious,and I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. I thought I had lost the email,but found it again just the other day. I went back to the photo,and did some research on that particular shoot down.

    My very best friend growing up,from grade school thru high school,and into college, was certainly proud of his older brother,an A&M graduate and AF pilot,who had rotated th Viet Nam with his fighter group. I'll never forget the day in September,1966,that he came over to tell me that John had been shot down over the North. He was MIA,and later confirmed to be POW.

    John never knew his brother,my friend,was killed a year later in a car wreck coming to my college after an ROTC drill meet we both had participated in. John didn't learn of it till his release in 1973. I wore his POW bracelet till the day he landed at Clark in the Phillipines. I still have it. I had it gold plated when I was stationed in the Far East.

    To me,finding this pic,and recognizing it for what it was,was a visit from my friend I lost so long ago.


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