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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Every year people get all upset about Height, Weight, Size, Arm Length, Speed and so on. They say it means nothing.

    Whether or not YOU think it means nothing, it does something to the teams drafting.

    Many teams have a parameter of size, height, weight, body type, speed, strength and so on that they look at and want their players to meet those parameters.

    So we can all poo poo about someone's arms are or are not short...what we think ultimately does not matter to the scouts and coaches of the teams who look for specific type of players.

    Just look at the current coaching staff on D.

    There are specific weight guys they like at DT. They want them around the 300 or less and have that fast twitch ability instead of the big 320+ run stuffing NT in a 34 type DTs.
    Now there are exceptions to the rules. You might have a guy 320+ but is extremely fast twitch and rare for a player his size and they might like that.

    Look at the type of WR this team has seemed to like over the years. Mostly taller guys vs the smaller jitterbug guys. Again there can be exceptions to the rules (they had tavon austin rated very high even though he is short).

    So for the most part many need to understand that their own personal feelings about what this team should draft concerning a players measureables does not matter...it is what the team looks at that matters.

    Keep that in mind. It's not a personal thing. It is just looking at what the team normally would like in it's players or the type of player that fits a coaches desires or a scheme. Again there can be exceptions to the rules but for the most part it is what it is and the cowboys are hardly the only team that likes certain measurables from players. That is why many good players can fall in the draft for the sole reason of having short arms, short height, a little slow in the 40 and so on. It does not mean that player(s) won't wind up being a great player down the road but it is something that teams, coaches and scouts look at. There is a reason they do all the measurables in the Senior Bowls and combines...there is a reason many Colleges will list their players being bigger, stronger and faster and it changes when they are officially measured and timed and other places. It is because that is what teams look for.
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    Too bad the world doesn't exist in a bubble where everything works out perfect. You can't just say because player A succeeded in college he will produce in the NFL. Just doesn't work like that. And of course it doesn't always work the other way either. Outstanding measurements and athletic ability doesnt always translate to success either.

    You gotta weigh everything together and decide if the natural skill outweighs the fact that Donald is undersized. You can get away with being smaller in the ACC if you are quicker than everyone else. The problem for Donald is going to be when he realizes he's no longer the best athlete on the field. I like Donald, I really do, but you would have to be naive to think hes not going to struggle being undersized in the nfl.
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    Every yr this guys production goes down at the end of the yr, probably because he wears down with his lack of size.

    Theres a good site that has players game logs and stats by game, conf, month, against ranked and unranked teams.

    Donald had a total of 2 tackles and 1 sack against FSU and ND. The only ranked teams he played against.
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    If you watch the FSU game he was a monster. Stats don't always tell the story. He was j the backfield pressuring Winston for much of the game. FSU is just a better team and Winston can get away.

    The ND game was a bad game. He was double if not triple teams alot. ND also ran the ball alot to the outside to stay away from Donald.

    As for wearing down, he looked good in the bowl game. Also during the season he started to get a lot more attention.
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    Against offenses like FSU, that running QB, they allow the DL to get up the field and slide the QB under them to take off running. I saw alot of that in the highlight reels on youtube. Winston wasnt in much pressure at all. It looked designed because winston would just step up like nothing and still look to pass or run. There was a big pocket all throughout that video. Granted i didnt watch that game just what i saw on there. But from it showed Donald held his ground on running plays but didnt do much in passrushing situations.
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    Ah- good to know. I read your other texts on him.
    Good stuff! I have to say I'm on your side on this one.
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    Wow. Thanks
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    donald has been ballin at practice
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    Haha he said on highlight videos. Try Watching games
  10. supercowboy8

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    From everything I have read and seen. Donald has been "dominate" at practice today.
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  12. supercowboy8

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    Donald's size of almost 6-1 and 288 lbs is just about perfect for a 3-tech in Kiffin/Marinelli's 43 defense. Plus, he will put on a little more weight once he starts working out in the NFL. His size won't do a thing to dampen the Cowboys enthusiasm for him IMO. He is precisely what the Cowboys are looking for inside.

    Now, I'm sure some of the NFL teams won't love his size, but Dallas, Cincinnati, and anyone else playing a similar defense won't be scared at all by Donald's size.

    It really is a perfect situation for Dallas. Donald plays like a top 5 player - his college tape is some of the best I've ever seen for a DT - but he won't be drafted there because many of the teams ahead of them play a defense where the DT's do need to be bigger than Donald. He loves the game, goes 100 mph every snap, had crazy production in college for his entire career, plays a position that typically is valued highly by NFL teams... and yet there is a real chance he could be there in the middle of the first round.

    On top of that, Dallas has a dire need for a fast twitch, penetrating DT.

    It really seems to be lining up perfectly for them to get what could be for Dallas a dominating 3-tech... which just so happens to be the most important piece in a Kiffin/Marinelli defense.

    It is still crazy early in the process, but right now, I think there is a pretty good chance Donald could end up in Dallas. He could still light up the combine and pro day and move so high that Dallas has no shot at him... or he could disappoint and Dallas decide they don't want him in the first... but I think he impresses in workouts/all-star-games but his lack of size is enough to let him fall right into our laps.
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    For those analyzing stats and calling out certain games in particular, such as ND--you also have to take offensive schemes into account. ND runs a very quick, up beat, fast pa fed scheme that gets the ball out in a hurry. Those are very tough teams for a DT to get much traction against because the ball is rarely in the QB's hand more than 2-3 seconds. Also, you have to account for the fact that Pitt had no one else on that DL worth a sniff.

    Im not saying draft Donald, I am just saying the kid has the tape and now he has the measurements. He's the best interior pass rusher, and maybe the best pass rusher overall in the draft. He has every move in the book and elite fast twitch athleticism. If we somehow managed to get Kona and then trade back up for Donald this draft would be an A+ already.
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    Not to mention that before their game against Pitt, the ND head coach said that Donald is a "one man wrecking crew" and they game planned around him. They tried to do everything possible to keep Donald from messing up their offense.
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    And it was obvious in that game they were avoiding running at Donald.

    I wouldn't like Donald if he was a one year and done flash player. But look up his stats. He has been doing this since his sophomore year. 3 years in a role.
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    Completely agree. I watched the film on this kid, and he is GREAT!
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    Not true at all. I watched that game. The stats don't tell the story, he was certainly a factor!
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    Yep they game planned around him and doubled him every play. You can do that vs Pitt because you can go one on one with the rest of the DL. You do that in the nfl one of our other guys will make plays.
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    Yea I'm hopping on this bandwagon too, Donald would be a home run for us if he's there Round 1.
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